FFXIV Dreadnought Mount

And, you can also join the Pandemonium raids and add several mounts to their collection. One new mount that the developers added is the Dreadnought.

Dreadnought is a beast-like creature that you can use as a weapon. This new in-game item replaced the existing mounts. Moreover, the gamers can protect themselves from their opponents with this FFXIV character. It can be also repurposed for hassle-free construction.

However, finding a Dreadnought can be challenging. Because you can’t purchase it from game inventory. It is not available there like the other exclusive item like Mount: Papa Paissa.

Are you thinking about how to get the FFXIV dreadnought mount? Follow this guide to know that:

How can You Unlock the FFXIV Dreadnought?

The Dreadnaught mount is an exclusive reward. And, it is given to the top 100 players who participated in the Feast Season ’20s 1v1 matches. Thus, you need to enhance your gaming skill to earn this mount. Open the game menu, and select the player vs player game mode.

Try to eliminate the other player from the game using the right weapon. Additionally, you should check when the next Feast event will be held. The Feast Season 20 commenced on July 20, 2022. The players get the chance to increase their game rank by joining this event.

Do you want to get FFXIV Dreadnaught? Then, wait for next year’s Feast Season. And, ensure your pre-season tier is either “Diamond”, “Platinum”, or “Gold”. Besides, the players who have earned the “Silver” tier can also collect new mounts.

The initial season 20 PvP ratings are determined by the pre-season tier replacements. Thus, play more online matches to increase the game rank. You can easily go to the next game level if you collect 1000+XP from each match. Check the guide to learn more about FFXIV.

How to Know if You are Going to Get the FFXIV Dreadnought Mount?

There are two ways to check whether you will get Dreadnought or not. Double-tap on the FFXIV icon and wait until the home screen opens. Head to “Rewards” and check if dreadnought is added to the list. If yes, you might have won the Feast 20 title in FFXIV.

Moreover, you can also check that by visiting FFXIV’s website. Open a web browser, write “Final XIV Feast Ranking”, and press the “Enter” button. Navigate to “Data Center” to know who is Feast Season 20’s top 100 players. Moreover, here you will get the ratings and tier ranking.

Did you notice your FFXIV user ID in the list? Then, you will get Dreadnaught as a reward. Each season of the Feast gives unique mounts. Access the Feast page to grab the next season’s rewards. Additionally, you need to learn how to play Pvp in Final Fantasy XIV.

What is the Dreadnaught Identification Key & How to Get it?

It is the rarest item in Final Fantasy XIV. Moreover, the dreadnought identification key can be hardly detected. But, do you know what it looks like? This item looks more like a cermet than a key. And, you can find this thin, rectangular identification key near a Dreadnaught.

Gamers can’t purchase this item from the in-game store. Besides, you can’t exchange it with the other FFXIV players. This identification key is used to mount the Dreadnaught. But, every player can’t use this item in the role-playing game. There are certain requirements associated with it.

You need to be in Final Fantasy’s level 1 to unlock this unique item. Here, the players will get a Dreadnought identification key 1. And, it is only available in the Endwalker version. Update the FFXIV game to equip Dreadnought as a weapon.

How to Add Dreadnought in the Final Fantasy XIV Game?

You may have unblocked dreadnought from the Feast 20 match. But, that is not enough. Players should know how to use it in the game. Turn on the gaming PC or laptop and ensure a stable internet connection.

Access the FFXIV game and locate “Character” from the main menu. Double-tap on it and press the “C” key to equip “Dreadnought”. Additionally, you need to select the desired slot and a “Reactor”. Tap on “Save” once done and close the FFXIV game menu. Reopen the game and check if you can see “Dreadnought” in the weapon list.

What is Clockwork Dreadnought in Final Fantasy XIV?

Clockwork Dreadnoughts are the recurring agents in Final Fantasy XIV. Their models are the same as the Dreadnoughts from FFXII. And, you will find them in the Binding Coil of Bahamut – Turn 3 map. Dreadnoughts are the most powerful enemies who have a special wave attacking skill.

Did you play FFXIV’s Fate Lightning Strike event? Then, you have seen a Clockwork Dreadnought there. It appeared in the Whitebrim area of Coerthas Central Highlands. Besides, you will get them in The Second Coil of Bahamut raids. However, the players need to reach level 50 to fight against these Dreadnoughts. Otherwise, you can’t mount them in the game.

Where can You Find the Clockwork FFXIV Dreadnoughts?

The players can find Clockwork Dreadnoughts throughout the Allagan region. It is a historical empire which you can hear about at the starting of the game. It has expanded all across Eorzea and is a popular FFXIV map. And, you need to cross the 38 levels to get Clockwork Dreadnoughts.

It will appear in the game under certain circumstances. Moreover, you can also spawn this item in the Final Fantasy XIV game. A Clockwork Dreadnought doesn’t drop any item. Open the Eorzea database and write “Clockwork Dreadnought[/db: enemy]. Press the Enter to track the dreadnought’s location.

This command line will only work in the Eorzea Database. Thus, you can’t apply it in the other Final Fantasy XIV regions.

Did you get up to level 50? Go to the “Ragnarok Drive Cylinder” location to find a Dreadnought. And, they also hide in the Central Deck of the Second Coil of Bahamut map.