Updating Discord Error Mac Loop

Countless Mac users have installed Discord, a popular choice for texting while gaming or streaming. This application requires updates for fixing errors and bugs and adding new features. Usually, the Discord client installed on your Mac will automatically update itself, and you need not manually update the application.

But, users worldwide have complained about the updating loop of Discord error Mac. As a result, you can’t enjoy the latest added features, or you can’t avoid the bugs. Most importantly, the Discord app on your Mac device will remain outdated.

Additionally, the application can fall into any security attack if it lacks the latest security patches.

Let’s check how you can come across Discord error Mac issues when it’s not updating.

Is there a Service Outage?

This should be the first query when you are stuck with an indefinite loop of updates for Discord error Mac instances. Navigate to the Discord’s official status page, and then look at the server status. The server status should be green in order to indicate a running status. If they don’t, then you have to wait for a while.

In addition to this, you can check your Discord application’s status. Notice if you can send and receive messages over the Discord application on your Mac device. Try the web version of Discord if you think that the app is currently the culprit.

On the other hand, it can be a DNS error, or the VPN service might be blocking your Discord use. Check out all the possibilities and act accordingly.

Try Some Basic Workarounds

Before you go for any critical solution, you should check out restarting your Mac device. A minor incompatibility between the Mac device and the Discord update process can block the entire update. And, you might experience a loop with Discord Mac error.

You can simply restart your Mac and see if this eradicates the problem to resolve the issue. In addition to this, you can check if the network you’re using is responsible for the tantrum. If your router or modem is facing any network issue, it’s usual to face such an indefinite loop of the Discord update procedure.

Therefore, you should head towards your network system and see if the lights on the router and modem are flashing right. If not, then try resolving network issues. Restart the router-modem duo, and it should renew the resources. Otherwise, you can perform a reset of the router. Or else, you can contact your Internet Service Provider if things are out of control.

Clear Discord Cache

When you are confirmed that there’s no catch with the server status or network connection, you can proceed to clear the cache on Discord. According to Discord-ers, overloading the cache on that particular app can create a nuisance while updating the Discord app on Mac.

Here’s what you need to do to eradicate the Discord error Mac situation:

  1. Press the Cmd and Space keys at once, and it will explore Spotlight.
  2. Enter ‘finder’ in the Spotlight and access the Finder.
  3. Locate the Finder’s Menu bar from the top-right corner of the screen. Click the View option followed by the Show Path Bar option.
  4. There should be a path on the display of your Mac device. Select the Macintosh HD option.
  5. Click the User’s folder that you are currently using.
  6. Next, you need to view all the hidden files and press the key shortcut combination of Cmd, Shift, and ‘.’.
  7. Select the Library folder followed by the Caches one. Inside the Caches folder, there should be two folders – com.hnc.Discord.Shipit and com.hnc.Discord.
  8. You have to move these two folders to Bin.

Additionally, you have to empty the Bin before you proceed any further. Right-click the Bin icon from the dock and hit the Empty Bin option. After that, you have to restart the Discord application and check if the update error loop has vanished.

Disable Antivirus on your Mac Device

If you have added more security parameters to your Mac device through a third-party antivirus, then you might have to turn it off. The antivirus program might prevent the Discord application from getting updates, and thus, you are experiencing a loop of discord error Mac.

Here’s how you can put an end to the antivirus restrictions:

  1. Open Spotlight on your Mac and look for the antivirus software you use.
  2. Once the antivirus program pops up in the result, click its icon to expand the program.
  3. The antivirus interface should appear on Mac’s screen. Then, you have to locate an option to turn off or disable the antivirus.
  4. After clicking that dedicated option and confirming your choice, refresh your computer.

You can open the Discord app and check if the update is still in the loop. However, there’s another way to turn off your antivirus on your Mac computer.

  1. Go to the menu bar of your Mac device. The antivirus icon should be there.
  2. Right-click on the antivirus icon, and a pop-up menu should appear.
  3. Select the disable or equivalent option to deactivate the antivirus. If any prompt appears, simply click the Yes or Confirm button.

Since you have deactivated the antivirus, you can load the Discord app and check the update progress.

Reinstall the Discord Application

If Discord error Mac persists and the update is under a loop, you are left with the reinstallation process. Close the app, including closing the processes associated with Discord, using the Activity Monitor. Remove the Discord installation from your Mac device, and make sure to remove it from Bin.

Now, you have to restart your Mac device. After that, go to the official website of Discord and locate the compatible Discord application download file. Download and install the Discord application. This should eliminate the Discord error Mac loop of update. If nothing is working for you, contact Discord support.

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