How Many Apex Packs Have I Opened

Apex Legends offers the players exclusive items through Apex Packs. Each pack contains three items which are hard to find in the game locations. And, there won’t be any item in Apex Packs that offer a gameplay advantage. These cosmetic items may vary from one Apex Pack to another.

Collecting the Apex Packs is pretty easy. But, do you know what these are? Apex Legends features different kinds of currency and Apex Packs is one of them. Players can earn an average of 45 free Apex Packs between level to level 100.

These packs are available for purchase through Apex Legends’ premium currency. Additionally, you can get them by using 100 Apex coins.

Do you want 10 Apex packs? Then, collect at least 1,000 Apex coins. Win a 1v1 match or give the enemy 1356 damage to get more coins.

Besides, this multiplier game has a built-in Apex Pack tracker. Use that to calculate how many Packs you have opened till now. It will also help you acknowledge when you will get the Heirloom shards. And, you need to open 500 Apex Packs to get that.

Easy Steps to Check How Many Apex Packs Have I Opened

Players need to check their account level to use Apex Tracker. Additionally, you need to figure out the event and battle pass progress level. New to the game? Then, you may not know how to check these details. Open the game and head to “Apex Legends Stats Tracker”.

Access the “Legends” menu and choose a character. Tap on “Banner” and scroll down to the page to check this season’s badge. And, the number on the badge is the level you reached in Apex Legends. Moreover, the Battle Pass progress is awarded as “Stars” in this game.

Players need to complete the dealt challenges to increase their progress level. Open the game and head to “Battle Pass” to check this in-game level. And, you have to tap on “Event Pass” to check the number of events you have participated in.

Did you find all the details? Then, follow the instructions to know how many Apex Packs have I opened:

  • Login to the Apex Legends Account by providing the username and password.
  • Tap on “Sign In” to get to the in-game lobby. Locate “Apex Pack Calculator” from this web page.
  • Double-tap on it and navigate to “Your Activity”. Enter the “Account Level” which you checked earlier.
  • Write the number of packs you purchased earlier. And, you have to check the purchase history for that. It will be there on the game’s store profile.
  • Head to “Saviours” and enter the correct Season’s badge number.
  • Select a daily treasure pack number from the list.
  • Type the Battle Pass progress level and click “Check”.

The Apex Packs Calculator will show you the number of packs you have purchased. And, how many are left to complete the 500th Apex Pack.

How to Get Heirloom using the Apex Packs?

Heirloom plays an important role in Apex Legends. Players can change their Melee weapons’ colour using this in-game item. Additionally, you can use them to unlock inspection animations. Once you collect all the heirloom sets, you can no longer purchase them.

Did the calculator show you purchased 250 packs? Then, you have to collect 250 more to get an heirloom as a reward. Though, the gamers can get at least one heirloom through the respawn. But, the chances of getting legendary items are rare. So, keep adding more Apex Packs to the list to get heirlooms.

What can You Earn from the Apex Packs in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends don’t repeat the same item in the packs. There is a 24% possibility of getting Epic items in the Apex Packs. Moreover, players can have a 7.4% chance of unlocking legendary items like Helmet/Backpack. But, you can get rare items like Gun Skins in every Apex Pack.

Apex Packs also offers a “Bad Luck Protection”, and it is only available for Legendary items. And, it prevents a player from opening more than 30 Packs without a Legendary item.

Here is the list of the cosmetic items the Apex Packs gives:

  • Weapon Skins
  • Banner Poses
  • Kill Equips
  • Crafting Metals
  • Banner Frames
  • Legend Finishers
  • Banner Stat Trackers
  • Intro Equips

How can You Earn an Apex Pack?

Apex Packs are given as rewards to the new players. Additionally, you can get them after completing each level. Besides, you can earn 199 Apex Packs from player levels 2-500. However, the frequency of Apex Packs might drop with each level.

The players who are in level 2 can unlock one pack. Moreover, you will also get one Apex Pack if you are in level 20. Thus, it means, you will get a total of 19 Apex Packs from levels 2 to 20.

Did you reach level 22? Then, Apex Legends will give you one pack after every two levels. This indicates you can collect a total of 140 Apex Packs from levels 22 to 300. And, the level 305-500 players can get one pack every five levels. Players will get a total of 40 Apex Packs by playing these 195 levels. Furthermore, you can earn 600 Legend tokens per level.

Can you Unlock New Gun covers from the Apex Packs?

Cosmetic items that you already own aren’t eligible in the new Apex Packs. Thus, it indicates that you won’t receive any duplicates from these game packs. However, you may get Crafting Metals after every one or two Apex Packs. Use it to unlock the required cosmetic items. And, Apex Legends offers this item to the players who are in a high game tier.

Do the Apex Packs Expire?

Apex Packs expire after 7-10 days. Thus, if you have purchased a pack, open it immediately. Otherwise, you won’t be able to collect the items that are inside it.

Did you close the game after opening the Apex Pack? You can still generate the same items as when you first opened it.

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