How These 5 Tech Solutions Solve Online Shopping Problems?

Are you not obsessed with shopping? Who is not! Shopping companies and big businessmen have noticed that simply delivering goods and services are becoming almost extinct. But, with rising demand for online shopping, there are problems too. Why don’t you get accustomed to the ways you can solve online shopping problems with?

You can focus only on your business profits rather than only on the development of your website.

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This Is How To Solve Online Shopping Problems…

  • Drones

A good example of drones is the way Amazon is pushing up its business and basking in the glory of huge success. For a couple of years, Amazon has shifted into Amazon Prime Air.

This is their drone-based delivery process. By drone-based delivery, it means that reaching the goods and services with the help of an unnamed vehicle in the form of packages.

Initially, Amazon said that they want to deliver goods and services to their customer’s doorstep within 30 minutes from the order. But now, they are claiming to deliver the item then and thereby tracking your GPS data from your mobile phone.

  • Real-time tracking with On-demand delivery

There is no secret in the fact that various delivery companies are looking forward to the Uber business and trying to copy their real-time notifications, tracking and communication schemes. Also, people are aiming to give an international shape to the on-demand delivery system.

Moreover, this system of on-demand delivery work, customers will be notified of the delivery timing. So, they can make plans for the rest of the day.

Further, if the customer is not his or her house, no issues. Real-time tracking will find you out. Isn’t this an amazing way to solve online shopping problems?

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  • Digital locker solution

Haven’t you noticed the yellow lockers of Amazon dispersed in your town? Unlike Amazon, many other startup foundations are providing an opportunity to the customers to pick up their packages from the closest electronic store.

This is a very ripe solution for people living in apartments because in most cases it has been noticed that complexes do not allow outsiders to enter the compound.

Again, if you have a packed up schedule in the following week and you know that you cannot wait for your package at home, digital lockers will help you out. People are encouraging digital lockers in their homes too.

  • Parcel stores facility

Added to this, consumers like to leave their packages to the place from where they have picked it up. This provides an opportunity for marking a particular location as the parcel location. Parcel stores offer a similar connotation to digital lockers.

They not only help customers to pick and drop parcel from the same location but also yields to the added perk of helping out local businessmen. So, you can also include parcel stores and solve online shopping problems easily.

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  • Undisclosed hiding place

The secret hiding place ensures that people using the service of companies providing this benefit can get a secured location of their own choice and regard that location as their shipping address. Suppose you are not at home to receive your parcel.

The company will not send it back to the postal office. Instead, the driver will leave your package to your neighbor or leave it some secured place in your home compound.

Effective Methods To Protect E-Commerce Sites From Hacking and Fraud

Go on to read, cybersecurity experts and business owners have their share of words to protect e-commerce website. So, even it’s a holiday season, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your online store.

protect e-commerce website

Ways To Protect E-Commerce Website

  • Trademark Company Name plus Logo

This ought to be the most important tip to business owners. Always trademark the name and logo of the company to ensure no one else uses it. this will also ensure protection against future cases of infringement, copying or knockoffs.

  • Trusted E-commerce Provider:

Software-as-a-Service platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce build up your site and provide security too. Make sure your money goes to the right e-commerce provider who ensures every bit of your store’s security.

  • Use of HTTPS = HTTP + SSL

Standard security technology, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), ensures data passed on between browsers and web servers remains integral and private. This protection certificate would provide additional peace of mind to shoppers. Thus, you can opt for HTTP over SSL or HTTPS and choose more security and stronger encryption.

  • Ensuring a PCI DSS compliant Site

Any site that processes online payments should get PCI DSS compliant. Many Payment Integrators ensure that there’s no card info or sensitive data on your side. How? They encrypt and store these data with them.

  • Keeping Your Site Up-to-Date

Unpatched extensions, applications and coding are prone to exploitation. Keep every component of the E-commerce website, its Back-end software, extensions, plugins etc. updated with latest security patches and ensures you fill the leak holes. Make sure you use a firewall in front too.

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  • Have Strong Passwords

Hackers initially try their luck with combinations of letters into the site login as admin. Randomized passwords that are long and the combination of upper or lower case of letters, numbers and symbols does make this task difficult.

