How to Play in Great League Pokemon Go

You have hundreds of Pokemons to catch in Pokemon Go, and you can use them to battle other trainers online. There are three types of league matches available – Great, Ultra and Master. The Great League is only the entry-level option among them. Participating in it will help you prepare for the bigger leagues. So, it would be a good idea to rise through the ranks of the Great League first.

Wondering how to play in Great League Pokemon Go? Then, the upcoming information should help you with that. Apart from that, we shall also look at how to rise through the Great League ranks.

Rising up the ranks also requires you to have a good battle team as we shall see. We can suggest some great Pokemons you can use for Great League battles.

How does the Great League Work?

As mentioned earlier, there are three main types of league matches in Pokemon Go. In the Great League, you can only use Pokemons with Combat Power (CP) 1500 or below. You would not find this restriction in the Master League. There are different match types within the Great League. Right now, that includes Battle League, Close Range, and Long Range.

Ranking Up

All trainers start at Rank 1 in the Pokemon Go Great League. They have to increase their rank by participating in battles. It does not matter whether you win or lose in the early stages. All you need to do is complete battles to increase your rank, and the role of victories increases as you reach the higher ranks. You would also be able to view your rating upon reaching higher ranks. So, this feature is not available as long as you have a low rank. Moreover, you can also get better rewards by winning battles at higher ranks. Thus, you might want to rank up as fast as possible.

How Many Ranks are There?

In case you are wondering, there are 24 ranks in the Great League as of now. The first 20 among them do not carry any title and are simply numbered. And, the last four ranks carry the ranks Ace, Veteran Expert and Legend. So, Legend is the highest rank you can achieve in the Pokemon Go Great League.

How to Join Pokemon Go Great League Battles?

As we have seen, there are different ways to proceed with Great League battles. And that enables all players to choose the battle that suits their convenience the most. You might not find it convenient to join simply any type of Great League battle after all. So, you must proceed with one of the following methods to join the battle type you prefer:-

Battle League

Most players might choose the Battle League mode for playing the Great League. In this mode, you can rank up and get rewards for defeating opponents. Do you want to play Battle League? Then, click on the Pokeball at the center and the ‘Battle’ option. This will take you to the ‘Go Battle’ page in the game.

You can change the members of your party on the Go Battle page. Make sure to select your best Pokemons that have a CP of 1500 lower. Click on Battle once you are done and select the ‘Choose Your League’ option. Then, you must choose the Great League to join a match with another trainer.

Long Range

You can play long-range battles with your Ultra or Best friends in Pokemon Go. So, you cannot participate in this type of battle with people outside your friend list. This mode is great for testing your Great League team. So, you might want to go for it once in a while. Click on your profile at the bottom-left corner and go to the Friends tab.

Select an opponent among your friends and click on Battle at the bottom. This will notify your friend about the battle, and the match will begin once your opponent joins.

Close Range

Do you want to fight opponents near you? Then, you need to opt for a close-range Great League battle. You need not be friends with the opponent to proceed with a close-range match. All you need to do is be near them and click on the ‘Near By’ option. Then, opt for challenging a trainer, and the game would assign you the nearest opponent.

Before starting the match, you must scan a QR code from your opponent’s device. Your opponent needs to scan a similar code from your screen. You can opt to add the opponent to your friend list after the match. Then, you can play long-range battles with them any time later on.

How to Choose the Best Pokemon For the Great League?

As you might know, you need to choose three Pokemons for Great League battles. And, each of them should have a CP of 1500 or lower, as we have seen. You must keep the most trained Pokemon you have within that category in your team. Apart from that, you must add the Pokemons known to be great for Great League battles.

Make sure to choose Pokemons with balanced defence and offence. Including a Pokemon that can quickly charge their energy are also a great addition to your team for the Great League. Also, you must include Pokemons of various types in your team.

Are you wondering which Pokemons would be the best for Great League matches? Try Sableye, Swampert, Umbreon, Venusaur, Medicham, Skarmory, Azumarill, and Altaria, among others.

Find Your Best Team for Great League

Now that you know how to play the Great League, you must be eager to battle other trainers. But, you must find the best team for yourself before that. As we have seen here, playing Long Range matches can help you with that. Trying out your Pokemons in these matches can help create a perfect Great League team.

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