MEE6 Commands

Have you joined Discord recently? If yes, then there are high chances that you’ll come across MEE6. But, what is MEE6 MEE6 is one of the most famous bots available on Discord.

Discord mods depend on MEE6 to automate their servers. The fun part about MEE6 is that you can run a few MEE6 commands for playing songs from YouTube or playing games. Additionally, you can set birthdays with the right input or MEE6 commands.

It’s hard to categorise the best MEE6 commands. Well, the exclamation mark is the prefix to all MEE6 commands. However, most commands should start with @ followed by the username if you like to engage users. If you don’t pay attention while inputting the command correctly, then MEE6 can’t execute it.

What are the Most Popular MEE6 Commands?

As you know, ! is the prefix to every MEE6 command. Yet, premium users can customise the prefix. MEE6 dashboard is available to premium Discord users, and users have to navigate to Settings to change the prefix.

Well, changing the command prefix is not mandatory. So, let’s move on to some popular MEE6 commands.

Moderation MEE6 Commands

These are a few basic commands that anyone using Discord and MEE6 should know. A few moderation commands are !ban, !unban, !mute, !unmute, and !kick. It’s quite clear what they are used for. For example, type in ‘!ban @username’ to ban someone.

In addition to this, there’s an interesting ban command that will ban a user temporarily. Enter ‘!tempban @username duration’ to ban a user for a specific period. Mention the exact duration, such as 2h, 1d, or 5d 12h 50m in the place of ‘duration’. Similarly, you can mute a user with the !tempmute command.

If you want to warn anyone then you have to enter ‘!warn @username’. It’s ‘!user-info @username’ if you want to know details about a particular user. On the other hand, you can go to ‘!server-info [server name] and ‘!role-info [role name]’ to find substantial information about servers and roles.

Level Commands

Discord’s levels feature works automatically. However, the following MEE6 commands will be helpful in checking users’ statistics on the server, anyway. For instance, !levels will assist you in grabbing a link to the leaderboard on your server. Get your rank details with !rank.

In addition to this, you can inquire about any user’s rank details with the ‘!rank @username’ command. As an admin, you can add or remove points from a definite user. However, the admin should be a premium user. The useful commands are ‘!give-xp @username’ and ‘!remove-xp @username’ to give or take away points respectively.

Music Commands

If you like to operate music play from Discord then these music MEE6 commands should be in your grip. Start a song with the ‘!play [song name] or [url]’ command. Start or resume a queue with the !queue or !resume command. Execute the ‘!add [song name] or [url]’ to include a song to a queue.

In addition to this, you can use !skip and !previous to switch forth and back songs in a queue. That’s not the end of MEE6 music commands.

Do you want to hear the song from a specific position? Change the ongoing track’s position with the ‘!seek [position]’ command. Simply place the position, such as 56s, 1m 15s, or whatever you like in the place of position.

Music commands can be fun and interactive on Discord. Execute the !join command to get a new bot to your voice channel. If you want any bot to stop following you, simply execute the !leave command.

Create a vote for skipping a song rather than skipping it on your own with the !vote-skip MEE6 command. Another underrated MEE6 command is the !start-quiz that you can use to initiate a music-related quiz on your music channel. Use !stop-quiz if you want to put an end to the quiz.

Birthday Commands

Nothing can excite anybody more than his or her birthday around the corner. Interestingly, Discord has included birthday MEE6 commands to get birthday details of users and set reminders accordingly. For example, use !next-birthday if you don’t want to miss wishing 10 users whose birthdays are anytime soon.

In case you want to get a specific user’s birthday, execute the ‘ !birthday @username’ command. Add your birthday with the ‘!remember-birthday [date]’ command. On the other hand, the format of the date should be in MM-DD or YYYY-MM-DD. Additionally, it’s easy to set any user’s birthday with the ‘!set-user-birthday @username’ command.

Removing birthdays is also simple with MEE6 commands. If it’s your birthday that you want to remove, run the !forget-birthday command. Otherwise, enter the ‘!unset-user-birthday @username’ command to remove any other user’s birthday.

Message Commands

MEE6 provides you message controlling commands. Delete your messages with the !clear [1-1000] command. The range 1-1000 shows that you can delete 1 to 1000 messages with a single command.

Another great MEE6 command to control spam is the !slow-mode command. It lets you set a time before you send another message. For example, if you set 20 seconds, users need to wait for 20 seconds before sending the next message.

Search MEE6 Commands

Let MEE6 search commands help you when you need to find things all across Discord. Search for manga or anime with !manga [search] or !anime [manga] commands.

Do you want to post something trending related to a search? Then, you should try the ‘!imgur [search]’ command. Enter your search item in the place of ‘search’, and you are good to go.

Search YouTube videos with !youtube [search]. Additionally, you can run !twitch command to stream Twitch while you are on Discord. However, MEE6 commands are pretty fun, aren’t they?

Additional Commands

You should learn some Economy commands such as !daily, !coins, !guess, !riches, and !rps. !daily helps you to claim your daily reward, !coins assist you in getting coins from everyone on the server, and so on.

Moreover, play Rock Paper Scissors to get coins with the command !rps. Claim ownership of voice channels with !Voice-owner. In addition, there are more voice MEE6 commands, such as !voice-clean, !voice-claim, and !voice-transfer. Furthermore, set up MEE6 today if you are an admin on the server. Therefore, grant permission to add MEE6 to your server.

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