How to Fix Broken Right Analog Stick PS4

The PS4 Analog Stick or Controller is the lifeline of gaming when you trust PlayStation 4. Users have been complaining about game characters traversing across the screen automatically. The possible reason behind this can be the faulty PS4 analog stick. This is more commonly known as analog stick drift.

And, this can ruin your gaming mood after destroying your control over the gaming console. How to fix broken right analog stick PS4? If you are hiking the same, then this guide will help you out.

Keep in mind that this guide will work for the official Sony DualShock 4 controller for PS4 as well as third-party controllers. Let’s explore the reasons behind a broken PS4 analog stick or stick drift along with how to address it.

Reasons for PS4 Analog Stick Drift

Chances are there that your PS4 controller or analog stick isn’t broken yet. Still, the characters are moving across the screen without your touch. Perhaps, the PS4 analog stick might be dirty. It’s quite natural for dirt and dust to accumulate over your PS4 analog stick or controller.

In a worst-case scenario, the potentiometer of the analog stick might be damaged or broken. Wear and tear are day-to-day situations when you have been using the controller for a long term. Cleaning might be the cure if your PS4 controller isn’t broken.

Otherwise, you have to repair or replace the PS4 analog stick. One of the analog sticks (right or left) or both the analog sticks can suffer from analog stick drift. Let’s see how you can recover the PS4 analog stick.

How to Fix Broken Right Analog Stick PS4?

First, you should turn off the PS4 analog stick. After that, you have to carry on with the following methods and check which one works for you:

Try a Reset

Before you disassemble or open the PS4 controller to repair it, give resetting a shot. Whether it’s DualShock 4 or any third-party controller, a reset might eliminate all the glitches. Start with a soft reset. If that doesn’t yield fruitful results, then go for a hard reset. Move on with the following steps if no reset works for you.

Clean the PS4 Analog Stick

If the reset doesn’t work and doesn’t bring the controller back to productivity, you can try cleaning the controller. Get a clean and dry microfiber cloth and gently wipe the analog stick and its crevices.

If the analog stick feels grimy, you must work a little harder. Take a cotton swab and dip it in a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water. Then, use that cotton swab to clean the PS4 controller.

If you think you can’t clean the dirt, there’s another way. Using pressurised air can loosen up the dirt from its place. After you succeed in cleaning the PS4 controller, test the controller. Move the analog stick in circular positions and keep clicking the R3 and L3 buttons. Check if the characters move at your command and not automatically.

Disassemble PS4 Analog Stick to Repair it

Sometimes, the external cleaning might not be everything you need. You might have to disassemble the controller and clean it to get desired results. On the other hand, you might have to fix what’s wrong with the controller.

Here’s what you need to follow:

  • Use the right screwdriver to detach those 4 6.0 mm screws from the controller. It will loosen up the rear casing of the controller.
  • If the left handle is not working, then pinch the left handle to open the area. Take a plastic opening tool and wedge it to slide up the joystick. Pull down the left stick’s piler to open up the casing.
  • Repeat step 2 for the right handle of the PS4 analog stick. Again, wedge an opening tool into the case splits.
  • After that, pull down to crack open the casing. Do this near the Options and Share buttons.
  • Carefully split the plastic cover and note that it should still be connected to the circuit board ribbons.
  • Sincerely detach the motherboard ribbon that connects to both sides of the controller. Make sure to note down the right orientation of the motherboard. This is important for reseating the motherboard.
  • Use blunt forceps to bring the battery out of it. Once you detach the battery, it will be easier to lift the motherboard.

Additional Steps

Make sure that you keep a new and working joystick ready for replacement. Now, follow the instructions below to complete the disassembly as well as the repair.

  • Next, use the screwdriver again to unscrew the battery retainer. Open the touchpad ribbon using the blunt forceps gently.
  • Dislodge the motherboard counterpart from the front cover of the controller. Prohibit the front cover from tilting while dislodging it from the motherboard.
  • Now, you have three different parts, and they are the front cover, motherboard, and rear cover. Locate solder connections on the motherboard. You have to desolder them by using a desoldering wick and flux.
  • Once you have desoldered all of them, remove the faulty joystick. Now, you have to insert a new joystick. Make it seat properly and seal the contacts properly with the circuit board.

Solder all the connections. Clean the board with a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol. Ensure that you reseat every component as they were seated before. However, this step is only for those who can handle repair works independently and have knowledge about soldering and desoldering.

What if Nothing Works?

You should consider replacing the PS4 controller if no hack resolves your issue. Before that, you can contact a professional to fix the PS4 analog stick. Hopefully, the guide regarding how to fix broken right analog stick PS4 was helpful.

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