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Planned a trip regardless if it’s official or you’re just taking a break from the quarantine; you get plenty of websites at your disposal. Right from travel itinerary creator to trip advisor. There are countless apps & websites available to make your life simpler & travel easier. 

Here are some of the websites and applications for you that can make your travel a lot less messy. And you won’t have to keep rechecking whether you’ve got the right tickets!


It is a versatile app that can organize your social network activity on 11 different platforms. It includes Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr etc. If you’re a traveller who loves to put your life on socials, then this app is the time saver. 

This app also can be used for your work by journaling your projects. It will help you track your work and milestones. Momento can also be used by those who travel for official purposes.


One common issue all of us face is organising our entire trip. Have I booked the rooms correctly? Do I have a copy of the airline tickets in my email? I don’t have enough time to get the connecting flights tickets. This app gives you an answer to all of these questions.

Whatever you book – flights, hotels, car rental online – forward the confirmation email to this application and it will sort everything out. It will quite literally provide you with your travel itinerary. With TripIt, you won’t ever have to stand awkwardly and search confirmation details in front of anyone!

It is a freemium website that helps you fetch any person’s email address in just a matter of seconds. Just imagine having to drop into your favourite person’s inbox! A great opportunity to get to contact them directly. You can also practice this website for your business purposes to find people’s addresses is a very helpful tool for marketing purposes as well. It also comes with a chrome extension to your Linkedin account. So, accessing the email address of the profile you’re searching for becomes natural.

Scott’s cheap flights

TBH, all of us get a little petty when it comes to paying for flights. The charges are always so high; nobody would want to pay for it. Google Flights might help you compare different flight rates, but it doesn’t show you what you need. A decent flight at a decent price.

Scott’s cheap flights help you with just the information you need. It sends you an email notification to keep you updated with the latest cheap fares. They also recognise the pricing blunders that can lead to heavy discounts. That can help you fetch tickets at a very reasonable price.

Trail Wallet

One thing we can never manage enough is our expenses. Especially when you’re travelling, there are so many goodies you want to purchase or great places to eat, you end up spending but not tracking how you spent. It is okay if there’s no budget limit. However, most of us travel on a budget (sometimes tighter).

Trail wallet can help you track every penny you spend and also save the bills on its server. This app is a lot simpler than the rest. You can systematise the expenses by trip or by month. It also allows you to set daily budgets.  

So, here are your easy-to-use applications. What do you think? Can we add any others? Let us know!


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