We live in an era of globalisation. Nothing is local anymore! Every local business wants to go global. Making your business international is a sure shot way of reaching more customers and outliving the local competitors. Setting up an office in every country to manage sales is an expensive process. It is also not feasible for small businesses with limited budget to do so. 

This is where virtual phone numbers come to your rescue! Virtual numbers use VoIP technology to receive and make calls over the internet. This way, you can get a local number for your business. 

Why Get Second Phone Numbers?

Customers are more willing to make calls to local numbers of international businesses. Making international calls cost more and therefore acts as a deterrent. A local virtual phone number gives customers the impression that you have a local presence. It increases their trust in your business. 

A local business from Australia can get a US virtual phone number. For the customer to call to Australia from the US, would cost them a lot, but a local call is cheap! The US customers can call the virtual second phone number when they need to contact the business. Since the calls are local, more customers will call in, and your sales will increase. You can similarly set up numbers in other countries as well. 

It is not just making the calls cheaper for your clients. Having local phone numbers belonging to different countries acts as an excellent substitute for setting up an office or even having a few employees in each country. Imagine having to purchase office space and hiring employees in all the countries where you want to do business! Sounds impossible right? 

With the help of technology, you can attain a global presence from a local office. As your business grows, you only need to hire more employees to manage the calls and place the orders. But since all this is done from the base country, it is much cheaper. 

You can also get toll-free numbers in the countries. Toll-free US virtual phone numbers are free to call within the US. Having a toll-free number truly establishes you as a US-based firm and more customers will trust your business. The same applies to other countries as well.   

Why Choose CallHippo?

Looking for US virtual numbers? Check out CallHippo! CallHippo offers local business numbers in over 50 countries! Indeed, there is no better way to increase your international reach. No business can grow without having effective communication with clients. The phone calls are often the first point of contact for a potential client. With the HD call quality from CallHippo, you wouldn’t have to deal with the delays and unclear messages.

There are many reasons to choose CallHippo for your second phone number.

3-Step Sign-Up Process

Ready to take your business to the next level? Here is all you need to do. Visit the CallHippo website, buy the numbers in the required countries, add users for the number and start calling! Can it get any simpler? 


The rates start from USD 6 for a number. The prices can change from country to country, but it is still so much cheaper than any other similar option.

Pay as You Use

CallHippo offers 4 different plans to ensure that you only pay according to your usage pattern.

Call Recording

You did the marketing right and are getting calls, but somehow the calls are not being converted into sales. Why does that happen? Since the calls can be recorded on CallHippo, you can listen to the recordings and figure out where you went wrong. 

Call Forwarding

Every call to the CallHippo number can be forwarded to any other phone number. This way, you never miss an essential call because you were away from the desktop.

Think about all the benefits of virtual phone numbers. The rates are more than justified. And after all, all of this is going to get you a huge amount of sales. Your business could become the next Apple! All because you chose the right way to market your business. 

Start Calling Today!

A few years ago, it would have been difficult to imagine having a presence in another country without having an office there. Today, with technology, the need for having an office in every location has been eliminated. Virtual business numbers can do wonders for your business. Just try the one-month subscription, and you will become a lifetime member in no time!

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