EA Play

The EA Play subscription service is a great way to access EA games at affordable prices. It offers you many membership perks, including early access to a vast range of games from EA. Moreover, you can also get trial versions of games using this subscription. Needless to say, EA Play is a paid service and you might sometimes decide not to proceed with it. In such cases, you can simply cancel your subscription.

There are various ways to cancel your EA Play subscription depending on the platform. Here, we will take a look at how to remove it from your PS4 and some other platforms. So, read to know simple ways to cancel your EA Play subscription.

Cancelling Your EA Play on PS4

EA Play is set on auto-renewal by default on PS4. And, that means the subscription will keep renewing automatically unless you turn this setting off. To cancel EA Play, you simply have to turn the auto-renewal off. You must open the dashboard on your PS4 and go to Settings for doing that.

Look for the Account management section on the Settings menu and open it. You can make various changes to your account from this window. In this case, you must find and open the Account Information given there. Then, opt for viewing your Playstation Subscriptions.

You will find all your subscriptions in the next window. The EA Play service should be listed there as ‘EA Access’. Click on it and select the Turn Off Auto-Renew option. This should cancel your EA Play subscription on PS4 until you renew it again.

What Happens after You Cancel Your EA Play?

Have you bought any games using EA Play? If yes, then you would not be able to access them after the current billing cycle ends. And, the only way to stop that is by renewing your subscription when it is time. Apart from that, you can also keep playing the games by buying them separately.

Similarly, you would also lose access to your EA Play membership benefits at the end of the billing cycle. So, you can still enjoy them and the games you bought until the current billing cycle ends.

What Happens to Your Saved Games and Achievements?

You must have made a lot of progress and unlocked many achievements in your EA Play games. In case you are wondering, you need not worry about them, if you are about to cancel the subscription. After all, cancelling EA Play does not remove your game progress and achievements. So, you can continue where you left when you renew the subscription.


What if You Want to Reactivate EA Play?

Does it seem that you might want to reactivate your EA Play membership later at some point? You might be able to do that by going to the EA Access section the aforementioned way. In some cases, you might have to sign in with your Playstation account for renewing the subscription.

Cancelling EA Play Subscription on Other Platforms

You can cancel EA Play subscription on all platforms that it is available on. But, the steps for doing that might differ. Here is how you must cancel your EA Play on various platforms other than PS4:

On Your PS5

The procedure for cancelling EA Play on PS5 is quite similar to that on PS4. You must go to your Settings menu and open the Users and Accounts section. Click on Account and open the Payment and Subscriptions section. Navigate to Subscriptions to find the EA Access service listed there. Click on it and opt for cancelling its auto-renewal. This will cancel the subscription until you renew it manually.

On Your Xbox

EA Play is also available on Xbox apart from other platforms. You need to log into your account to cancel this subscription on Xbox. Go to the Services and Subscriptions section to find EA Play. Then, opt for managing this subscription and opt for cancelling it. You must also opt for cancelling its recurring billing. Otherwise, the subscription might keep renewing automatically at every new billing cycle.

On Your PC

Have you made the subscription through EA’s official website? If yes, then you must cancel your subscription the same way. So, visit the EA games website and open the Account and Billing settings there. You can find your membership status on the Subscription page. Click on Cancel Membership to stop your EA Play subscription.

Have you subscribed to EA Play through the Steam app? If yes, then open the app and log into your account if you are logged out. Look for the Recurring Subscriptions in the app and open it to find your EA Play subscription. Opt for cancelling the subscription and make sure to click on Apply before leaving. This should stop further payments until you renew EA Play.

You can cancel the subscription from your PC even when you have bought it using your Playstation account. You must open your browser and log into your PlayStation account to do that. Then, open the Subscription options given on the left side of the screen. You should find the option to turn off the auto-renewal of the subscription there. So, use it to cancel your subscription until the time you decide to renew it.

Alternative: Downgrade Your EA Play Membership

You do not necessarily have to cancel your EA Play subscription. If you want to reduce the costs, you can simply downgrade your membership for a while. And, you can easily do that through your EA account. So, log in and open the EA Play options given on the left side of the screen.

Click on the Change option given next to Membership and select Change membership on the new page. However, you have the option to downgrade only when you have an EA Play Pro subscription.

Do you have a yearly subscription for the regular EA Play version? Then, you can change to a monthly one instead of cancelling it.