How Old is Jinx in Arcane

Jinx is one of the playable female characters in League of Legends, and she has also appeared in the Arcane animated series. This series is based in the same universe as that of the game.

So, you also find many other characters from the game in the animated series. Many viewers might wonder about Jinx’s age in Arcane, and you can find that out, among other things about her, from the information given below.

Jinx is one of the major characters in the Arcane series and the League of Legends game.

Here, we have all that you might need to know about her.

Who is Jinx and How Old is She?

In a game, the age of a character and their background might not matter. The only things that might matter there are their perks and abilities. But, that is not the case with the animated series.

You might want to know about a character’s background there. Age is also one of the common things you might be curious about regarding your favourite characters.

Since the animated series is set in the game universe, the background of the characters is the same. The series gets deeper into the background of the characters. In Arcane, Jinx has an elder sister called Vi. Also, she was originally named Powder in the animated series.

Jinx and Vi are orphans from Piltover, a utopian city. They were orphaned during an uprising by the undercity, which failed. Vander, the rebellion leader, took them in shortly after that.

Jinx’s age is not the same throughout the series. She does not look older than 12 years in the first act of Arcane. And, in the second and third acts, she seems to be around 18. You can also estimate Jinx’s age because Jayce is 24 years old in Arcane.

And, he was born between 961 and 966. We also know that Jinx was born in 975 as per the series. And, that means her age is between 10 and 19 in Arcane. Unfortunately, there is no clear mention of her age in the series or game.

Is Jinx Stronger than Vi in Arcane?

Jinx is quite a powerful character in Arcane and League of Legends. And, many people might wonder whether she is stronger than her older sister, Vi. In the animated series, Jinx has deadly weapons and can cause quite a lot of chaos.

But, Vi is still the stronger one among both the sisters. Not only that, but she is the main heroine of the Arcane animated series. As we shall see, Vi is more powerful than Jinx in the League of Legends game.

In League of Legends

Determining whether Jinx is stronger than Vi might be difficult in Arcane. But, it is very easy in League of Legends. After all, the series does not show the characters’ stats, but the game does.

Judging by Jinx’s and Vi’s stats, Vi is the stronger one among the two. She was also introduced as a playable character in the game earlier than Jinx.

Here are their stats to give you an idea of who is stronger:

Jinx’s Stats in League of Legends

  • Health: 610-2072
  • Health Regeneration (pers 5 seconds): 3.5-12.5
  • Mana: 245-1010
  • Mana Regeneration (per 5 seconds): 6.7-23.7
  • Armor: 26-85.5
  • Attack Damage: 57-114.8
  • Attack Range: 525
  • Critical Damage: 175%
  • Magic Resistance: 30-38.5
  • Movement Speed: 325

Vi’s Stats in League of Legends

  • Health: 585+85
  • Health Regeneration (per 5 seconds): 10+1
  • Mana: 295+65
  • Mana Regeneration(per 5 seconds): 8+0.65
  • Armor: 30+3.5
  • Attack Damage: 63+3
  • Attack Range: 125
  • Critical Damage: 175%
  • Magic Resistance: 32+12.5
  • Movement Speed: 340

It is clear from the stats that Vi is overall a stronger character than Jinx in League of Legends. But, either of them can be best for you, depending on your playstyle.

So, you might want to try out both of them and determine which one suits you more.

What abilities does Jinx have?

Jinx has multiple special abilities that can help you significantly in the game. You must try them out if you use this character in League of Legends.

Here are the abilities you find in Jinx right now:


Jinx always carries a shock pistol called Zapper. She can use it to fire blasts that slow down your opponent at the first hit. This ability can be quite useful to you in your matches. It can also help you deal significant damage to enemies.

Flame Chompers

Jinx can use snare grenades that can light the opponents on fire. You should use them when you face the opponent and then wait for them to attack you. The grenades will explode once the opponents step on them. This can cause quite a lot of damage to enemy Champions.


You can modify Jinx’s basic attacks with this ability. It applies to swaps between Pow-Pow and Fishbones. Pow-Pow, the minigun, contributes speed while Fishbones, the rocket launcher, contributes damage to the attack. So, you can combine both of them to cause significant damage to the opponent quickly.

Super Mega Death Rocket

The opponents may be located anywhere across the map. But, you need not worry about that with the Super Mega Death Rocket ability. It lets you fire a rocket that goes across the map and explodes once it collides with an enemy Champion.

Get Excited

Jinx is a character who causes chaos for fun. And, that is the cause of the Get Excited ability. Her Movement Speed and Attack Speed increase whenever you destroy an opponent, monster or structures. This is yet another special ability you find in Jinx that can be quite useful to win the game.

Is Jinx a Good Character for LoL Beginners?

Jinx has quite a simple kit as compared to other Champions in League of Legends. As we have seen, Vi is a stronger character than Jinx. However, Jinx is still a good choice for League of Legends beginners. You might also want to consider the other available options.

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