An excellent portable Bluetooth speaker, whether it is a street square, a holiday picnic or a quiet time at home, we can open the connection at any time to relax our body and mind in music or movies. HONOR’s Bluetooth speakers have been favored by consumers. If you want to buy HONOR Mini Speaker?Do you know something about it?

HONOR Speaker

This speaker is small in appearance, only the size of a table tennis ball. And the wrist rope can be hung. It is convenient for users to carry out and place indoors. HONOR’s official introduction is that the HONOR Mini Bluetooth speaker has a 3W full-frequency speaker and an independent bass diaphragm design at the bottom. This makes the bass more surging and vigorous and is known as the Little Prince of Bass.

HONOR Speaker experience

The fuselage adopts square design and raspberry red color matching. The size is small and exquisite, only 54*54*55mm. It weighs about 120g and can be placed in the palm. In addition to the one-handed fuselage, the hand feeling is comfortable. The special material wrapped with liquid silica gel makes the body feel comfortable, smooth and delicate like toner. It makes users reluctant to put it down when holding it in their hands.

HONOR Mini Bluetooth speaker can form a combination of left and right channels. Users only need to double-click the key to connect with another Mini speaker, and then connect devices such as mobile phones or tablets to build exclusive home theaters.

Hidden charging hole (Micro USB) supports IP54 dustproof and waterproof. It can be used in kitchen and bathroom. The battery capacity is 660mAh lithium battery, which can last for 4 hours. The actual test charging time is about 80 minutes.

In terms of sound quality of the whole machine, HONOR Mini speaker adopts 3W full-frequency horn, covering the frequency band of 50-25000Hz. It has independent bass diaphragm design at the bottom. Users can see that this is a bass-focused product. In terms of bass effect, HONOR Mini’s bass performance is unexpected. It has a bass effect that does not weigh the volume. The sound is neat and crisp. Sports and outdoor scenes are more suitable.

Bluetooth speaker is equipped with physical keys. Press the circular key for a long time to control the switch on and off. The blue indicator above the key is on when it is connected. If no music is played within 30 minutes or the machine is turned on for 5 minutes without successful pairing, the speaker will turn off.

The Bluetooth 4.2 used by HONOR Mini Bluetooth speaker has many innovations and improvements over Bluetooth 4.0. Encryption algorithms make data more secure. The device address can be hidden to ensure privacy rights. Connectivity is more extensive. The transmission speed is increased by 2.5 times. At the same time, the transmission error rate can be reduced. The overall ability to overcome noise interference is stronger. The transmission distance is about 10m.

Judging from the color matching of youth and fashion, HONOR Mini is more like a product for young people. This coincides with the fact that HONOR brand has had a wide audience and a good reputation among young users.

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