FFXIV Bicolour Gemstone Mount

The players can collect Bicolour Gemstones after completing Shared FATEs in FFXIV. And, purchase the in-game using them. You can either find them in Shadowbringers or Endwalker zones. There are specific Gemstone trader locations on these maps. Locate these Final Fantasy places to mount the Gemstones.

Do you know there are different gemstone traders in this game? You need to know about these characters before exploring the game locations. For instance, there is a location named “Kholusia” in Shadowbringers. And, the Gemstone vendor’s name for this place is “Zumutt”.

On the other side, the Endwalker zone has different gemstone traders. Search for “Faezbroes” if you are on the Labyrinthos map to collect gemstones. Moreover, you need to know how many Bicolour Gemstones are required to buy the required items.

The number of gemstones may vary from one game item to another. Do you need a “Rail Tenderloin”? Find one gemstone in the FFXIV game level 1. But, you will need 200+ Gemstones to get Shadowbringer’s “Formidable Card”.

Are you new to this game? Follow this guide to know the steps for the FFXIV bicolour gemstone mount.

How to Get FFXIV Bicolour Gemstone Vouchers?

FFXIV has made changes to the Endwalker map. It added new Dungeons and Raid matches in this game location. Moreover, the developers have also introduced new locations to find Bicolour Gemstones. It is given as a reward to the players for winning the FATEs.

Collect 100+ Bicolour Gemstones to get a voucher. And, you can unlock the exclusive game items with that. Unfortunately, the gamers can only obtain two items with Bicolcour Gemstone vouchers. Each of these items needs at least 500 vouchers.

Additionally, you can collect 50,000 Gemstones for one item. And, 100,000 Gemstones for two items.

Do you need “Fallen Angel Wings” or “Wivre Horn”? Participate in the daily shared Full Active Time Event (FATE). Besides, you can also get these items from “Market Board” spending a few bucks.

First, Increase the FFXIV Rank!

You can’t get Bicolour Gemstone vouchers by playing only one match. There are certain requirements to collect them. The gamers need to be in the “Rank 1” of Shared FATE. Otherwise, FFXIV won’t reward you with Gemstones.

Didn’t get the “Shared FATE” option? Open the Final Fantasy game and head to the main menu. Locate “Travel” and double-tap on “Shared FATE”. It will open the Shared FATE menu from where you can see your current rank. Additionally, the game can check each region’s FATE from this tab.

It may take ample time to increase the game rank. The gamers need to complete one FATE to get Rank 1 in FFXIV. Whereas, you need to win six Shared FATEs to get the Rank 2. Moreover, you need to participate in 60 FATEs to be in Rank 3.

Find out the Shared FATE Locations

Do you know any of the Shared FATE locations in Endwalker? You can’t go to the next game level without knowing that. Usually, there are six default FATE areas on this map. And, you can get them after reaching level 3. Moreover, the players need to complete 360 FATEs for that.

Here are the Shared FATE locations of FFXIV’s Endwalker region:

  • Elpis
  • Garlemald
  • Thabnair
  • Labyrinthos
  • Mare Lamentorum
  • Ultima Thule

You can gain access to Old Sharlayan after completing these FATEs. Additionally, the gamers can unlock the Radz-at-Han map. And, trade the Bicolour Gemstones in Mor Dhona from the allocated vendors.

Obtain the Bicolour Gemstone Vouchers from Traders

Did you collect the required amount of Bicolour Gemstones? Trade them with the FFXIV vendors to get the vouchers. You will need 100 FFXIV Bicolour Gemstones to get one voucher. Otherwise, the vendors won’t give you the available game items.

Below are the vendors who trade Vouchers in Endwalker. Once you have the Gemstones, find them to get Bicolour Gemstone Vouchers:

  • Gadfrid is the vendor of Old Sharlayan
  • Sajareen is the vendor of Radz-at-Hand

Save up to 500 Bicolour Gemstone Vouchers to purchase available in Luxury Trader. Additionally, you can receive exclusive items from Edelina. And, you can find her in the Mor Dhona region. However, finding Edelina in this game location might be challenging.

Which items does Edelina give with FFXIV Bicolour Gemstone Vouchers?

Edelina is the Bicolour Gemstone trader in Mor Dona. And, she gives Fashion accessories like Fallen Angel Wings for 500 vouchers. Moreover, you can collect Mount Acquisition with another 500 Gemstone vouchers.

These are the rare game items that one can obtain. Though, it might be difficult to collect 50,000 Bicolour Gemstones to get them. But, Wivre or Angel Wings is an excellent reward for the lower-rank gamers.

So, what are you waiting for? Start playing the game and collect these items to get protection against the enemies.

How much FFXIV Bicolour Gemstone is required in Amh Araeng?

Halden is the Bicolour Gemstone trader in this Shadowbringer region. And, you can get Ovim Meat by exchanging one gemstone. The gamers need 2 Bicolour Gemstones for Ovim Fleece. Additionally, you can get the new Zonure Skin by trading 2 gemstones.

Do you need 3 “Sands of Blood Orchestrion Roll? Then, give 350 Bicolour Gemstone to Halden. Moreover, you can also get 3 “Micro Gihantender” as a reward. However, the players need to collect 400 Bicolour Gemstones for that.

How much FFXIV Bicolour Gemstone Do You Need in Lakeland?

Before you know the amount of the gemstone, find out who is the trader of Lakeland. Siulmet is the Bicolour Gemstone vendor in this region. And, he offers one Hop Trap Leaf with the exchange of one Gemstone. Additionally, you can get a Silkmoth Scale with one Bicolour Gemstone.

Moreover, the gamers need at least 2 gemstones to get Smilodon Skin. Collect 10 Bicolour Gemstones to unlock the Lakeland Flower Garden. Additionally, you need 20 Bicloiur Gemstones for “Gnoll Card ”.

Do you need to buy a Lakeland Elf Tree? Spend 30 Bicolour Gemstones to get that. However, the gamers need 350 Gemstones to add the hard-to-find items. Thus, head to the above-mentioned Shared FATE areas to collect more Bicolour Gemstones. And, increase the game level without any hassle.

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