When did Dream Start His Youtube Channel

Minecraft is one of the most popular games to stream on Youtube. You would find many popular Minecraft streamers on the platform. And, Dream is one of the most polar ones among them with millions of followers. His channel is all about Mincecraft streams and has always been growing steadily. Dream is very skilled in the game and has ranked high in many championships.

People might have various questions regarding Dream’s Youtube channel. And, that includes “when did Dream start his Youtube channel?” among other questions.

Here, we will look at the details about this Youtuber. You might find the answer to a lot of questions you have about him from the upcoming information.

Who is Dream & When Did He Start Streaming?

Not much is known about Dream’s real identity. The only thing clear from his Youtube channel is that he is from the USA. His channel shows ‘United States’ next to the Location. We also know that his date of birth is 12 August 1999. So, in case you are wondering about his age, that makes him 22 as of 2022.

Dream has not done a face reveal yet, but some videos on Youtube claim that he has. Those are probably misleading. Also, he has not appeared on any other social media platform either. You can however, check out the childhood picture that he once uploaded.

When he started streaming, he gained popularity in 2019, and his videos started going viral. If you check Dream’s channel, it says he joined Youtube in 2014. So, he started uploading Minecraft content a few years after creating the channel.

How much does Dream Earn from His Youtube Channel?

The income is another thing people might wonder about their favourite Youtubers. And, this information is not easy to find out. The only way to know about it is if the Youtuber shares any information regarding this matter.

Dream has not shared his real earnings until now. However, he recently played a joke by sharing a doctored photo of his channel analytics. And, he earned over a billion dollars according to it, which is surely not real.

But, there have been estimates of his Youtube income from various sources. Some show his income as over $3 million annually, while others say he earns a little over a million. So, it is best left up to you which of them you would like to believe.

Does Dream Sell Merch?

All popular Youtubers offer various merchandise for sale to their fans, and Dream is no exception. He has a separate website where he offers his merch.

What does his merch include? In case you are wondering, it mainly includes coins, t-shirts, and hoodies among other items. And, most of them have Dream’s smiley face avatar on them that he uses for his Youtube channel.

Further, he also launches special merchandise based on seasons. You can check out his merchandise by going to “dream.shop” on the web.

Interesting Facts About Dream

Dream has had a fairly interesting Youtube career. And, you might be interested in some noteworthy facts about it. So, here are some factors about Dream that are worth mentioning here:

Minecraft Speedrun Cheating Accusation

Popular streamers might face or cause various types of controversies quite often. And, Dream also faced such a situation in the form of cheating accusations. As you might know, Dream has posted a lot of Minecraft speed runs on his channel.

Another Youtuber accused him of cheating back in 2020. They had also provided a detailed analysis to prove their claim. But, is it true? In case you are wondering, some people agreed that Dream had cheated.

According to them, he did have an unfair advantage due to using a modified version of the game. And, that made him achieve something he had very little chance of succeeding. It would be best that you check the allegations and decide. As for what Dream says, he had not admitted to cheating.

He was Doxxed

Many people on various social media platforms might often face a wrongful invasion of their privacy. Being a popular Youtuber, Dream faced such a situation once in the past. Someone leaked his location based on a photo he had posted on a social media account. And, this is not a very important event in his career, but it is surely a noteworthy one.

He has Created a Popular Minecraft Server

You might have heard about the popular Minecraft server called Dream SMP. In case you have been wondering, it was Dream who created it. This is a private server; the members get special characters, stickers, and avatars.

Do you feel interested in joining it? Then, you cannot do so only by making a request. There are some requirements for joining Dream’s server, and it is unclear what they are. And, from what we know, you should be a successful Minecraft streamer to join it. In that case, you might get an invite from Dream to join the server.

He has Released Songs

Dream is not only a Minecraft streamer, but a singer as well. And, he has utilised that talent to create a song called Roadtrip in collaboration with PmBata. He released it back in February 2021, and you can check it out on Youtube. It gained millions of views before he launched his second song called Mask. But, Dream had to delete the video because of the controversy it faced.

How did Dream Grow His Youtube Channel? 

The growth of Dream’s Youtube channel might interest many people who aspire to create their channels. Dream grew his channel mainly by understanding the Youtube algorithm. Based on that, he had created the right thumbnails, capitalised on trends, and positioned keywords correctly.

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