Call of Duty Servers

Call of Duty is one of those legit gaming franchises that nobody can get tired of. Not to mention, Call of Duty is an AAA game, and that’s why you require a compatible device and a smooth internet connection.

If you miss any of these, the core gameplay mechanics of the Call of Duty might appear a little faded or blurry on your device. However, it’s not always your gaming device or internet connection that is to blame for CoD issues.

Lags are pretty normal if the Call of Duty servers are facing problems. Almost every CoD player might have come across server issues at least once. Servers might get down due to heavy traffic, especially when a special event is going on at CoD.

For example, Double XP Weekends or similar events might force beginners and returning players to join the saga. Consequently, the Call of Duty servers might get congested or down. Players find it struggling while servers are not responding properly.

You can experience lagging, packet loss, and high ping when you try connecting to Call of Duty servers. Let’s find out more details about CoD servers.

How to Check if the Call of Duty Servers are Down?

You might assume that Call of Duty servers are down right now. However, you can’t confirm it without checking the servers’ status. Additionally, the CoD franchise usually informs players that there are some sorts of problems going on at the server’s end. You might notice error messages, warnings, or pop-ups on the CoD gameplay or screen.

Yet, it’s not always happening that players would get to know about glitches. Errors might be mentioned in random digits, and players can’t make sense of them. On the other hand, you might find it difficult to log into the gaming interface. Therefore, there are no chances to understand if Call of Duty servers are down or not.

If Call of duty servers are down, then players will have to wait until situations are fine. There are no fixes to the error other than waiting. That’s why players should confirm whether the Call of duty servers are down currently. Otherwise, they can investigate the origin of the issue and act accordingly.

Where to go to Check the Status of Call of Duty Servers?

The first place to visit to check the status of Call of Duty servers is Activision’s official website. However, this only works for titles that are developed by Activision. Activision officially declares whether the servers are down for all the Call of Duty franchise titles.

Well, this isn’t for PC users only. Players who use Xbox Live, PlayStation, Nintendo,, Epic Games, or Steam can learn whether Call of Duty servers are down or active.

Here’s what you need to do to check the server status on Activision’s official site:

  1. Navigate to the Activision support website through any of your web browsers.
  2. Choose Call of Duty among all other games from the drop-down menu.
  3. Now, select your gaming platform to know about servers of CoD. Make sure that you select the right gaming console.
  4. Finally, you can check if something’s up with the dedicated Call of Duty servers.

If the CoD title you are playing belongs to another developer, such as Raven, Treyarch, or Infinity ward, go to their official support page.


If you find nothing suspicious, even though you’re facing issues on CoD, you can inform the Activision support team. Click the ‘LET US KNOW’ option to fill out the form where you mention your issues and additional information.

This isn’t the only way to check if Call of Duty servers are active or not. You can head towards the Twitter account of Activision Support. Activision might have posted the latest updates regarding Call of Duty servers.

The same applies to other CoD titles’ developers. Developers might have put up a notice regarding down Call of Duty servers. Or, CoD players might have tweeted something if they’re encountering the same problem.

On the other hand, you can share your issues or realisations with other players in gaming communities. For example, community hubs such as Reddit or similar are the right platform to discuss gaming and connectivity issues.

Share your frustration and issues with other players along with getting gaming strategies. Fortunately, you might be able to find solutions to overcome CoD or internet connectivity issues.

Can Call of Duty Servers’ Problems be Platform-Specific?

Chances are that only certain gaming console players are facing issues logging into the Call of Duty Warzone. This has happened before and can happen again. Those problematic platforms’ networks might be witnessing issues and that’s why you can’t play the game seamlessly.

To know if that’s the hindrance, in this case, hover over Xbox Live,, or PlayStation Network support sites. Check out if they’re experiencing a service outage or anything similar.

What to do if Call of Duty Servers are Up and Still you can’t Log in?

It’s really heart-breaking if you find that you’re the only one who’s facing issues with Call of Duty. Don’t freak out as there are multiple ways to revive your connectivity and join the gaming legacy again. First, check if you aren’t missing the latest updates of CoD.

In case your game is up-to-date, have an eye on your router. Re-adjust its position so that you can get some more coverage. On the other hand, the router will get some breathing space. Resetting the networking devices can give you a fresh restart. Ensure that you reset your PC or gaming console as well.

What else to do?

If possible, go for a wired connection. Configure your router so that you can limit broadband to devices that are heavy on internet traffic. In case you are using gaming consoles, update them. You can invest in a Wi-Fi extender if you find that your Wi-Fi coverage is not up to the mark. Otherwise, you have to wait until Call of Duty servers are up again.

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