Do you have to pay to play online on ps4

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the best and a next-generation gaming console. Since its inception, PS4 has acquired massive popularity for its incredible features. This gaming device helps the users to play high-resolution intensive games at 60 fps.

Currently, PlayStation 4 has more than 104 million active users. Its simple user interface has driven the gaming enthusiasts in this platform. This gaming console has a 2TB of storage space and delivers power-pack performance.

Earlier, the PS4 users used to play online games without any subscription. Recently, Sony, in its annual E3 conference, announced a few things about the PS4. The developers stated that the users need to pay a subscription fee to stream online games. Sony introduced the PlayStation Plus service in 2010. But, back then, this was only limited to a few countries. And, Sony added PlayStation 4 to this paid subscription service last year.

PlayStation Plus — What is it?

Sony claimed that the multi-players need to avail this paid PlayStation 4 service. But, you don’t have to pay while playing games, like Fortnite or Call of Duty War Zone.

Do you play Apex Legends or Genshin Impact on the PS4? You don’t need to pay for these games. Because these are free-to-play games and can be accessed by anyone. The PS4 users only need a stable internet connection to play these games.

But, if you have to transfer the PS Now games from console to PC, it’s important to have a PS Plus membership. Besides, the users can’t save online games with the PlayStation Plus subscription. Even the PlayStation plus members are allowed to upload multiplayer games online. Besides, the gamers can get a plethora of benefits from a PlayStation Plus membership.

Here is what the PS4 users will get after signing up to PS Plus:

Play Monthly Online Games

Certain PS4 games can’t be played for free. Gamers avoid buying those games for one-time play. But, the PS4 users can now add two games every month from a PS Plus plan. Moreover, the PlayStation Plus members can unlock all the titles in the games. These titles are offered to PS4 users without charging any additional cost.

PlayStation Plus includes the latest games, like Rise of the Tomb Raider and NBA 2k20. You can even play Warzone and Brawlhalla with a subscription fee. Do you want to play Persona 5 Strikes or Dirt 5? Get the PlayStation Plus membership to do that.

But, you can’t play these games once the PS Plus plan expires. Renew the plan to enjoy uninterrupted online gaming services. So, expand the game collection by choosing the monthly PS Plus subscription plan.

Stream Multiplayer Games

Improve the gaming experience with the PlayStation Plus subscription. This paid plan allows the PS 4 users to buy the season passes of the multiplayer games. Explore the new online multiplayer modes and maps with this subscription service. There are even PS Plus items curated for professional online gamers. Besides, PS Plus lets the members play competitive games with friends.

Send an invitation to join the global gaming community to play online tournaments. Enable the “Multiplayer” option on PlayStation 4 to enjoy these games.

Don’t know where this gaming mode is? Choose “Share Play” and select the “Give Controller to Visitor” option. Tap on “Play a Game Together” and add the multiplayer game you want to play. And, here is the list of the multiplayer games you can play with PlayStation Plus:

  • EA Sports FIFA 22
  • Grand Theft Auto Online
  • Battlefield 2042
  • Deathloop
  • Far Cry 6
  • Madden NFL 22
  • NBA 2K22

Get Exclusive Discounts

More than 47 million gamers use PlayStation Plus to get the best deals on online games. Moreover, the PS4 users can pre-order the multiplayer games from PlayStore. You also get early access to the beta version of the online games. PlayStation Plus offers exclusive rewards and discounts to subscribers. Even the gamers can unlock the weapons, and skins by paying a small amount of money.

Besides, you can play the demos of the latest games with this online paid plan. Don’t buy the games from the PlayStation Store. Save the money by getting those games from a PlayStation Plus subscription. If you choose to pay annually, you can save 48% compared to PS Store promotional prices. And, the PS4 users with the three-month membership plan can get 40% discounts on game purchases.

Prevent Hardware Issues

Hardware issues on the PlayStation 4 are unavoidable. If the gaming console crashes or stops working, the stored game files might be deleted. This can bring a lot of inconveniences to PS4 users. But, you don’t have to fret over these issues when you have a PS Plus membership. Because PS Plus allows the members to save their games in cloud storage. If a hardware failure instance takes place, transfer the stored files to any device.

But, you need to enable the “Auto-Upload” option of the PS Plus to avoid data loss events. Don’t know how to enable that? Go to the PS Plus settings and click on “Power Savings Settings. Then, head to the “Set Features Available in Rest Mode”. Locate the “Stay Connected to the Internet” and toggle on this option. Next, move to the “Settings” and tap on “Application Data Management”.

When you get the “Auto-Upload” option, click that and select “Enable Automatic Uploads”. And, you can save up to 100 GB of games on the PS4 with a subscription plan. Recently, Sony has limited the number of game files to 1000 for PS4 users. So, if you need more storage in the PlayStation4, install a USB3.0 hard drive in the device. Ensure the hard drive is compatible with the gaming console.

Which Games can the PS4 Users Play without the PS Plus Subscription?

There are a handful of games that the PlayStation 4 users play without a subscription plan. And, these include online games like Rogue Company, Hyperscape, and Cuisine Royale. Besides, the PS4 users can play multiplayer games like Spellbreak and Fantasy Strike. Even the gamers don’t require PS Plus to play Dauntless, Paladins, Warframe and Rocket League. And, you can also download and play Fallout Shelter without the subscription. But, if you want to add new characters in the PS4 games, get the PS Plus plan.

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