NTUSER.DAT File in Windows 10

In Windows OS, the profiles of every user are created separately. These profiles include the preference of the person and all the settings like document folder, browser history, desktop, etc. Each of the user profile contains data about the activity of the user. 

The ntuser.dat contains unique registry settings for each of the users. With the help of this registry, Google is able to keep track of the activity of the user. This registry is saved in the directory of every user under the file name “ntuser.dat”. But, the NTUSER.DAT File in Windows 10 location is hidden, so that it cannot get accidentally affected by the users.  

The Working Of NTUSER.dat File

Any changes you make in the OS of Windows, be it the changing of system settings, installing a program or desktop theme, the changes are saved in this registry. Additionally, when you log out of your account, the information is saved in the “ntuser.dat” file in Windows 10. 

And whenever you sign in again, the information is loaded from the ntuser.dat from the memory. This loads all the settings of the user again. If you ever delete this NTUSER.DAT file in Windows 10, the settings and the changes will be restored to its default settings. 

Whenever an operating system loads any user account, it accesses the NYUSER.dat file of that user so that it can operate according to the settings done by that user. At the time of changing the settings, the OS of Window creates a log and keeps the old setting as a backup, and also saves the latest settings. 

The NTUSER.DAT File Location

The NTUSER.DAT File in Windows 10 is a hidden file. Hence you will not be able to find it if you do not change the settings of your folder. To change the settings, you have to press the “E” and the “Windows” button simultaneously. This makes the window of the ‘Windows Explorer’ appear. In this, you have to select “Organize”. After that, you have to select ‘Folder and Search Options’. 

Then, in the new window that appeared, you have to press “View’. After that, click on ‘Show Hidden Files’. Located in the ‘Advanced Settings’. Then press ‘OK’. After this process, you will be able to see the ntuser.dat file.

You will be able to find the ntuser.DAT file location by going to the C drive. In there you have to select the folder named “Users”. Within this file, you have to open the folder “username”. In this location, you will find the ntuser.dat. Or, alternatively, type “%userprofile%” and you will be able to access the user’s directory.


There are two of these files called the ntuser.dat.log1 and ntuser.dat.log2. These files are located in the C drive within the folder named ‘documents and settings’. The ntuser.dat.log files contain all the changes made for a particular account of a user. These files are hidden files because they are very important for the smooth running of your computer. 

Accessing these ntuser.dat.log files is very difficult if you have not changed the folder security manually. However, you must not access it unless you absolutely have to. Changing a single thing in this file will be not good for your computer.      

The Deleting Of NTUSER.dat File in Windows 10

All the user profile contains a ntuser.dat file. These folders are unique for all users. As you already know, this file contains all the settings for a particular profile. So, if this file gets deleted, the whole setting will be lost and will result in the corruption of the profile of the user. For this exact reason, this file is hidden away so that no one can find it easily. 

But, there can be situations, which may require the deletion of the account of a particular user. In such a case you can safely delete the profile and also free some storage of your computer. You can delete the ntuser.dat file in Windows 10 by following the given steps:

  1. First of all, you have to make the file visible so that you can find the ntuser.DAT file location. For this, you can follow the instructions given previously in this article.
  2. Then, you have to open the folder named ‘Users’. The ntuser.DAT file is located in this folder.
  3. Now, right-click on the file and chose the option ‘Delete’. 
  4. Then you will be asked to confirm your decision with a prompt. You have to click ‘Yes’ to successfully delete the file.


Hope that you got a good idea about the ntuser.DAT file location, the process of deletion and its importance from this article. This file contains ntuser.dat.log files, which are very important for your computer. If this gets corrupted, it can affect your whole setting of the computer. You must not make the file visible until you completely need to access it. In addition, deleting is out of the question, if not you have to do it for some crucial reason.  

FAQ about Deleting Of NTUSER. dat File in Windows 10: 

What happens if I delete Ntuser dat?

The data is key Windows file as it contains all the settings of your user and HKEY CURRENT USER. 
Deleting the file will not crash Windows but could lead to the disappearance of any system settings or configurations that are generally saved in the registry.

How do I force delete Ntuser dat?

However, if you want to completely delete the file, right click on the NTUSER. DAT file and select the option Delete. 
To confirm deletion of the file, select any on-screen options.

Are .dat files dangerous?

The command is opened with a DAT file and dangerous things can occur. Do not open them, although you trust them, without scanning or be sure this will be legal if you ever receive an email attachment from anybody.

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