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Wordle is one of the most popular word games that you can find nowadays. You can play it on your web browser, and it has millions of players worldwide. As you might know, the game keeps resetting every day, and the answers are not always easy. People may have to look up answers for Wordle on the internet quite often.

You can make the game a bit easier for you by applying the tips and tricks we have mentioned below. Apart from that, we also have the answer for Wordle today if you are looking for it.

Hints & the Answer for Today’s Wordle (#324)

The answer to Wordle #324 is fairly easy, and you might succeed in finding it with some more effort. So, you might want to take a look at the hints if you want to find the answer. The first hint is that the word is related to light.

Also, the word you are looking for ends with an ‘e’. To make it easier, you must look for a word that rhymes with ‘wine’. So, the answer is ‘shine’, as you might have guessed.

Hints can help you find the answer without having to look for it directly. So, you might want to search for ‘hints for Wordle today’ on the web rather than the answer. On some days, you might not even need any hints to find the answer for Wordle.

How to Play Wordle on Your Browser?

Wordle is published on a New York Times webpage, as you might know. And, you need to visit their website to play this word game. You can find many similar word games in your app store as well. But, those are not the same as the Wordle game you are looking for.

Go to https://www.nytimes.com/games/wordle/index.html if you want to play Wordle. Anyone who accesses this webpage on their browsers can play the game. You can find a word puzzle on this site every day as you do in newspapers.

Rules to Play Wordle Today

You have six chances to find the Wordle answer for today. And, you need to start by entering any five-letter word that comes to your mind.

Proceed with the following steps after that:

Check the colour of the tiles

The letters you have entered in the tiles will get a background colour after you enter them. These colours would help you know whether you have entered the right letters. A grey background means the letter does not match the hidden word.

Does the background of one of the letters turn yellow? In that case, you have entered the right letter, but in the wrong place. Letters with green backgrounds indicate that the letter is correct and in the right place. You must proceed with the next step depending on the background colours of the letters.

Guess and enter another word

Did all the letters in your first attempt get a grey coloured background? Then, you must guess and enter an entirely new word. Otherwise, you must use the letters with a yellow or green background in the next attempt. Change the place of the letter that got a yellow background in the first attempt.

Find the right word by your sixth attempt

As mentioned earlier, you have only six chances to solve the Wordle today. All you need to do for that is follow the previous steps. Applying some tips and tricks can help you find the right word more easily. You can also click on the ‘Give Up’ option at the top to check the answer.

Important Tips and Tricks for Playing Wordle

Finding the right answer can be quite difficult on some days, as you might know. So, you need to apply some simple yet effective tips and tricks to find the right word. And, that should help you find the right answer on Wordle today.

Here are some of the most important ones among them:

Enter a Word with Three Vowels First

You can usually enter a maximum of three vowels in a five-letter word. So, you must find a word with three vowels in your first attempt. There are many such words that you can think of. This step will help you know the vowels that the secret word contains.

Do Not Use Letters in Grey Tiles Again

As mentioned before, you will find some of the tiles of your first entry grey. And, that means the secret word does not contain those letters. So, you must avoid using this letter again as it is of no use. Instead, you should come up with a word that does not contain any of those letters.

Check Whether the Secret Word Contains the Same Letter Twice

The secret word on Wordle today might have one letter twice in it. So, you must consider that and try entering a letter in a yellow or green tile twice. You need not necessarily do it during your first attempt. But, it is worth giving a try after the third attempt in many cases.

Consider the Common Letter Combinations in English

You have probably noticed that some letters appear quite commonly next to each other in English. And, you should try entering words that contain these combinations. And, that might help you in finding the beginning, ending or the middle letters of the answer.

Search the Web for Words

Are you unable to come up with many five-letter words today? Then, you must consider searching the net for five-letter English words. Many people might prefer not to do that as they see it as cheating. But, there is no harm in getting some help for at least the first attempt.

Share Your Wordle Score

In case you did not know, you can also share your Wordle score on social media. You might also have seen your friends or people you know doing the same. You will find the Share button on the Statistics window on the Wordle webpage. Click on it and select the platform where you want to share your score.

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