Car Renting Apps

You need not bring your car to every nook and corner to travel along. Nowadays, you can rent cars from trusted vendors through efficient mobile apps such as Turo and more. 

Turo understood that it was impossible to drive to any corner of the world. Instead, it helps travellers find vehicles for sharing or renting purposes. Whatever country or city it is, you can rent or share a car with the help of Turo. 

However, Turo is not the only solution to such a common problem. Lots of apps like Turo are available for backpackers like you. And, you will have the same experience as Turo. 

Other apps might have more features to explore. Check out the following options to make your car-renting experience flexible and comfortable when you can’t access Turo.

1. Enterprise

It’s the availability and credibility that attracts the most when it comes to finding the right match for car rental services. Enterprise is a reputed car rental company, and it’s available in more than 9500 locations across the world. 

If you are looking for car rental and booking services in the US, Europe, Canada, Latin America, and more, then Enterprise is a top-notch choice. In addition, Enterprise is one of the apps, like Turo, and it offers easy booking. 

You can get roadside assistance, flexible reservations, rental information, and a fingerprint ID scanner with every booking from Enterprise. 

Take a look at the key features of Enterprise:

  • Amazing customer support
  • The app offers rewards programs for loyal customers
  • Past and upcoming rentals overview section
  • Transparent breakdown of the total cost
  • GPS rental locations, along with filters
  • Easy login processes with Fingerprint ID scanner

2. Virtuo

Are you looking for luxury cars in apps like Turo? Virtuo possesses a variety of luxury cars. You can rent a car on Virtuo if you like luxury cars to travel across the country. So, you can rent a BMW, Lamborghini, or Mercedes through Virtuo.

Additionally, you can earn some extra cash by letting your car be shared with those who need it. However, the level of luxury cars might vary from one region to another. For example, in the UK, Mercedes rentals are available as a Mercedes GLA or Mercedes A-Class. 

Here’s what you should learn about Virtuo and its car rental system:

  • You can rent a car for a day or a period of 90 days max
  • In addition, you can extend up to 150 miles each day
  • You will get more car rental features if you use Virtuo in France, including more options such as Peugeot, Kona, and BMW

3. Alamo

Turo is a peer-to-peer car service. However, if you are looking for traditional car rentals in the US, Canada, Central America, Mexico, South America, Australia, Africa, and Europe, then you can trust Alamo. Try their Drive Happy app, which lets travellers reserve cars according to their locations.

In addition, you are allowed to change your bookings and get directed to their rental locations using GPS. You can rent a vast array of cars, starting from sedans to SUVs and more, on Alamo. 

Moreover, it offers affordable prices for car renting and booking services. Try their Insider account to get an additional discount of 5%.

Here are more than the Alamo car rental service features:

  • The service is available in worldwide locations
  • You can easily get location details
  • The app counts every single trip
  • The app incorporates Modify, View, and Cancel sections
  • Accelerated check-ins are possible with Alamo
  • You can request a showcase of the car, including its bag space, available passengers, and bag space

4. Getaround

Are you still searching for car rental apps like Turo in Poland, Slovakia, or Austria? Getaround is the right deal for you. Its simple and easy-to-use UI makes the overall booking extremely straightforward. On the other hand, you need not necessarily subscribe to Getaround.

Instead, you can rent a car from Getaround whenever you need it. Moreover, you can pick up rental services priced as low as $5 daily. 

You can review a wide selection of cars to rent through Getaround. Currently, the app is functional in 8 countries along with 850 cities.

Here is why more than 6 million users prefer Getaround among all other apps like Turo:

  • Car search based on location is available on Getaround
  • Both daily and hourly-based reservations are allowed on the app
  • Immediate car rental and booking
  • The app showcases images and features of vehicles registered to the service
  • Trip details such as location, pickup time, and duration are available on the app
  • The car unlocking feature through the app is available

5. Zipcar

Turo might not be available where you are currently travelling. Well, Zipcar offers huge coverage for car rental and booking services. 

The Zipcar app is available in more than 500 cities, such as:

  • The USA
  • Canada
  • France
  • The United Kingdom
  • Turkey
  • Spain
  • Taiwan

The app is capable of locking and unlocking a car rented through Zipcar. Additionally, there are more functionalities available through this car rental application. The app is pretty user-friendly, and you can initiate a search based on your location and timing. 

However, Zipcar offers membership plans, and you have to get one if you want to use its facilities. 

Here are additional features that you should look out for before you commit:

  • 180 free miles every day
  • Facility to extend the ongoing trip
  • Overview of vehicles and their perks
  • Secondary insurance
  • Location-based booking
  • Proficient customer support

6. Share Now

This app uses a free-wheeling operation model, and we find it pretty cool. You can easily use the app and locate a vehicle that suits your needs in the current location. This car rental app is now available in 8 countries and cities such as:

  • Budapest
  • Rome
  • Vienna
  • Copenhagen
  • Munich
  • Madrid
  • Paris
  • Frankfurt
  • Berlin
  • Amsterdam

You can install the app on Android and iPhone through Google Play Store and App Store, respectively. Here are noticeable features that the app offers:

  • You can pick up a car according to your location
  • Unlock the rented car and start it with the Share Now app
  • You need not pay for insurance, charging, or parking
  • You can park the car on a dedicated location or street when you are done

Why Should You Use Apps like Turo?

As a renter, you can locate cheaper car rental prices anywhere in the world. Additionally, you need not drive your car all across the globe for travelling purposes. You can get a wide range of vehicles to choose from, such as apps like Turo. Moreover, you can customise the trip without any restrictions.

These car rental apps are a boon for car owners worldwide. They can lend their cars to make some extra cash. This can help with insurance, road safety, and more when you are not using your car frequently. Furthermore, you can decide your prices for your car rental service through apps like Turo.

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