Best Stud Finder Apps

Stud finder apps are designed to detect ferrous metal objects behind the drywalls. It uses the magnetometer to measure the magnetic field with the phone. These apps can eliminate the hassle of repainting the house’s interior walls. Thus, a stud finder app is an essential requirement for a home renovation project.

Whenever you need to mount screws into walls, stud finders can help you know if there’s something on the other side of it. Moreover, these metal detector apps are easy to use. 

There are a handful of stud finder apps available for iPhone and Android phone users. Choose the one that has advanced features and fits your project needs. 

Can the Stud Finder Apps Detect Every Metal Object?

You might be wondering whether the stud finder apps help to detect studs, nuts or screws. To acknowledge that, you must first know how these apps work. A stud finder app uses the smartphone’s sensors to detect metal objects. This sensor can be found almost in every advanced phone and is used as a compass.

A phone’s magnetometer might not provide accurate results, like a high-quality stud finder. However, you can check if any metal object is inside the office or house walls. Depending on the quality, these apps require extra effort to get the job done. 

The stud finder app might fail to detect studs in dense walls. However, it will work pretty well on average walls. Ensure to download a compatible app for a hassle-free home remodelling project. 

Best Stud Finder Apps designed for Android and iOS Devices

A stud finder app first scans the walls, ceiling, floor and solid. After that, it shows where the studs or other buried metal objects are located inside the place. Besides, you can check if there is any wire connection behind the walls. 

You might find plenty of stud finder apps on the App Store or Google Play Store. Go for the one that has an easy user interface and is safe to use. Most stud finder apps are free and are compatible with iPhone and Android devices. 

Here, we have curated reliable stud finder apps for you. Check the following list and install the best app on the smartphone:

1. Walabot DIY

Walabot DIY is a great tool to find out the reason behind the residential or commercial places’ walls. This stud finder app is compatible with the latest Android smartphones and tablets. 

Users can see up to four inches into walls using this stud finder app. Besides, you can check the location of studs, plumbing pipes, stud centre and electric wires.

Moreover, Walabot DIY helps to even see the pests’ movement behind the wall. Connect the Walabot DIY device to the phone for an instant scan. This app works on drywall, concrete, lath and plaster. 

Without Walabot DIY, your home renovation project will be incomplete. This app is perfect for plumbers, contractors, carpenters and DIY-ers.

2. Stud Finder by Rich Dev Apps

Do you want to install a TV on the new apartment’s wall? See where the studs, screws and bolts are using this app. This stud finder app has been used by 1000+ engineers, contractors and plumbers. It uses the Android phone’s magnetic sensor and radiation meter to detect metal objects.

Stud finders can even help you to find cable, pipe studs and wires through wood and plaster. It allows depth detection to display the stud or other metal object’s location. This stud finder app makes home renovation easier by providing accurate value. It is easy to use and, once downloaded, can be used on any surface for metal detection. 

Place the phone near the wall or wood and wait until you hear a beep sound. Check the screen to find out where the studs, bolts or screws are. Stud Finder works perfectly without a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. If you are looking for a free stud detector, this app can be a great option. 

3. Stud Finder and Metal Detector

Detect studs, metals and magnetic fields comes with this reliable and free Android app. With more than 1000 k+ downloads, this tool has many features for home D-I-Y projects. 

Whether you want to locate the metal on a wall or a wood table, this app is perfect. Besides, users can check the pipe and cable location through the walls via this app.

Stud Finder and Metal Detector feature deep scanning. Place the Android device on the desired surface and let the app find the metal objects. Moreover, this app uses the phone’s sensor to make the stud finding work easy. 

Thus, you must have a high-functioning sensor on the device to get accurate results.

How to use the Stud Finder and Metal Detector app?

Connect the Android phone to the internet and open the Google Play Store. Write “Stud Finder and Metal Detector” in the search box. Choose the right app from the searched results and tap on “Install”. 

When the app is installed on the phone, open it and click on “activate” to detect the metals. Set the frequency line and hover the Android phone on the wall for metal detection. The phone will vibrate and ring when it detects any studs or screws. 

4. The Wall Stud Magnetic Detector app

Locating studs became easier with free-to-use apps like Wall Stud Magnetic Detector. This app is compatible with iOS devices, like iPhones and iPad. However, Android users can’t use this stud finder app due to incompatibility issues. 

So, whenever you need to mount a TV, but don’t have a stud finder near you, use this app. Wall Stud Magnetic Detector can help you to detect the metal objects behind the wall. 

It also works well in drywall, stucco and plasterboard. Moreover, it uses the iPhone’s high-quality sensor to pinpoint the stud’s location accurately. Install this app from the App Store for a hassle-free DIY project experience. 

How to use the Wall Stud Magnetic Detector app?

It is pretty easy to use this iPhone app. Once you install the Wall Stud Magnetic Detector on the phone, move the device to the wall. Ensure the iPhone is connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection and tap on “Measure”. The needle on the app screen will move when it detects a magnetic field, and the iPhone will start to beep.

Alternative Stud Finder apps that are Worth Using:

You can use the Stud Detector on the Android device to locate screws and studs behind the walls. This app features detailed instructions for an easy stud-finding process. Moreover, iPhone users can install iSmartDetect Metal Detector to locate where the studs are. 

Do you need a free stud finder app for iOS devices? Install Metal Detector to find out where the studs are by simply shaking the phone. Thus, take time to research and choose the best stud finder app for your D-I-Y project.

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