As we are living in the Era of digitalization, technologies are growing and getting better. We are using different websites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc. Today, many networks are continuously evolving with the growing popularity of social media. Statistics say that a teenager spends 9 hours a day on social media and the amount of time increasing day by day.

Social media marketing: a new unstoppable trend

Social media is unstoppable. It is all about self-expression, advertising, and networking. It has revolutionized the way of interaction and communication on the web.


Social Media Marketing:  The New platform for gaining profit

Social media provides a platform to promote product and services. It is the easiest way through which you can reach your target audience. How small your business may be, if you are in Social media people are talking about YOU. Good marketing skills and social media can give a boost to your business. In order to grab an audience, activities like image updates, videos, text etc are done on different platforms of social media.

Social Media Marketing Trends

Top 5 social media marketing strategies

Social Media is a huge social platform with different brands competing with each other. It is becoming harder to grab the attention of consumers as the competition increases.

The five key social media marketing trends 2018 are:

    1. Make your customer service faster with Chatbots-  Chatbots can provide you with an instant connection with your customers all over the world. They are no more robotic like they once were.
    2. Ephemeral content– The latest marketing buzzword is ‘ephemeral’. The popularity of ephemeral content is due to the different social networking sites. If you want to grab attention then you have to plan different strategies for your ephemeral marketing.
    3. Use of Augmented Reality– Brands can use AR to project their products into the homes of social media users by using filters. In order to increase leads and conversions, AR is a must.
    4. Influencer marketing matters- Social Media is the best place for influencer marketing. The audience wants authenticity from influencers, therefore, brands need tie-up with different industry experts to get higher engagement rate.
    5. The video is the main consumption- Videos have a great impact on the audience. Brands need to invest in videos to engage the audience. Don’t just use video for the sake of it, try to grab an audience by planning clear objectives.

Social media marketing matters

Everyday users scroll down through thousands of content. Brands need to constantly fight to grab attention in less than 8 seconds. Social media has grown faster than the internet itself therefore if you want to pull as much audience as you want, this is the right place.‘Social Media’ is a phrase which we use a lot nowadays.  In order to boost your business, you need to be on the social platform. Don’t just be on the platform, put all your efforts to grow on the platform. The Nitreo review shows that boosting tools help a lot to grow on social platforms faster. Social media is immortal, it is not ending anytime soon so utilize it fully.

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