Discord Error Message Prank

You might come across various issues while using Discord on your device. And, they usually come with an error message that tells you about the problem. You can change these error messages to play a prank on your friends.

If you have not heard about them, Discord error prank messages are quite common. You can create such messages all by yourself if you are interested in trying that out.

Here, we will look at how to create a prank error message on Discord. If you have not done that before, all you have to do is follow the steps given below. You can then play a Discord error message prank successfully on your friends.

Creating a Fake Discord Error Message

As you might know, you cannot create a fake error message using the Discord app. After all, it does not have the developer tools required for that task. If you are wondering, you can use a web browser to create fake error messages. Also, you can use any browser for that purpose instead of sticking to one.

Needless to say, you must also have a Discord account to be able to create the fake error message. Proceed with the following steps to set up a Discord error message prank once you have that:

Log In to the Discord Account on Your Browser

As mentioned earlier, you cannot use the app to create a fake error message. So, you would have to log in to the target account through the browser. Visit the official Discord website and opt for using the browser version of the platform.

Enter the credentials of the account that would be the target of the prank. Ensure you have used the right email and password if the login fails.

Open the Inspect Element

Open the browser settings while logged in to the Discord account. You should find the option to use developer tools there. You must click on ‘More Tools’ on Chrome and then select ‘Developer Tools’.

This should open the Inspect element on the right side of the screen. In case you have never used it before, this tool allows you to change the source code of a page.

And, you can change various aspects, including messages and usernames with it. And, that makes it an essential tool for the Discord error message prank.

Replace or Edit the Message

On Chrome, you will find a box icon with a cursor at the top-left of the Inspect element. Click on it, and then select the text you want to change when the cursor is blue.

You can fake error messages and text messages with this developer tool. Double-click the message you want to edit or replace and press Delete if you want to remove it.

Enter the new message in the place of the one you have deleted. However, you might not be able to simply set any message that you want to. It usually has to be a message that Discord allows you to use.

But, how do you know which messages the platform will allow? If you are wondering, entering the new message is the best way to find that out.

Add emojis

Do you want to use emojis as a part of a Discord error message prank? Then, you can insert that in the edited or new message as well. This is surely worth giving a try, in case you are wondering.

As for the method of adding emojis, you can enter them along with the message. So, this works the same way as writing a text message to someone.

But, how do you know the code for an emoji? All you need to do for that is right-click the emoji on chat. Send it to a friend if you have not already sent or received it. Then, right-click it, and select the Inspect option. You will find the code for that emoji there.

Change Other Aspects Using the Inspect Element

Do you want to change a few more things other than messages? Then, you can edit the username and date as well.

Here are the methods you must follow depending on the changes you want to make:

Changing the Username

You need not stay limited to the Discord error message prank. Instead, you can have some fun with the username as well. And, the steps are pretty much the same as that for editing or changing messages.

Right-click the username you want to change and select the Inspect option. And, that should highlight it on the Inspect element screen to find it easily.

Replace the text next to “role=button” for setting a new username. Make sure the username has changed once you are done.

Changing the Date of the Message

Do you want to change the date as a part of the Discord error message prank? Then, you must open the Inspect element, as mentioned earlier. Alternatively, you can simply highlight the date and time you want to edit. This will open the Inspect element on the right side of the screen with your selection highlighted.

Find “datetime=000000000” and replace the value you find next to it. Make sure that the message has a new date once you are done.

Change emojis

Apart from adding emojis, you can change emojis as well. Right-click the emoji you want to replace it with and open the Inspect element. Then, copy its code before opening the Inspect element for the emoji you want to replace.

Enter the code of the new emoji in place of the existing one. This should effectively change the emoji on your Discord chat.

Handle the Discord Inspect Element Responsibly

It is worth adding that you must not misuse the Inspect element for Discord. Also, many cybercriminals often use it for scamming people, which you must look out for.

Do not follow any suspicious requests to paste anything in the Inspect element. Hopefully, the aforementioned information has helped you try out the Discord error message prank.

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