Environmental Impacts

Consumers are becoming more concerned about the negative impacts of product manufacturing and delivery on the environment. The consumer market has recently experienced a significant shift toward sustainable packaging and ethically produced materials.

Combine this with the increasing public awareness around global warming and carbon emissions and you can see why brands are trying to find ways to become more environmentally friendly. The number of environmental campaigns has increased and many brands are using their sustainability as a unique selling point to attract new customers.

Gaining New Customers Through Sustainability

Today, failing to be environmentally conscious can cause brands to lose existing customers and struggle to reach new ones. By showing that they’re making an effort to increase their sustainability and reduce their carbon emissions, brands can widen their audience significantly.

Statistics show that brands that implement environmentally friendly strategies have a better brand image and more loyal customers. As a result, they spend less on customer acquisition and are able to retain their existing customers.

Almost 90% of consumers say that they would be more loyal to a brand that supports environmental changes. More than 90% said they’d trust brands that have already made sustainable changes.

So, switching to a more sustainable business model can benefit both your brand and the environment, whether you run a beauty brand, retailer, or technology company.

Consumer Demands for Sustainability

A study in 2017 collected several statistics surrounding the idea of brands being more ethical and taking environmental, social, and governance factors into account. This study found that almost two-thirds of Americans hope that businesses will drive social and environmental change towards sustainability, even without government intervention.

It also found that 87% of consumers will purchase products from a brand that supports the same issues that they care about, and 76% would not purchase from a brand that supports an issue that they don’t believe in.

Studies show that millennials are most likely to recommend a brand to their friends and family if the brand makes an effort to follow sustainable practices. But it’s not just millennials that are becoming more conscious about the environmental impacts of their actions. Even the younger generations are searching for the best ways to live more sustainably.

Marketing Your Brand with the Environment in Mind

As a brand, it’s important to consider your target audience when it comes to your social and environmental responsibilities. Consider the message that you want to send to your consumers and how your efforts will influence their purchasing decisions.

Communicating your story and values to consumers is important if you want to establish yourself as an environmentally conscious brand. Weave your eco-friendly message into your promotions and marketing campaigns.

If sustainability is at the heart of your brand, you can create marketing campaigns centered around being environmentally conscious. Don’t be afraid to highlight your sustainability efforts and show consumers that you’re making positive changes to your brand with the environment in mind.

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