Best AMAX Loadout Warzone

The full name of a Warzone is Call of Duty: Warzone. It is free to play a Battle Royale video game released on March 10, 2020, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft windows.

In 2022, a different version for PlayStation 5, the Xbox series, was announced, along with a mobile version in the development process. If you are a Warzone player, you must be aware that the warfare weapons, in most cases, are left behind in the Warzone meta.

They are using weapons from Black Ops Cloud Ware or Vanguard. As more improvements are taking place, the AMAX might become a fantastic option for players. Players looking for submachine guns or rifles on the rebirth island map in the Warzone will benefit. AMAX is the standard assault rifle to take down enemies.

Below, we will go through the best AMAX loadout Warzone.

Best AMAX Loadout In Warzone

With the best AMAX, the players will get the chance to eliminate opponents in the Warzone. Over here, we will discuss the best AMAX loadout in Warzone. We have listed them down below.


The monolithic suppressor is one of the best AMAX loadout Warzones. It is a muzzle attachment featured in warfare. It provides increased range and superior sound suppression. Due to its moderate weight, it increases the effects of agility. It goes well with longer barrels for more range while adding stealth.

You will observe that it is available to all weapons that can accept this attachment except a few. It even improves the AMAX’s recoil control. Now, we should know the advantages are sound suppression and increased the range but its disadvantages. Well, it aims at down-sight speed and aiming gun steadiness.

Tac laser

The tac laser is an attachment feature in modern warfare and Warzones. It has a high power tactical green laser which improves accuracy while aiming down sights. The pros are aiming down sight speed, aiming for stability, and aiming for walking steadiness. And, the cons are laser visible to enemies. Further, it gives better accuracy at the cost of being exposed and also fast-firing weapons with hectic accuracy.

No stock

No stock is an attachment. This was introduced in modern warfare and later appeared on Call of Duty: mobile, back ops cold war and call etc. It will be beneficial to those weapons with high aiming stability. It is also the place where benefits can offset the penalty. The pros are movement speed and aiming down sight speed. Moreover, the cons are aiming for stability and recoil control.

Merc foregrip

Merc foregrip is a type of under the barrel. It was last updated in 2021. It is an attachment that reduces vertical recoil, which makes it better than any other attachment. Moreover, it also improves hip-fire accuracy. The pons are recoil control and hip-fire accuracy.

On the other hand, the cons are aiming for walking movement speed. If the foregrip is extended, it reduces vertical recoil and provides stability. Furthermore, you might be aware that you need to depend on weapons to unlock levels, and they are all different.

45 round mags

45 round mags is a type of magazine. It is an attachment featured in vanguard and Warzone. The extended magazine contains 45 rounds of 9mm parabellum ammunition with an increase in weight. And, the pros are magazine ammo capacity.

On the other hand, the cons are to aim down sight speed and movement speed. In case you want to equip an attachment to your gun, then access the gunsmith menu from the custom loadout menu. Moreover, you can also go for a quick menu during a match.

Unlock AMAX in Warzone

If you want to acquire AMAX, you can purchase a shop blueprint or an in-game challenge. This will be quite a straightforward challenge if you are using this weapon category. You need three gun butt kills to unlock the AMAX in Warzone with the help of assault on 10 different matches.

In these matches, you have to kill three enemies. It might be possible that you are unaware of the term. In such a situation, the gun butt will refer to the melee attack when carrying a weapon. Further, you must focus on Warzone mode first, this will save your time in comparison to battle royale.


So, these are the best Amax loadout warzones. Moreover, a proper description is given so that you don’t face any difficulties unlocking them. Thus, all you need to do is start with the game.

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