EaseUS Data Recovery

Data loss is quite a common issue that computer users around the globe might come across. Also, it’s quite a big concern in cases of business and even personnel files. Especially it becomes nerve-wracking when you lose some sensitive data from your device. In such situations, you’d want to get all your files back within the shortest possible time.

Luckily, you need not necessarily rush to a professional for a data recovery service. Instead, you can simply use an app to retrieve your files. Here, we have some of the best choices for you when it comes to data recovery solutions. So, go through the list given below to find the best option for yourself.

Top 8 Data Recovery Programs You Must Try

There are many good options out there suitable for pretty much all types of recovery requirements. But, an app isn’t always the best option that you have in all cases. So, you might want to reach out to Smart Data Recovery for a highly professional service. After all, that would be more suitable if you’re in a bit of a hurry.

Now, here are some of the best data recovery applications currently available out there: 

  • Recuva

Looking for a free to use data recovery software? There probably aren’t many good options out there in this category. But Recuva is surely among the best ones that you can find. Thus, you might find it worth giving a try. This software is meant only for Windows systems, so it is compatible only with your PC.

You can use Recuva to retrieve as many files as you might need. However, you can only use it for devices that support NTFS and FAT file formats. Apart from that, this tool is very effective and can retrieve files that are hard to recover. 

  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

This is one of the best cross-platform recovery programs for Windows and Mac devices. It comes with a very simple interface and is quite easy to use. You can recover your data using this app in only three steps. However, you can retrieve only 500MB of data with its free version.

Apart from that, you can use this device on all types of storage devices. Also, apart from internal data, you can use EaseUS to retrieve external ones as well. You can get an enhanced performance by getting the paid version of this app. Apart from that, you can always contact a professional service that provides data recovery Dubai. 

  • Disk Drill Data Recovery

This software is probably the closest tool to a professional solution among all the options listed here. You can use it to recover pretty much all file types without worrying about the format. Moreover, you can download it for free on your Windows device. Apart from that, you can also get it on Mac systems.

Except for certain features in it, Disk Drill is free to use. Other than that, it has additional recovery measures for recovering your lost data. Overall, it’s surely among the top data recovery solutions that you’ll find out there.

  • Stellar Data Recovery Professional 

Looking for suitable software to recover files with uncommon formats? Stellar is surely among the best options for the task. You can get it for Windows as well as Mac devices. However, it’s not free, and you have to pay separately for buying both versions. Other than that, it offers you top quality recovery performance.

Stellar has a very simple interface and is quite easy to use. Apart from that, it’s fast and suits the requirements for urgent data recovery. Moreover, it also provides a preview of the files that you’re going to retrieve.

  • PhotoRec

As opposed to what its name might suggest, this software can retrieve more than just images. You can use it to retrieve files across a vast range of formats. However, you might find it a bit challenging during your first use. Yet, it’s still fairly easy to learn to use, though not as much as the aforementioned options.

Also, this program retrieves all files right away after you initiate a scan using it. Apart from that, it’s quite effective in recovering lost data. You can get this software for Windows, Mac, as well as Linux. 

  • RecoverIt

This software allows you to recover only 100MB of data if you use the free version. But, it offers a wide range of subscription plans suitable for pretty much all requirements. Moreover, apart from individual files, you can use it to recover partitions as well. RecoverIt supports hundreds of file formats and can retrieve data from all types of storage devices. This software is cross-platform and is a worthwhile choice for professional requirements. 

  • MiniTool Power Data Recovery

This is yet another suitable option for professional use. Being a cross-platform software, it’s available for Windows as well as Mac devices. Unlike the previously mentioned apps, this one can retrieve data from CDs/ DVDs as well. Apart from that, it’s quite competent at what it does.

This program also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee from the manufacturers. It also offers you quite a wide range of plans to choose from. Apart from various storage devices, you can also use this program for digital cameras, music players, etc.  

  • R-Studio

Are you looking for suitable software for people acquainted with data recovery? Then, you’d surely find R-Studio worth giving a try. It’s a perfect option for experienced professionals and is quite a powerful program as well. You also get a wide range of useful additional features like disk sanitisation. This app is available for Windows, Mac, as well as Linux systems. However, it’s not suitable for you at all, if you don’t have any technical knowledge.

How Do You Find the Best Option?

Regardless of your requirements, you must always look for a reliable option. Now, all the programs mentioned above are fairly reliable. Apart from that, you’d want to choose software that’s easy to use. It should also have all the additional features that you’d require. Needless to say, you should consider the budget as well.