Is Rocket League Cross-Platform

All games are not that hard, and some games are also played just for fun and entertainment purposes. One such game is Rocket League, and it is not complex to understand. To make things easier for you, we will briefly discuss the game’s plot.

In the game, you drive a car and get hit by a ball into the opposing goal. And finally, the team that scores the maximum point wins the game. This is an excellent game, and the reason behind it is the quality and simplicity.

If you are a disciplined player with thousands of hours on record or as a player, you would like to take a load off with the animal crossing series. Rocket League gives you a completely different package, and even across platforms.

Rocket league is a powerful hybrid of arcade-style soccer and vehicular mayhem. This game is free and can be played by all ages. No doubt it is a great game. Its massive success and its continued interest ascribed to cross-platform support.

Still, many players are wondering, Is Rocket League Cross-Platform? This is a small guide that will answer all your doubts.

Is Rocket League Cross-Platform?

With the above introduction, you have an idea that Rocket League supports cross-platform play across PS4, Xbox one, steam, and Nintendo switch. It does not matter which platform you are playing. You can simply team up with or against your friends online.

For example, the Warzone players can enter the same matchmaking queue irrespective of the platform. Thus, when you are online, you will be playing with users on other systems. Though in Crossplay, you don’t need an external account irrespective of Warzone and Warfare.

You can enable Cross-Platform Play at any time, but you have to keep in mind that the game must be up-to-date with current changes. Your job is quite simple, and you just have to start a match to play with other systems. Even though Rocket League is five years old and Crossplay arrived just last year.

Enable Platform Play In Rocket League

The Cross-Platform by default, is played on Rocket League, but it would be no harm if you cross-check it once. You can also turn the feature off if you want to play with the player on the platform as your own identity.

First, you have to go to the main menu and then click on the Options tab. After that, hit the Gameplay option. This will help you to bring the Setting box. Now, search for a box named Cross-Platform and look into it.

If you observe that the box is filled, then the cross-platform is enabled. But, if you observe that the box is not filled, then the cross-platform is not enabled. If you have enabled the settings, you will be able to play with other platforms, both in public matches and private ones.

You can even add your friends to the Friends menu option to play with them. It is quite similar to the matches you have played with other players.

Limitations Of Rocket League Crossplay

When it comes to Gameplay, Rocket League completely supports crossplay. You will also find some differences between the gameplay releases. For instance, the Sweet Tooth is mainly for PS4 and Armadillo, and the Hogsticker is exclusive to Xbox One. If we talk about Armadillo and Hogsticker, then PC players will see this as octane, and for a sweet tooth, it will see it as a merc.

This is not it, and there are also other limitations like in-game chat voice shows defaults across platforms. It will be more clear to you if we give some more examples. Psyonix is compatible with Quick Chat across platforms. You can even send short descriptions to communicate with your teammates. Trading also shows limitations.

Over here, you can trade or send items within platforms. If you want to trade, then you have to trade on the same platform.

How to Play Rocket League on a Different Platform?

Players can easily matchmake with or against friends in online matches on Epic Games Store, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo switch and even on Steam. We have already said that crossplay by default is enabled.

In case you don’t know the steps, we have given a list of points that you can follow:

  • First, you need to launch the Rocket League
  • Then, from the main menu, select Settings.
  • Now, choose the Gameplay tab, check the cross-Platform Play, and start playing.


This question ‘is rocket league cross platform?’ is quite common among users. Over here, we have given detailed information for all your queries. All the information that you need is given above. Thus, you won’t face any difficulties going further with this game.

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