CoD Cold War ‘Brick In the Wall’ Briefcase

Nervous moments are a part of video game playing – Call of Duty is one of the greatest titles of all time that keeps players on their toes. Puzzling gamers is another trait of the Call of Duty franchise. Gamers are quite confused about the location of the briefcase in Franz Kraus’ apartment.

Have you found it? Well, this is a real challenge for all CoD gamers. However, there are ways to locate the Cold War ‘Brick in the Wall’ briefcase. Additionally, you must take care of many things while rescuing the briefcase safely. A slip of a moment, and you will end up alerting all the guards at Kraus’ apartment.

CoD Black Ops: Cold War challenges you to retrieve Kraus’ briefcase while managing a stealth cover. Accomplishing this target in the Campaign Mode is extremely critical. Otherwise, it’s almost impossible for you to proceed with the further story.

Those players are lucky who could access Kraus’ briefcase and move on to the next part of the title. Remember that you should update the CoD title from time to time. Or else, game crashing, server malfunctions, and other issues might restrict you from continuing the progress.

Here’s what you should know about the Cold war Brick in the Wall briefcase retrieval:

Where can You find Kraus’ Briefcase?

After you succeed in passing armed guards, the next mission appears. The mission is to sneak into Kraus’ apartment, and this is not the end of the mission. You have to install a listening device in Kraus’ briefcase. Now, this challenge needs to be completed by maintaining your stealth cover.

Additionally, you have to collect a few hidden clues for unlocking optional missions. Here’s what you have to follow after reaching Kraus’ apartment:

  • Take the stairs to reach the first floor of Kraus’ house or apartment. Ensure your stealth cover doesn’t get blown away while heading towards the Cold War Brick in the Wall briefcase mission.
  • Chances are there that your cover can be exposed to Kraus’ wife. Keep in mind that you don’t run into Kraus’ wife. Enter at your own risk when Kraus’ wife leaves the passage.
  • You can distract her by a call from a female cooperative. And, you can make an all-clear entry.


Distracting Kraus’ wife won’t solve the problem forever. Hence, proceed with the further instructions:

  • Now, when you have entered the house, you need to sneak into the living room. Kraus’ wife can be a threat to you here too. She might raise the alarm to alert all guards. Hence, try sneaking up behind her when she attempts to make a secure call using the phone.
  • However, you can’t always sneak behind her to complete the mission. Hence, you have to put her to sleep. Use a tranquillizer dart on Kraus’ wife and wait until she falls asleep. After that, you can position her on a couch.
  • Afterwards, you have to go upstairs and sneak into the bedroom of Kraus’ kid. Don’t leave the kid’s bedroom until Kraus leaves his place and goes downstairs. You can be confident when you listen to his footsteps and chit-chats with his kid.

What to Do in Kraus’ Office?

The next step is to locate Kraus’ briefcase and it’s inside his office. Moreover, the mission is to plant a listening device inside Kraus’ briefcase. To complete the Cold War Brick in the Wall briefcase mission, here are the rest of the steps that are absolutely mandatory:

  • As soon as Kraus leaves the place, you need to sneak into his office.
  • Before you locate the briefcase, open the desk drawer for an important clue to accomplish an optional mission on the same title.
  • After that, you can keep exploring other adjoining rooms and checking the drawers. Don’t forget to check the cupboards, as well. They can help you find essential clues or hidden information.
  • Conduct everything secretly. Your overall mission is not to alert Kraus, who is now busy with his kid. If you think Kraus will investigate during your search, go to the kid’s bedroom to make yourself hideous.
  • Afterwards, you will find a painting, and the game will prompt you with further instructions. Move the painting or straighten it. Switch on your backlight and start scanning the wooden door behind the painting. Examine carefully, and you’ll come across a handprint on the door’s left panel.
  • This means that you can access the door. Press the right button to explore the hidden door, and you’ll have a secret lair now.

Make sure that you don’t waste much time looking for handprints on the door. It should be somewhere in the cupboard, and then you can straighten the painting. If you keep interacting with the painting repeatedly, then Kraus might get alerted.

What’s Next?

After you find the secret lair, enter the room. This is one of the most interesting places of the Cold War Brick in the Wall briefcase mission. Search for a small rope hanging from the ceiling to turn on the lights. Navigate to the remotest corner of the room, and there you will get Kraus’ briefcase on a table.

The gameplay will provide you with the instructions to install the listening device. Uncovering information and plans is the mantra of this title. Therefore, never assume it is easy and always look out for signs.

Was it easy to Retrieve Kraus’ Briefcase?

Well, it’s not because you might hear yells from the closet to your left as soon as you finish installing the listening device in the briefcase. If you investigate what’s wrong with the yell and find out who is causing the problem, then you might have to confront Kraus.

We can definitely say that he won’t be happy knowing you sneaked into his house. Overall, you can put his wife to sleep. However, the Cold War Brick in the Wall briefcase mission can be surprising. You might have to retake the mission to master it.