Best STG Loadout in Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone is one of the most popular games in the battle royale category. It reached a top position within a very short time after being released. You can play it on various platforms, including Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Warzone has a wide range of weapons to choose from. Not only that, but you can also customise them based on your preferences. So, you also have a wide range of attachments to choose from for your weapons.

The Pacific update has introduced even more weapons and attachments to choose from. This update contains weapons and attachments from Call of Duty: Vanguard. And, the STG 44 is one of the most popular weapons in this update.

Keep reading to find out the best STG loadout Warzone.

Best Attachments for the STG 44 in Warzone

The STG 44 is a German World War 2 assault rifle that appears in many games. As mentioned earlier, it is now available in Call of Duty: Warzone. And, it is quite an impressive weapon even though it is not the best. In case you are wondering, the STG 44 is still worth using. All you have to do is use the best loadout for it.

You must use various attachments rather than one to bring out the best in a weapon. Here are the best attachments for your STG 44 in Warzone:

MX Silencer

The MX Silencer was introduced to Warzone as a part of the Pacific update. Apart from suppressing sound, it also increases your weapon’s accuracy. You can attach it to all assault rifles including the STG 44. And, it is a perfect attachment to use with your STG.

However, the enhancements it provides come with a cost – a reduced aim down sight speed. The MX Silencer is a crucial attachment to use if you want to train undetected.

VDD 760mm 05B Barrel

Choosing the right type of barrel is also very important to enhance your weapon’s performance. And, you have many barrels to choose from for the STG. But, only the VDD 760mm 05B can help you achieve the best STG loadout Warzone.

It can offer you the highest accuracy and damage range for the STG 44. And, that makes it a necessary addition to the loadout among other attachments.

VDD 34S Weighted Stock

The stock of the weapon plays a crucial role in its stability when you are firing. So, you need to get the best stock for your STG 44. And, the VDDS 34S Weighted stock is the best option for it in Warzone.

There are many other types of stock you can attach to your STG. But, none of them offers you the same stability and recoil control as this stock does. You must note that this stock reduces your overall movement speed by 3 points.

Apart from that, it also deducts two points from the aim down sight speed. On the other hand, it adds 4 points to aiming stability, 3 to accuracy, and 3 to recoil control.

M1941 Hand Stop (Underbarrel)

The underbarrel attachment is yet another component that makes a lot of difference. You must aim for minimizing the ADS spread and recoil while choosing this attachment. And, the M1941 Hand Stop can offer that for your STG.

However, it does so at the cost of hip fire accuracy. Make sure to include this attachment to accomplish the best STG loadout Warzone.

G16 2.5x Scope

The G16 2.5x is one of the best scopes in Call of Duty: Warzone. And, it is the best scope to attach to your STG 44. A scope is an essential attachment for any rifle in Warzone for scoring long-range kills.

So, you must not avoid using one with the weapon you choose. Otherwise, you might face a significant disadvantage against your opponents in the matches.

Polymer Grip (Rear Grip)

The Polymer Grip is a great option for reducing the recoil on your STG. It can provide excellent results when combined with the other recoil-controlling attachments. So, it deserves a place in the best STG loadout Warzone. There are many viable alternatives as well for the rear grip.

7.62 Gorenko 60 Round Magazine

You have multiple magazine options for the STG 44 as well. And, you must choose them based on your playstyle. But, the 7.62 Gorenko 60 round magazine is probably the best option overall.

It enables a better fire rate, recoil control, ADS spread, and movement speed. You can eliminate multiple opponents while using this magazine before reloading.

Lengthened Ammo

The ammo type is a crucial consideration to make while picking the best STG loadout Warzone. After all, it can make a huge difference to your weapon’s performance. Like the attachments mentioned before, you get a lot of choices for the ammo type as well. But, you must stick to the Lengthened type for the STG 44. This ammo significantly boosts the bullet velocity and is the best option.

Which Perks and Equipment Should You go for?

You need not put all your focus on getting the best STG loadout Warzone. Making the most out of the available perks is also important. You have many of them to choose from depending on your playstyle.

But, which one of them is the best? You must select the Ghost perk to stay off enemy radars. It will surely help you survive longer in the matches.

Changing your weapons is faster than reloading during gunfights. And, you would want to do that as fast as possible. Go for the Amped perk for fast weapon changes. And, for the third perk, you must choose EOD to protect yourself from explosions.

As for the equipment, you must choose Semtex for Lethal. Also, Semtex is the best option for Tactical equipment.

Find a Suitable Pair for Your Weapon

You must also select a good secondary weapon apart from the primary one. And, that can make a lot of difference to the outcomes in your Warzone matches. The MP40 and Owen Gun are the best weapons to use with your STG 44.

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