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The Indian cosmetics industry has witnessed an upsurge and is expected to grow annually by 25%, touching $20 billion (£15,606,900,000.00) by 2025. However, beauty and cosmetic products pose a great threat to our natural environment. Around 9.46 million tons of plastic waste are generated annually.

Out of this 40% remains uncollected, 43% constitutes the packaging for single-use products, including the beauty range. The VOC’s, glitter, fragrances that are added in beauty products and their plastic packages choke the oceans and pose harm to the aquatic life there. The chemicals are found to cause skin and health problems.

India is the land that gave birth to Ayurveda, the ancient form of medicine. We have a wide range of eco-friendly makeup products from various brands. There are also other international brands like Organic Bunny etc. that the Asian population is trying these days. Here in this article, we have mentioned the 10 best eco-friendly beauty brands that you can try.

1. Forest Essentials

The brand utilizes the benefits of Ayurveda creating a balance between providing skincare with natural nourishment and keeping the natural environment safe. The brand believes in “if you can’t eat it, don’t use it”. They do minimum use of plastic and mostly use paper packaging and glass containers. People of all genders and different skin types can go for the brand. Forest Essentials sources homegrown ingredients from the local farmers who practice waste management.

2. Kama Ayurveda

Their products are free from any artificial colour and fragrances and any form of cruelty. The treatments are specially developed with Ayurvedic techniques from Tamil Nadu. Kama Ayurveda helps in sustaining forest communities by sourcing locally grown ingredients to make the freshest and purest products.

3. Ras Luxury Oils

The brand is based in Raipur and sources all its ingredients from sustainable farms in and around Raipur. Nowadays people are more aware of synthetic substances like sulphates, parabens, silicones and other commonly found components. With Ras Luxury you can be ensured that none of these goes on your skin.

4. Pahadi Local

Pahadi Local has brought the Himalayan treasure to our houses in the form of their amazing beauty products. The brand was launched with the thought of using healing practices prevalent among the people living in the mountains. One benefit is that the carbon footprint is at its minimum from the sourcing and extraction processes followed by the brand. The local communities filter out their oils with a muslin cloth so what remains is the purest form of the product and nothing else.

5. Khadi Naturals

Khadi Naturals is India’s first truly Indian and eco-friendly beauty brand which has successfully withstood the tests of time. They have a wide range of beauty products from daily soaps to shampoos which have made natural beauty accessible to everybody whether old or new to make the most of this shift in lifestyle through their products.

6. SoulTree

SoulTree offers a wide range of organic beauty products from shampoos to kajals. The beauty products are in their purest form made from ethically sourced ingredients from all parts of the country supporting farmers and their produce. They have no added artificial colours, fragrances or any kind of harmful chemicals but only sustainable beauty products.

7. Ruby’s Organics

The makeup range includes lipsticks, concealers, foundations, bronzers and eye shadows all of 100% organic ingredients. Their products ensure that they don’t dry your skin with ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter and more.

8. Neemli Naturals

Their products are cruelty free and all vegan i.e. completely free of any animal-based ingredients. The products are free of toxins and are produced in small batches to keep the products fresh and healthy from the farm to the skin.

9. Just Herbs

They offer unique solutions to the individual issues of their millennial customers. They have a loyal fan base. The Just Herbs’ website states that “The most active ingredient in our products is YOU.” With this mantra of crafting an array of products for real people, with real people, they keep on taking inputs from their followers.

10. Organic Bunny

This is yet another very popular eco-friendly beauty products brand offering a wide variety of products. Organic Bunny has a range of hair, skincare and makeup products made from natural ingredients available for its customers.

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