post to instagram from pc

Instagram, being a social networking site, it is available in both Android and iOS platforms. With the help of this application, you can post your memorable moments on social media and share them with your friends and family. As the application is developed for mobile phones, it doesn’t mean that you cannot access Instagram from PC. 

You can post to Instagram from PC, without the interference of mobile phones. This will help you to avoid the situation, where you might have some media files on your computer and you need to transfer them to the mobile, to post them. In addition to that, you can witness a smooth desktop interface of Instagram. 

A few Important Points to Remember

These are some of the main aspects that you need to know before using the Instagram account from the PC. Whenever you are posting something from a mobile device, then it gets saved on the device. As a result, you can have the main picture, as well as the picture posted on Instagram. This type of facilities will be unavailable in the desktop version. 

Post your special moments 

There are a number of ways through which you can post to Instagram from PC. You can easily try one of them. There is a tool that you might have to install, so download them from a safe and secured website. 

1. Use the scheduling tools 

There are various types of scheduling tools available on the internet. Several tech experts consider that the Hopper HQ is the most convenient one. So, you have to go to its main website and create an account. After that, log in with the ID and password open the dashboard. After that, click on “Create Posts”. It is located on the top-left corner of the dashboard. 

There you will find various options to upload posts to Google Drive, Dropbox, Instagram, Google Photos, and others. The resolution and the size of the pictures must be correct before uploading. Make sure you select the landscape mode for landscape photos and portrait mode for portrait type photos. 

2. Make changes in the browser agent

This procedure will not require any third party software for creating a post to Instagram from PC. A bit complicated process, but it is one of the simple ways to post on Instagram via PC. This entire process will only work for posting pictures, not for video or other media files. 

If you are using the Macintosh OS, then open Chrome, as well as its developer tools with the help of the “View” menu. Now, click on the Developer icon, this will make changes in the user agent. Now, you have to transform it into the mobile version. Depending on the phone model that you use, select that. This setting will change the entire view of the browser. This procedure is to some extent the same as in Windows. 

3. Use third-party interfaces

There is various third-party software that acts as the mobile interface when installed in your computer, some of them are like Bluestacks, Uplet, Deskgram, and others. The Uplet is such an application that is only designed for Macintosh computers. These are the portable mobile versions. So, you can use both the desktop and mobile platforms as well. 

There is also another application that will help you to post to Instagram from PC, it is the Facebook Creator Studio. The application comes directly from the desk of the social media giant. One of the most unique things about this application is that it can set a scheduled TV video that belongs to Instagram. The user interface is very simple, you won’t face any glitch while posting. 

A Proper Approach

Sometimes, you might not want to post anything. Therefore, viewing posts is possible. So, open your default browser and open Google and type Instagram. After that, type your ID and password. If you have the login ID connected to Facebook, then choose “Login via Facebook”. After logging in, you will be able to view all the posts present on your timeline. 

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What to Edit Pictures?

Yes, you can edit the pictures like you get the facility in the mobile version. Social media experts say that Hootsuite is such a kind of application that will allow you to edit pictures and post to Instagram from PC. 

Create an account and enter into the dashboard. Now, find out and access the option “Post to”. Select Instagram and upload the picture. Edit as per your want to, and then post it. Be sure that you cannot change the edits of the picture after the posting process is over. 

You can select the other social media networks to the application. All you need to do is to click on “Add a social network” and choose your desired ones by following the instructions given on-screen. If you are intending to post videos, then the procedure will be the same.