Nintendo Switch Waterproof

Nintendo Switch is a great alternative to mobile gaming. You can carry it for your vacation or any place you want to. The credit goes to its portability and flexibility that so many games are supported on this.

However, is the Nintendo Switch waterproof? Can you play on a Nintendo switch near a swimming pool or while having a sip of your favourite drink without stressing over the water damage?

Water or any liquid is a big NO when it comes to any electronics, but it is for the Nintendo Switch? The relationship between water and any gadget can’t provide us satisfactory results. Instead, water can damage our electronics to a great extent.

Let’s find out more about Nintendo Switch’s waterproof abilities.

Is the Nintendo Switch Waterproof?

If you carefully examine the build of the Nintendo Switch console, then you will come across the air vents on one side of the console. The air vents are pretty huge. They are designed to pass the hot air from the console during gaming. Those vents are a huge gateway for anything to get in.

Therefore, water can’t avoid the vents too and get into the console. As a consequence, the water can damage the inner architecture of the console. The exhaust port helps to keep the hefty NVIDIA chip cool inside the Nintendo Switch.

If water enters the vent, then the chip might be water-damaged. In addition to this, the Nintendo Switch console has a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a microSD card slot, and they are not sealed.

All these open ports are the clear answer to your query: Is the Nintendo Switch waterproof? No, it’s not. Nintendo can’t waterproof the consoles for solid reasons. For example, Nintendo has to seal up the exhaust vents if it has to make the console weatherproof.

This will definitely affect the cooling system of the console. The console will become hot to touch while gaming. On the other hand, Nintendo can’t just make the headphone jack and microSD card slot disappear for waterproofing. This will make the console less efficient.

How to Handle Water Damage Occurred on the Nintendo Switch?

Is the Nintendo switch waterproof? Since the answer is no, you have to avoid water damage on your Nintendo Switch. In case you have spilled water on your console or accidentally dropped it into the water, the following steps can help you to revive your console.

Disconnect the Console from Power Supply

If your console has its AC adapter connected to it during the spilling, then unplug the AC adapter as soon as possible. If you keep the console connected to the electrical outlet even if the water damage has taken place, then it can be dangerous. The Nintendo Switch console might give you a shock when you keep the console connected to the power outlet.

Power Off the Nintendo Switch Console

After you have disconnected the Nintendo Switch console from the electrical outlet, you need to turn off the console. To turn off the Nintendo Switch, you need to press and hold its Power button. Make sure that you hold the power button for three seconds. It will bring the Power Menu to the console. Choose the Turn-Off option to shut down the console.

Absorb the Moisture from the Nintendo Switch

The next step is to soak the liquid from the console. Is the Nintendo Switch waterproof? As the answer is no, you have to wipe out excessive liquid from your console. You can use a paper towel or a microfiber cloth to wipe the moisture or liquid from the surface of the console. Make sure that the cloth or towel should be clean, soft, and dry.

Refrain from Physical Jolts of the Console

Any type of physical jolts, such as shaking and rotating, can be proven to be dangerous for consoles at this time. Make sure that you don’t rotate or shake the device too much while wiping the excess liquid. Additionally, you should not press any of its buttons or try blowing water off the console. All these can lead to further irreversible damage.

Air-Dry the System

Once you have successfully wiped up the body of the Nintendo switch, you should not turn on the console at once. Rather, you have to give it some time to dry completely from the inside out. Let it air-dry for a few hours, 72 hours for best results. If the console was submerged in water, then you can consider putting it in a bag of uncooked rice. The rice can fully soak up all the moisture from the console.

Try Turning it On

If you have waited for 72 hours or longer, then your Nintendo switch might be ready to serve its purpose again. Press the Power button to turn the console on. If it doesn’t power on, then you can let it air dry for another few days. If that doesn’t provide you with the desired result, you can go for expert intervention. It’s better to consult with experts if there has been critical water damage.

Warnings while Combating Water Damage on Nintendo Switch

There are a few things that you should watch out for. Make sure that you don’t open the console’s casing because it can void the terms of the warranty. Is the Nintendo Switch waterproof? It’s not, and it’s not heat-proof, either. Hence, you shouldn’t apply external heat to the console.

For example, you should not blow-dry the device using a hair dryer or keep the device in a microwave. This can damage the battery within. Additionally, don’t plug the device into the electrical outlet when it has encountered water damage.


Is the Nintendo Switch waterproof? You’ve got the answer already. However, the warranty of the console doesn’t cover liquid damage. Contact an expert if your console doesn’t respond even after air-drying or following those steps. Your Nintendo switch might require a repair or replacement.

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