Discord DNS Error

Discord might not connect to the servers for entering an incorrect DNS address. Change the primary and secondary addresses to fix this connectivity error. Always use Google Public DNS and Cloudflare when accessing the Discord servers. Because these DNS providers let you use this digital platform without communication issues.

Ensure the Discord app isn’t blocked by the network administrator. Moreover, you should renew the IP addresses to resolve the Discord DNS error. Use a different browser and check if this connectivity error persists.

Restart the router and the PC; sometimes, it helps to overcome critical DNS issues. And, disable the VPN connection to avoid DNS errors when using Discord on a PC/laptop.

What Causes the Discord DNS Error?

Thai Discord error occurs for the misconfigured DNS settings. An outdated web browser can cause DNS issues on this messaging platform. Besides, an unstable Wi-Fi connection could trigger the Discord DNS error.

Windows Defender Firewall can block you from accessing the Discord servers. Further, Discord might display the DNS error message when there is a server outage. Change the voice server region to overcome this complicated DNS error immediately.

Easy Solutions to Troubleshoot the Discord DNS Error

DNS errors might prevent you from sending messages to Discord users. Thus, try to fix this issue at the earliest possible. And, there are several ways to avoid getting DNS issues when using this application. The users should close the app and reopen it in the first place.

Try accessing the game servers and check if the DNS issue is resolved. If the error persists, implement the following solutions:

Change the DNS Provider

Discord is compatible with limited DNS servers. If you use an incompatible DNS server, it might prevent the app from working. Change the DNS server to Google or Cloudflare to overcome the problem easily. You also need to enter the correct DNS address. And, the steps to do that vary depending on the platform you use.

How to Change the DNS servers on a Windows 10/11 PC?

Tap on the “Start” menu, locate the search box and write “Control Panel”. Press “Enter” and choose “Control Panel” from the searched results. Move towards the “Network and Internet” section when the next window opens. Head to the “Network and Sharing Center” section to select “change adapter settings”.

Search for the home router name and right-click on it. Choose “Properties” and move towards the “Networking” section. Double-tap on the “Internet Protocol Version 4” option. Wait until the next window opens and choose “use the following IPv6 address”. Write the Google or Cloudflare address in the blank field and press “Enter”.

Does the router you use have IPv4 support? Double-tap on “Internet Protocol Version 4” and select “Use the following IPv4 address”. Enter the Ipv4 dresses listed by the Google DNS server or Cloudflare. Click “OK”, close the “Properties” window and restart the browser. Use the Discord app without getting any DNS problems.

How to Change the DNS provider in a Mac device?

Go to the Apple menu, tap on “System Preferences”, and click “Network”. Choose the right Wi-Fi connection and locate the “Advanced” option. Move towards the “DNS” tab and select the plus (+) icon to add a new DNS server.

Write the Google DNS’s IPv6 or IPv6 address in the blank field. Do you want to change the DNS server to Cloudflare? Enter its DNS address in this section and choose “Apply”. Click “Ok”, restart the Mac device and open the Discord app. This app won’t further display the DNS error message when connecting to servers.

How to Change DNS Servers in Android and iOS platforms?

Do you use Discord from a smartphone? Download the Cloudflare 1:1:1:1 app to use a compatible DNS server on Discord. The Android users need to install this public DNS resolver from the Play Store. And, if you are an iOS user, open the App Store to do that.

Additionally, you can also add the Google Public DNS on Android or iOS devices. The iPhone users need to first go to “Settings”. Tap on “Wi-Fi” and choose the right wireless network name afterwards. Choose the “i” icon, locate the DNS section and select “Configure DNS”.

Move towards the “Manual” tab to add the Google Public DNS’s IP address. Set the IPv4 address to “8:8:8:8” or “8:8:4:4” and the IPV6 addresses to “2001:4860::8888”. Restart the iPhone, use the Discord app without getting any DNS error.

For Android 9 and Higher Version

Update the phone to Android 9 to add Google’s public DNS servers. Open the Settings app, tap on “Network & Internet” and navigate to the “Advanced” section. Select “Private DNS” and wait until the pop-up menu opens. Go for the “Private DNS provider hostname” option and write “dns.google”. Click “Save”, reboot the smartphone and check if you have resolved the Discord DNS error.

Clear the DNS Cache

Sometimes, the stored DNS data in Windows devices can prevent Discord from working. Removing these DNS records will resolve this problem immediately. Hold the Windows and R keys simultaneously, write “cmd” when the Run box opens.

Click “OK” to open the Command Prompt window, write “ipconfig/release”, and press “Enter”. Now, it is time to write “ipconfig/flushdns” and hit the “Enter” button afterwards. Enter the “ipconfig/renew” command line and press “Enter”. Restart the computer, and connect to the game servers without DNS issues.

And, Lastly, Reconfigure the DNS Settings …

The Discord DNS error could be the result of incorrect DNS configuration. Change the DNS settings to use this VoIP application again. Press the Windows and S keys together and find the “Network Status” option from the next window.

Can you see the “Network Settings” tab? Go there and tap on “Change adapter options”. Choose the correct network adapter name and right-click on it. Select “Properties” and choose “Internet Protocol Version 4” when the next window appears. Find the “Properties” option, go to the “General” tab and write “” in “Preferred DNS server”.

Navigate to “Alternate DNS server” and write “”. Click “OK”, restart the PC, and try to join a Discord server. If the error persists, uninstall this application from the PC or mobile. Reinstall Discord, reset the network settings to fix the DNS error.

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