Discord Error Entry Point Not Found

When your PC cannot find an entry point to an application, it cannot run the program. So, your computer must find the Discord entry point to be able to run it. Otherwise, you would not even be able to open the app on your device. That is why you must act quickly to find an effective solution to this error.

Many PC users have reported the “Discord error entry point not found” issue. And, the solutions to the problem might differ in each case, depending on the cause.

In any case, you can usually fix it all by yourself within a short time. All you need to do is apply the solutions mentioned below properly.

7 Effective Solutions to the “Entry Point Not Found” Error

Your computer might fail to find an entry point for an app for various reasons. And, you might be confused about which of these reasons applies to your case. You can simply proceed with applying the following solutions in such situations:

Install the Missing Dll File

A missing dll file is quite a common cause of the Discord error entry point not found. And, you can find a solution quite easily if you know which file is missing. You simply have to download the missing file from the internet in such cases. To do that, search the file name in any browser and check the results.

You must make sure to download the file from an authentic source. Otherwise, you would put your device at risk from viruses and malware. If you download the file from the right source, this step should fix the error right away. Open Discord to check on the “entry point not found” message.

Stop All Discord Processes

The Discord error entry point not found might also indicate that your device is already running a Discord process. You need to close the running process for an effective solution in such situations. The app might keep running in the background even after you close it. And, you need to open the Task Manager to close it.

Check the background processes running on your device and right-click any Discord process you find. Then, click on ‘End task’ before launching the Discord app for checking on the problem. You might also need to restart your PC for registering the changes you made. And, that would also resolve any temporary issues on your computer.

Launch Discord Using the Executable File

Are you using the desktop shortcut for launching Discord? Then, there might be an issue with the path you have chosen for the shortcut. In that case, you must try launching the app directly from the executable file. So, open the File Manager and navigate to the Discord executable file there.

Try to open the app using this file and check whether the error persists. Does your device succeed in launching the app this time? If yes, you should create a new shortcut with the right path. And, if the issue persists, you must try out the next step.

Install System Patch Files

Windows usually keep uploading patch files for various system issues. And, installing the latest one might resolve the Discord error entry point not found. Go to the Microsoft official website and navigate to the software catalogue. Then, find and download the latest patch file for your system version.

Navigate to the downloaded file and initiate the installation process—open Discord after installing the patch file to check on the problem. If the error occurs again, you must also consider updating Discord on your device.

Update or Reinstall Discord

Are you using an older version of the Discord app? If yes, installing the latest update might help you fix the error. So, open the app and allow the update process if prompted. You can also download the latest Discord version from the app store or the official site.

Your device should be able to launch the app after the update. But, this method would be ineffective when the app version is not the issue. Also, you might already have the latest Discord version. You need to reinstall Discord in such cases to get rid of all corrupted data.

Uninstall Discord from your PC and remove all of its data. Then, download it and go through the installation process again. Hopefully, this will finally resolve the Discord error entry point not found in your case.

Scan for Viruses

If the error keeps occurring, you must ensure your device does not contain malware. Launch your antivirus app and start a scan to find any malicious files or software.

Then, get rid of any suspicious files that you can find. Did you start facing the error after downloading a certain software? If yes, then the other software is not necessarily harmful. However, it might be interfering with the Discord process.

So, you must also delete any apps you suspect of causing the error. If the Discord error entry point is not found again, you must find and fix damaged system files. 

Repair Corrupt System Files

Viruses and malware might often corrupt crucial system files on your device. As a result, you might fail to launch various programs. There are other circumstances in which the system files get corrupted as well. Regardless, you need to fix them to resolve any issues with your device’s performance.

So, open the Command Prompt to use the System File Checker tool as an administrator. Then, enter “sfc/ scannow” to find and fix any damaged system files. Launch Discord once you are done to ensure the error has been resolved.

What if These Solutions do not Work?

Are you unable to fix the Discord error entry point not found with the aforementioned steps? Then, you might want to contact the support team immediately for a quick solution. Before that, you can also consider restoring a previous system image on your PC. And, that might often resolve the issue quite effectively.

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