Vizio TV Black Screen of Death

The Vizio TV screen might appear black for several reasons, and power failure is the root cause of this technical problem. Faulty HDMI cables can also prevent the Smart TV from displaying any picture on the screen. 

Moreover, users can encounter a black screen error when the LED power strips on the backlight become faulty.

There is a high chance that you might have connected the Vizio TV’s power cord to a worn-out wall outlet. Disconnect and reconnect the TV cable from the existing power outlet. 

If that doesn’t fix the problem, the problem lies in Vizio TV’s power resources. Try a different wall outlet to plug in the Smart TV’s power cable to eliminate the black screen error.

Now, let’s find out the cause and solutions on how to fix Vizio TV black screen of death:

What causes the Black Screen of Death Error in Vizio TV?

Vizio TV displays a black screen if you choose an incorrect input source or channel. Moreover, this streaming device contains multiple power supply boards and a T-Con board. 

Malfunctions with these internal TV units can generate a black screen error. Sometimes, an out-of-date firmware could trigger this screen glitch in the Vizio TV. 

Did you enable the “Sleep Timer” feature? It could conflict with the TV’s functions and lead to a black screen of death. 

Besides, you can experience this connectivity error due to misconfiguration. Modifying the Vizio TV configuration can help you to overcome this complex problem. However, if you fail to do that, contact a technician for an instant recovery.

Troubleshooting Tips on How to Fix Vizio TV Black Screen of Death Error

You can fix the Vizio TV’s black screen error with D-I-Y hacks in most instances. However, if the backlight or T-Con board stops working, you might need an expert’s help. 

Before that, you must try out these easy solutions to resolve the Vizio TV error:

1. Start with a Sound Test 

Connect the Vizio TV’s power cables securely to the wall outlet. Turn on the device by pressing the remote control’s “Power” button. Ensure the TV’s volume increases via the remote, and then access any streaming channel. If you heat the sound, it implies the sound component is working fine. Thus, the black screen error occurred for faulty backlights.

2. Check the TV’s LED

If the Vizio TV has sound but no image, the light-emitting diodes to backlight the screen might be at fault. You can narrow it down by performing a “flashlight” test. Find a flashlight and ensure it has sufficient power. 

Position yourself about two inches from the Vizio TV and turn on the flashlight. If you see no image on the screen, the LEDs in the TV are damaged. Consider replacing the faulty light-emitting diodes with new ones to fix the problem. 

3. Check the Smart TV’s Power Connection

A malfunctioned power cable can prevent the Vizio TV from displaying the image. Thus, you must check whether the power units are working fine. To proceed, turn off the Vizio TV and unplug the power cable afterwards. 

Press and hold the Smart TV’s power button for at least 20-30 seconds. Release the power button and reconnect the power cord to the wall outlet. If the Vizio TV still shows no picture, the problem lies with the power cables. 

Remove the existing TV cable. Connect a new power cable and stream your favourite channel without glitches. 

4. Disable the Sleep Timer Feature

If the Vizio TV screen turns black when watching online movies, Sleep Timer mode is on. This feature forces the Smart TV into standby mode after some time. Thus, you must deactivate the Sleep Timer mode to resolve the issue. 

Turn on the Vizio TV and press the remote control’s “Menu” button. Navigate to “Timers” using the “Up” and “Down” keys. Tap on “Sleep Timer” when the next window appears on the Vizio TV screen. 

Restart the Vizio TV after turning off the “Sleep Timer”, and you won’t further experience the black screen of death issue.

5. Unmute the Vizio TV Screen

A black screen on Vizio TV can be caused by the in-built feature that mutes the screen without turning off the audio. The feature is designed for apps, like Spotify, to play music in the Smart TV’s background. However, it can interfere with the Vizio TV’s functions and generate a black screen of death error. 

Unmute the Vizio TV screen and check if that solves the issue. Turn on the device and press and hold the remote control’s “Mute” button for 10 seconds. Release the button when the Vizio TV displays a picture on the screen. However, if the error persists, the device might have a faulty screen.

6. Update the Vizio TV Firmware 

A corrupted or malfunctioning TV firmware can lead to a black screen of death error. Thus, users must try to update the firmware to overcome this TV problem. If the Vizio TV has the latest firmware, reinstall the previous version. However, if the Vizio TV has outdated firmware, press the remote control’s “Menu” button.

Choose “System” when the new window pops up on the Vizio TV screen. Select “Check for Updates” to see if any updates are available for the device. If yes, choose “Install” and ensure the TV is connected to a wireless network. 

The Vizio TV will restart automatically when the firmware update is complete. You can now access the TV channels without receiving any error messages. However, if the Vizio TV shows a black screen even after updating the firmware, contact an expert.

7. Factory Reset the Vizio TV 

Incorrect TV configuration can generate the black screen of death error. Thus, you must reset the device’s factory settings to fix the problem. Turn on the Smart TV and press the remote control’s “Menu” button. 

Select “System” using the remote’s “Up” and “Down” arrow keys. Press “OK” when the next window appears on the TV screen. Select “Reset & Admin” and press the remote control “Ok” button afterwards. 

Choose “Reste TV to Factory Defaults” and press the remote “Ok” button. Enter the parental code when prompted and press “Ok”, and wait until the Vizio TV turns off. The Smart TV will turn on automatically after restoring the previous settings. 

Lastly, Replace the Vizio TV’s Power Board ….

Disconnect the power cables from the Vizio TV and place them on a covered surface. Unmount the rear screws using a flat-headed screwdriver. Ensure the screen’s fuses are not blown out since it can cause a black screen of death error.

Locate and disconnect the wires that are connected to the Tv’s control board. Remove the twists that hold the power board together. Install new twists and mount the screws to the board. 

Reconnect the removed wires and other cables. Place the Vizio TV’s back cover and lock it properly. Turn on the TV and stream your favourite channels without glitches.

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