Madden 22 Playbooks

Since its release, Madden 22 has become the most played football-based video game. The developers added new features in the recent update. And, Playbooks is one of them. Players can choose from 32 playbooks in this game. Each playbook is designed differently for the gamers.

Moreover, two types of playbooks are available in Madden 22. You can either choose the offensive or the defensive one. These playbooks contain the best game strategies and tactics. Go through the instructions to win the 1v1 matches. Know when to defend the other players by choosing the right playbook.

In Madden 22 playbooks, some might feature a West Coast offence. It focuses more on passing than on running with the ball. However, there are playbooks which emphasise runs. The same game rules apply to the defenders. Learn the basic game rules and defeat the players with ease.

New to this game? Do you want to enhance your gaming skill? Follow this Madden 22 playbook for offence and defence.

The Best Offensive Playbooks in Madden 22

Players need to determine whether they want to play in a defective or offensive position. And, the offence is the most interesting aspect of on-field gameplay. However, you need to have the right playbook. Otherwise, it is impossible to score against the opposition.

Here are the offensive playbooks that every player should follow:

Baltimore Ravens

Do you want to run the ball at a high speed? Open the game menu and choose “Baltimore Ravens” from the playbook list. Here, the head coach is John Harbaugh. He has set records by playing the game in this offensive method.

The Ravens feature several options for quarterback runs. Moreover, there are 17 formations available in the “Shotgun” set. It provides you ample time to decide whether to take off or pass the ball.

Additionally, there are also 11 Pistol sets in this playbook. Use a mobile quarterback after choosing the Baltimore Ravens. It ensures victory in the Madden 22 game.

Las Vegas Raiders

This playbook is often used by players who are uncertain about their game moves. Las Vegas Raiders lets you choose the best offensive tactics. The opponent team can snatch the ball when you’re running on the in-game field. However, they can’t do that if you use this offensive playbook.

Moreover, this playbook has every formation available in Madden 22. Thus, it is perfect for those new to this video game. Use this playbook to create an effective building block strategy. Besides, here the players can use rushing and passing attacks.

But, certain limitations are associated with this playbook. The players can’t use some formations in Raiders, and these are Gun Trips TE, I form and Singleback. This playbook isn’t ideal for players who lack passing or blocking skills. So, go for another playbook that matches your skill.

Kansas City Chiefs

Have you been playing Madden NFL for years? Then, you must know about this offence playbook. It is similar to the Baltimore Ravens. Kansas City Chiefs is designed for the players who know how to pass the ball. Moreover, here the head coach is Andy Reid.

The quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs is Patrick Lavon Mahomes. Besides, you can choose from numerous Pistol, and Shotgun formations. You can use Normal Y Off Close, Empty Base Flex, and Eagle H Tight.

The Singelback formations are also available in this offence playbook. The Kansas City Chiefs are ideal for the wide receivers. It is important to have a quick receiver on the outside to defeat the other players. Access the “Custom Playbooks” page and save the City Chief’s formats.

The Best Defensive Playbooks in Madden 22

The Madden 22 player needs to have a strong defensive playbook. Moreover, the defensive playbooks aren’t as varied as the offensive ones. But, these playbooks offer different game formations.

Here are the defensive playbooks that are worth using:

Pittsburgh Steelers

You must be familiar with this American football team. Here, the head coach is Mike Tomlin – and that doesn’t change in Madden 22 as well. The Steelers playbook covers every player on the field to stop the offence from passing the ball.

Moreover, it allows the players to use 3-4 defence tactics. Use different positions and players to counter the opponent team. The Pittsburgh Steelers are the most used defensive playbook in this game.

So, what are you waiting for? Go for this playbook to eliminate the other players from the game.

New England Patriots

The Madden players have moved from 3-4 to 4-3 defence in recent years. Because it allows the gamers to use more Nickel sets than other playbooks. The New England Patriots have four different Nickel sets, including five DBs and six DBs.

Big Nickel Package is the most effective form of this playbook. Moreover, it offers more balanced quarterback attacks than any other team. You can also decide when to play cornerback and outside linebacker. Thus, customise the defence skill sets to win the 5v5 matches.

Alternate 46

The developers added this defensive playbook in the latest game version. Alternate 46 wasn’t there in Madden 21 or Madden 20. It’s the improved version of the New England playbook. And, the new player can’t find this playbook in the game menu.

You have to unlock it by winning 3-4 consecutive matches. Alternate 46 offers different Nickel sets, including Big Nickel Package. Moreover, new formations are about to add to this playbook. Players can call audibles at the line by using the base formations. And, use the 4-3 defence tactic to stop the opponents from running/passing the ball.

How to Custom the Madden 22 Playbooks?

It is pretty easy to choose the playbooks in this online game. Double-tap the Madden 22 icon from the desktop and ensure the PC is connected to Wi-Fi. Head to the “Team Select” section when the home screen appears.

Choose “Custom Playbook” and enable “Offensive/Defensive”. The game will then show you the playbooks available for you. Select the preferred playbook from the list and tap on “Save” once done. Close the customisation window and start playing the game.