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You know what they say; if you’re good at something, never do it for free! Get into Fiverr gig ideas.

Instead of mourning over the fact that COVID-19 has wrecked your plans, why not search for a silver lining? Times are scary right now. That’s for sure. There are many reservations, and it can be challenging for one to remain sane – particularly when you’re stuck at home doing dishes and loading up on carbs. Think about it, you’re spending a lot of money, and you obviously don’t have a side-hustle to help you cope with the damage you make to your credit card. Do you have a plan? That blurry face clearly says “no.”

Lucky for you, we’re experts in guiding long-lost souls when it comes to income. Now, this may seem like a “Why-Didn’t-I-Think-Of-This” kind of an idea, but making money online can help you restore your money. Try it out in quarantine, and the results will leave you counting dollars.

Here’s the idea: FIVERR Gig Ideas.

The Fiverr user and revenue statistics shows that the platform offers remarkable opportunities for both freelancers or businesses.
Even if you’re doing it just for the hell of it, you can still make money. Fiverr gigs ideas are the perfect way to make money, especially if you’re a thriving student.

Evaluate yourself! Do you have any skills that could lead to significant numbers? Are you a hoot when it comes to art? Then you must give Fiverr a try!

Sounds interesting?

Before we hop on our list of top 10 picks for Fiverr gig ideas, let us clear your “MAIN” confusion.

What are Fiverr Gigs?

Your gig is basically the service that you sell on Fiverr. It’s an opportunity to show off your talents and offer buyers all the necessary information they need to click on you and decide if doing business with you is worth it.

And now, let’s get to our hot-right-now gig ideas.

  1. Become a content writer

When in doubt, become a content writer!

Without content, websites would have nothing to offer. To provide “content,” people are required. Content writers are in top-demand, and if you the skill to transform a distorted idea into something unique and well-phrased, create your gig now. Indeed, Fiverr has a massive line of buyers searching for content writers for their websites, so there’s profit on both ends.

If this idea doesn’t preach your interests, then there’s a whole different world of Fiverr gig ideas available right here

Give them a try, and who knows, you might discover a long-term business idea.

  1. Creating Gifts out of Recycled Objects

There’s so much you can do here.

You can create earrings out of guitar picks, magnets out of bottle caps, bead bracelets out of paper, ornaments out of cork – we could keep going, but it won’t get any better than this. Everybody is looking for the “easy way out,” and if your creative gift-making helps someone, let it happen!

  1. Video Editing

If you love to use social media, you might have noted that almost 80% of the content entails videos. This incredible demand for videos has created multiple opportunities for God-blessed videographers and video editors. You’ve got the skills; you need a few tools to earn a massive amount of money on Fiverr by providing video editing services. Yes, it’s that easy!

However, before you decide to kill quarantine boredom with this idea, make sure to pick a genre that speaks to you, such as documentaries, music videos, or video ads. We’re giving you a heads-up because services under this niche are fighting hard to stay on top, and the competition is never-ending. So it’s better to narrow down your focus and lead with something that’ll not break your bones and most of your time.

  1. Editing and Proofreading

If you’re a staunch Grammar Nazi and love to point out other people’s grammar mistakes, why not harness all the bad energy during isolation in putting this skill to good use?

To make yourself more trustworthy and professional, you may attach a sample of your writing so a potential buyer could evaluate your editing skills.

  1. Virtual Assistant

Here comes our personal favorite; virtual assistants!

These jobs are trending more and more. If you choose to make this gig, you’ll have to do stuff like writing emails, research, data entry, or any other mundane junior-level work.

Furthermore, this kind of gig requires unique working hours. If you are working for 6 hours, you can charge your buyer as per your working hour. Again, your reputation precedes you. Keep on doing excellent work and receive 5-star reviews from your buyers.

  1. Song Writing

It’s time you stop shoving your songs in a box in the garage. If you have a beautiful voice, let the world hear it.

Record a song, write a melody, or simply help a buyer with his composition – all of it can earn you good money. Just be clear to provide original music.

Take the world-famous Alan Walker’s story for a change. He started composing and learning music from YouTube, and now he has a big name in the music industry. Remember, it’s not always about luck; talent and efforts can go a long way well! Plus, signing is an excellent way to get rid of the quarantine blues.

  1. Voice Over Service Provider

Impressive ideas demand strong voice-overs!

Vocal talents are useful for various reasons, including virtual answering services, video creation, or phone recordings. Anyone with a decent microphone and a computer can become a voice narrator or artist. Though, if you’re stuck in quarantine because you’re down with the virus, you might want to give your throat a rest and pay attention to our next gig suggestion.

  1. Language Translator

On Fiverr, you can get freelancers to do just about anything. Still, translating is one of the most popular services available. To succeed as a translator, you have to be an eccentric writer with a tremendous knowledge of different writing styles and impeccable grammar. Do you know more than one language? If yes, this is the perfect gig for you!

  1. Making Custom Ringtones

Seems unnecessary, but it kind of works!

If you can manage to record a pleasant ringtone or record one in a foreign accent, you can just as easily make a gig out of this skill.

A 50-second personalized ringtone with vocals and music can fetch a fantastic amount. Additionally, such Fiverr gig ideas are easy to cash upon. A quarantine coughing ring tone would be funny tbh!

  1. Drawing Cartoons

If your side hobby is to sketch or draw, you can earn some bucks out of it by selling this service on Fiverr. Just make sure to take creativity to new heights, like drawing a caricature out of a photo or creating a custom doodle for your client. Anything worth creativity works fine!

Conclusion: No More Staying Bored in Quarantine

There’s something for everyone. Whatever your talent is, get started today, and with it, we recommend making something you are not only good at but love doing as well because then it won’t feel like a burden, right?

Sure, setting up a gig is a piece of cake, but make sure you are good at your services. Build yourself to a point where you will be ready to talk like an expert. So what are you waiting for? Do something productive, set up a gig, and let Fiverr take care of the rest! Who knows, a two-week stint could actually end up in a lucrative career!

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