Use Family Management PS4

Your PS4 allows you to create separate accounts for your family members and manage them. And, you might find this feature quite useful for various purposes. To add, manage and remove family members, you must create a family management account. You can create one in a few simple steps, as we shall see. Moreover, you can categorise the member you add as a Child or an Adult. Not only that, but you can also appoint a member as the Guardian.

Do you need help with family management PS4? Then, the information given below includes all that you need to know. Follow the instructions for creating a family management account and performing various tasks with it. Before that, we must look at how a family manager account works on PS4.

What can You Do with a PS4 Family Manager Account?

The family you set up on your PS4 control needs an account for management. And, that is where the family management account comes in. The person with this account can add or remove other members’ accounts. Apart from that, they can also put various restrictions on the members using the manager account. And, that includes setting parental controls for children’s accounts, among many other things.

As a Family Manager, you can manage the playtime of other members. All the members of the family have to make purchases from the family wallet. And, you can manage these purchases as the manager. You can also control the games, apps, and videos that other members can access. Not only that, but the manager can also disable all chats, be it text, voice, or video.

Roles in a PS4 Family

You must also understand the types of accounts you can add to get an understanding of family management PS4. The person who creates the family gets the role of the Family Manager. And, the Family Manager can appoint a family member as a Parent/ Guardian. As a Parent/ Guardian, a member can put parental controls on Child accounts.

All accounts other than the Family Manager or Parent/ Guardian have the role of Family Member. And, a Family Member cannot perform any managing functions at all. They are subject to the Family Manager and also to the Parent/ Guardian in case of Child accounts.

How to Set Up a Family Manager Account on Your PS4?

You can easily set up a manager account through the Family Management PS4 option. All you need for that is a PlayStation Network (PSN) account. So, you need to create one right now to proceed with setting up a family. Proceed with the following steps to create a Family Manager account for yourself on PS4:

Create a PSN Account

Do you already have a PSN account? If yes, then you must proceed to the next step of signing in to it. Otherwise, you must visit the official PlayStation website to create a PSN account. Click on the ‘Join Now’ option you find there and follow the instructions for account creation. Proceed to use your PSN account to set up a family once you are done.

Create a New Family

As we have seen, creating a new family on PS4 will make you the family manager. So, you need to create a new family in this case. Go to the Settings section on your console and click on Parental Controls/ Family Management. Then, click on the Family Management option on the next window. You have to provide your PSN credentials to proceed with setting up a new family.

Use the Set Up Now or Set Up Your Own Family options and proceed with the on-screen instructions. You can then add a member by sending a request to another player. Apart from that, you can also create a new member account for the family.

Family Management PS4: Adding and Removing Members

Now that you are a family manager, you can start adding and removing members. As mentioned earlier, you can add a child or adult account to the family. The procedure is quite similar for both tasks. You need to apply one of the following methods depending on the type of account:

Adding an Adult Member

You need to sign in as the family manager to add a member. So log in to the manager account and then go to the Account Management tab. Then open the Family Management section and click on Add Family Member. Click on ‘Add an Adult’ and provide the new member’s email address after that.

Do you want to add an existing account? Then, you can also opt to send a request to the user to join the family.

Adding a Child Member

As in the previous case, you must sign in as the family manager to add a child. Navigate to the Family Management tab in the Account Management section. Click on Add Family Member, and then on Create User. As you might know, children cannot have uncontrolled PS4 accounts. So, there is no option to send a request in this case. You must set up an account for the child and can put various restrictions on it.

The child’s name and date of birth are essential for completing the account creation process. Also, you must agree to the User Agreement before setting up parental controls.

Removing Members

Do you want to remove a member? Then, simply go to the Family Management PS4 tab as mentioned above. Select a member and click on Remove From Family. Are you going to remove an adult member? If yes, this step will disable them from setting up parental controls further.

Appoint Guardians on Your PS4 Family

Do you have quite a large PS4 family? Then, you must consider sharing some of your responsibilities as the family manager. As we have seen, you can do that by appointing guardians. All you need to do for that is go to the Family Management tab and select an adult member. Then, tick the box next to Parent/ Guardian for them.

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