See Ping in Fortnite

The network latency is the time that a data packet needs to travel from your computer to another. It can also indicate the time taken for the packet to reach a server. And, the network latency plays a crucial role in your online gaming experience. Gamers popularly know the network latency as ‘ping’. So, both of them are the same thing in case you were wondering.

You can view the ping quite easily on most online games. So, how do you see ping in Fortnite? If you are not sure, then you must follow the steps given below. Also, read to know some effective ways to improve the network latency on Fortnite.

How to Check the Ping on Fortnite?

You can view your Fortnite ping on the top-left corner of the screen during a match. But, you need to enable the screen to show this information first. And, you can do that from the game lobby. Launch Fortnite on your device and proceed with the following steps:

Navigate to the Game UI Settings

Click on the hamburger button at the top-right of the game lobby to open the settings. You can then proceed to make a wide range of changes to your game. In this case, you need to open the Game UI tab in the menu. The Game UI tab lies at the right of the tab with the gear icon.

Enable Net Debug Stats

You need to find the Net Debug Stats in the Game UI tab. It lies above the Quest Progress and below the Elimination Feed options. You would find it disabled by default. This means you would not be able to see the ping during a match. You must turn this feature on to be able to view the ping and other network information.

Check the Ping During a Match

Start the match once you have taken the aforementioned steps. Then, check the top left of the screen while playing the game. You should see the ping if you have enabled the correct options as mentioned above. It should also show the speed of incoming and outgoing packets. Below that you can also find the percentage of outgoing and incoming package loss.

What if You See a High Ping and How to Fix it?

A high ping will mean that you will face long lags during the gameplay. This will affect your gaming experience depending on how high the ping is. You must reduce the ping value to prevent that from happening. And, that mainly requires you to make changes to your internet connection or router.

Here are some essential steps you must take to improve your Fortnite ping:

Restart the Router

Have you suddenly encountered a high ping on Fortnite? Then, that might have a wide range of causes. You can consider waiting for the problem to resolve all by itself. But, what if you want an immediate solution? In that case, you must try restarting your router to fix any issues. This simple step can fix a wide range of performance issues in your router.

You might improve internet performance after taking this step, which should lower the ping on Fortnite. You can also try several other solutions if this one does not work.

Change Your Router’s Position

Your router should be in a position where it can provide a strong signal to all the connected devices. Otherwise, you might receive a weak signal in some areas.

Does it seem that your router is not at an optimal location? Then, you must relocate it to a better place. And, that might help you lower the ping you get on Fortnite and improve the experience.

Extend Your WiFi Network

Does the Fortnite remain high ping due to a weak signal? If the router is already at a perfect location, you must consider extending its location. And, setting up a repeater or wireless extender can help you with that.

Remove Some Devices from the Network

Have you connected multiple devices to your WiFi network? Then, you might explain the high ping you see on Fortnite. And, you can fix that by simply removing as many devices as possible from the network. Check the devices that are connected to your router and remove the ones you want to. You can easily do this from the dedicated app if your router has one.

Continue with the game after removing the devices and check on the problem. Does the ping remain high? If yes, then changing the band you are using might resolve the issue.

Change the Band

Most of the latest router models are dual-band. So, you can choose any of the bands as per your preference. However, both of them might not always be suitable for your requirements. The 2.4 GHz band has a high range but lower speed. While the 5 Ghz band offers faster internet at a lower range.

You can simply try switching to a different band from the one you are using. All you need to do for that is select the network name for that bandwidth in the WiFi settings. This can help you lower your Fortnite ping in many cases.

Use an Ethernet Connection with Your Router

Are you using a WiFi connection? Then, switching to an ethernet connection should improve the internet performance. You might see a lower ping on Fortnite as a result. So, set up an ethernet connection between your router and computer. Make sure to connect the cable properly at both ends of the connection.

If this method is ineffective as well, you must make sure you have the latest router firmware. Apart from that, you might also want to consider replacing your router.


Checking the ping on Fortnite is quite easy, and the steps for doing that are the same on all versions of the game. You must apply the aforementioned steps whenever you face a high ping in the game. Reach out to the Fortnite support team if you keep facing ping-related issues.