League of Legends’ Demotion Shield

League of Legends is full of adventure, surprises, and unexpected fun events. Another unexpected thing that might come to your notice is that Demotion Shield is expiring. The same message or warning might appear when you are swinging into Teamfight Tactics ranked modes.

Undoubtedly, the message is a warning or threat to most players. Players might be thinking about what went wrong and why they have to lose the Demotion Shield.

By the way, what is a Demotion shield? Let’s look at what it means when you come across the demotion Shield expiring.

Demotion Shield: What is it?

Any player is awarded a Demotion Shield when the player gets a promotion to a new tier or division for the first time. Demotion Shield acts as a prevention against getting demoted or dropped to a level down from the existing one. And, it can only happen when the player loses additional games.

Therefore, Demotion Shield helps you maintain your ranking even though you lose games. Additionally, it restricts you from going levels down on your defeat. A Demotion Shield is valid for 3 games after getting promoted to a new division. Or, it can last up to 10 games after advancing a tier, and that is also equivalent to only 3 games for Master Tier.

Demotion Shield Expiring: The Indication

So, Demotion Shield is immunity to save you from going divisions or tiers down. The Demotion shield can expire when the game flashes the ‘Demotion Shield expiring’ notation. Players might face a demotion as soon as the Demotion shield expires or disappears.

You might suffer from losing your tier through demotion if you lose a game with 0 League Point when the Demotion Shield expires. Once the demotion occurs, the player’s League Point will range between 25 and 75. The League Point depends on the losses you had. The more you lose, the fewer points you get as your League Point.

How many Losses are Granted Before Invoking a Demotion?

Therefore, you are allowed to play 3 games to achieve a win and advance to your next successful destination on League of Legends. If you play 3 games and lose each game, you are more likely to get a demotion.

However, it’s safe to say that you can risk losing 1 to 2 games if you don’t want to let go of your achievement. After that, your Demotion Shield will expire, and you might encounter the message ‘Demotion Shield expiring’.

On the other hand, your demotion strategy depends on your Matchmaking Rating or MMR. You might face a demotion on relying on how bad your MMR score is.

The Demotion Mechanism in League of Legends

You might be thinking about how demotion works in League of Legends. ‘Demotion Shield Expiring’ – might be shocking for you. But, it’s time to get out of it and understand how it works. So that, you won’t lose any of your achievements just for silly mistakes.

The demotion Shield is a guard for saving you from dropping your rank in the tier or division, or all together. This generally expires when you are stuck to a specific division or tier for a prolonged period.

If you lose a game at 0 LP, you will face an instant demotion. On the other hand, a very low score on your MMR can do the same thing. Additionally, decay can demote you to the tier or division down to your current situation.

Is it Possible to Demote to Gold from Platinum?

Suppose you’re playing League of Legends with a hold in the Platinum IV. And, you are there for a short period. Don’t freak out, as you will not face a demotion to Gold I because of the Demotion Shield expiring. Yet, there’s a chance that you can lose that benchmark or rank if you notice that Demotion Shield is expiring.

If you lose a couple of matches in the upcoming period, you might drop a division or tier. On a contrary note, you will gain a Demotion Shield after you climb to a new or higher ranked tier or division. The shield takes care of your rank when you lose a few games at 0 League Point.

Keep in mind that you can get League Pints in negative ranking if you lose too many games.

What does it Mean by Demoting from a Tier?

Demotion throughout League of Legends is not that complicated. If the threat ‘Demotion Shield expiring’ comes true, you can get a demotion down to a tier. You have to take care of your MMR score if you don’t want to let it happen to you.

If your MMR drops to an unexpectedly low score, it’s obvious to get a demotion down a tier. You might get repetitive notifications regarding an upcoming demotion in the gameplay. For instance, you might get a demotion to the Silver tier from Gold on losing games or having a lower MMR score.

What is Decay in League of Legends?

You’ve already heard the term ‘decay’ apart from the message, ‘Demotion Shield Expiring’. You might lose League Points if you’re not active on your League of Legends account for a specific period.

Challenger, Grandmaster, Master, and Diamond – everyone can decay. Diamonds can lose points if they are inactive for 28 days. Then, it’s most likely a 7-day notice period, and after that, you can lose League Points when you don’t play games.

The decay process is different for Challenger, Grandmaster, and Master players. Every time a player plays a match in these tiers, it goes as a banked game. Each banked game will expire from your account after a day. If the level reaches 0 for banked games, then players will lose 250 League Points each day.

That’s horrible! You have to keep playing to sustain your ranking in League of Legends.

Does Decay Apply to all Players?

No, decay doesn’t apply to Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers players. We hope you get all your answers to the query regarding ‘Demotion Shield expiring’. Apply realistic strategies to win games so that you don’t lose the Demotion Shield.