With the advent of various tools for business automation, companies have more opportunities to be in close contact with customers. It is important to use these tools wisely, and consultants can help. Sage consultants will be able to capture subtle income opportunities, increase the profitability of your business, and guarantee sales growth. In this article, we will explore how Sage CRM works and Sage consulting helps you get the most out of this software.

Why Businesses Need a Sage Consultant

Sage CRM was initially conceived as software for accountants, but its functionality has increased significantly over the years. Today, this software is specifically designed to help businesses. A CRM system is one of the most effective tools that can be used in your company, as it can help develop and strengthen your customer base. Those who have successfully implemented CRM know how valuable and beneficial it can be. Sage’s key software solutions span four areas: accounting, payroll, and human resource management and payments.

To understand that you need a CRM system, consider the basic principles of its operation:

  • Information about the client, tasks, deadlines, and executors will now be stored in the CRM system database. A client called you to amend your order; you need to enter this information into the system immediately. Nothing must be overlooked, and everything must be fixed.
  • Each of your employees will have their own profile in the system. This profile will determine the amount of information that will be available to a particular employee. This allows employees to focus only on the tasks they have to perform and avoid information leakage.
  • Information about the completion of a particular task when working in a CRM system is constantly updated. That is, the employee performs his work in stages, which is immediately recorded by the system.
  • The CRM system analyzes the entire process of performing tasks, highlighting problematic points in the work.

Let’s take a closer look at why a business needs Sage consulting:

  • The company relies on software to run smoothly

Even if your business is already using the Sage business process management software solution, you need to make sure you have the most recent versions if you are going to run your business as efficiently as possible. So SRM Sage will make it easy to stay up-to-date and meet requirements.

  • Growing businessĀ 

When a business is in a period of growth and change, whether it is opening new premises, hiring new staff, or entering the global market, Sage consultant adapts the software to support this growth and make the business more agile. Not only does CRM increase the productivity of the sales force, but it is also an additional factor in achieving the target in active sales. Companies that have a Sage CRM system have a much higher repeat rate.

  • Companies with contractors and suppliersĀ 

If your business works with contractors and suppliers, it’s crucial to make payments on time. In particular, the Sage software and its payment services help avoid additional costs, and the consultant will help optimize the work of the software for this.

  • There are staff problems

Suppose a human resource management problem exists in your company. In that case, Sage software solutions can help ensure that you always work legally and minimize the number of administrators. A consultant can fine-tune all the parameters of the software to your requirements.

3 Benefits of Hiring a Sage Consultant

  • Sales opportunities

A Sage CRM consultant guides sales deals of business and helps to get the best of it with upselling and cross-selling opportunities. Pipeline management and automated workflow drive efficient sales while data is quickly communicated and available to everyone who needs it.

  • Customer service

With Sage consultant you can solve customer problems seamlessly. A Sage CRM consultant will customize all the tools you need for providing high-quality customer service, maintain customer satisfaction, and help make every customer interaction efficient, informative, and profitable. Using a CRM allows you to explore the customer 360 degrees.

  • Scheduling tasks for each client

The manager promised to call back, send a photo or a link to social networks, agree on a time to view the premises – the consultant will help set up the software so that tasks are not missed, and marketing is as effective as possible. Effective marketing means the possibility of mass mailing of letters, messages directly from the system, automatic collection, and processing of applications from various sources. Then there will be no need to check each network because all applications will be collected and reflected in the program.

2 Tips for Hiring a Good Sage Consultant

As with any tool, Sage CRM needs to be able to use, and a good consultant should help with this. If there is misunderstanding and chaos in the company, the system can only exacerbate the situation. The choice must be approached carefully so as not to add a headache to yourself and your employees. You need a consultant to add value to your business. Such a person should have an excellent knowledge of the technologies and techniques prevalent in your industry. Here are 3 tips for hiring a good Sage consultant:


  1. Choose an expert with experience. You need to trust a consultant who has proven successful experience in implementing systems for at least 10 years. It is essential to clarify this during the interview period and clarify the availability of certificates and successful work cases.

Hiring a Good Sage Consultant


Source: Mobilunity

  1. Discuss with a consultant the reasons for establishing CRM. This may be part of a trial period, but be prepared to devote sufficient time to the process and answer these questions to the consultant during the diagnosis:
  • Automate Marketing or Sales?
  • Are we starting with a retail business or a corporate business?
  • Is the contact center also getting digitalized?
  • What business processes are your salespeople currently working on?


You can hire Sage consultant in the United Kingdom for $61,324, while in the USA to hire Sage consulting costs $75,505. Though, in Ukraine, you can hire a Sage consultant for $17,797.

Sage Consultant salary difference

Source: Mobilunity


It isn’t easy to imagine a modern competitive business without CRM systems. They solve many business problems: they take on routine tasks, competently distribute the load among managers, collect all customer data in one place, help analyze the work of staff and the results of a marketing strategy, etc. Sage consultant will help set up invoicing, deliveries, create rates, and manage activities. This software can be challenging to configure, so it is worth bringing in experts who already have experience working with tasks similar to your business.