You can use an online tool to generate complex passwords. Make sure you change your passwords at least every 6 months.

  • Knowing the Signs of Fraud

Identifying a fraudulent order by looking at the usernames, email addresses, type of domain, order history and studying geographic fraud trend, is the initial thing a Fraud Prevention Specialist would do.

You can confirm Address Verification System when you look at client’s credit card company’s data file. This maintains a transparency between the buyer and the seller.

Fraud complaints often are at peak during holidays. So make sure you integrate the latest set of tools and security measure within your site. These extensive tools will help you protect e-commerce website just at the drop of a hat.

What To Do When Your E-commerce Site Is Hacked?

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  • Regular Backup to an offsite server

This makes sure your site gets regularly backed up to an offsite, safe service or server. This comes in handy when you want to restore your site after an attack.

  • Cyber Insurance

Cyber Liability policy comes handy when your site is breached. It covers the cost of investigating the breach, notifying customers and buying affected customers a credit monitoring system.

PR efforts of good-faith restore your business reputation. So, it is one of the smartest ways to protect e-commerce website.

How Hackers Go to Your Online Business or E-commerce Websites?

E-commerce websites are getting more targeted by hackers these days, but is the choice random or targeted?

Actually, it’s always a little or scrap of both.

Easy targets are always the priority and these include the sites that are using popular code libraries, open-source languages or shopping-cart software. If any vulnerability to be exploited is found within these, hackers would lookout for e-commerce websites.

e-commerce websites

They’ll use them and then steal data, inject malware or take control of the system.

Intentional targeting is often faced by high-profile companies, which are seen as high-value targets.

How E-commerce Websites Become Target of Hackers?

Open Source Attacks

As the open-source tools and codes are easy to identify, they are the most popular exploitation ways. These E-commerce websites are ‘low hanging fruit’ as seen by a hacker.

First of all, open tools are chosen mainly because they even the entry-level programmers can customize them. The novice programmer may end up changing code and configurations. But, they won’t realize the implications on security.

WordPress and Magento are among most popular targeted open-source tools for hackers. They may provide your business with simple customization & few other benefits. But their fairly complex coding is highly susceptible to exploitation.

This by no means says that you should stop using these tools. In fact, you must take a lot more caution. The best you can do is to stay updated with latest security patches.

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Third-Party Plugins

Attackers may intentionally create & publish useful plugins for your open-source applications. Just remember that third-party plugin that may seem harmless but creates vulnerability.

Zero-Day Attacks

Prior to a vendor patching up vulnerability, the attackers find it and exploit. Fix your every source of vulnerability to protect your website.

Attacks In Web Languages

Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP and other open-source scripting languages help hackers as they occasionally find vulnerabilities in them. This happens every time when there’s a new update or version.

Input Field Code Injection

SQL injection attacks are based on the process where hackers get into the server with the input fields available for users. So, hackers input coding characters that programming languages to release malicious code. Proper sanitization can help reduce the problem.

Buffer Overflow Attacks

Attackers send huge data to force webserver to malfunction and then exploit it.

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How to Prevent Breaching Hacking?

A numerous number of people are working to find and fix vulnerabilities. Staying Updated security-wise is the key. Other recommendations are:

  • Keep Security Patches up-to-date
  • Use IDS( Intrusion Detection System) to monitor logs
  • Use File Integrity Monitoring Program
  • Be careful while Altering codes that may expose vulnerabilities
  • Sanitize and do real-time validation to input fields
  • Use Intrusion Prevention System to monitor traffic
  • Use staging( or development) servers to test 3rd-party plugins and new codes

Implementing these simple yet effective precautions could take your Ecommerce site out of the ‘low hanging fruit’ identity and protect it from hackers. So, employ as many procedures you can to protect your website.

Moreover, hackers take a hold of your personal data, thereby ruining the entire website.

Hacking Online Food Ordering Website – The Dark Side Revealed

Have you ever thought that even online food ordering website can get hacked by cyber-crime people? It can be quite surprising that even the largest food ordering online site is not well secured.

online food ordering website

The Breach In Security Experienced In Massive Scale

Many people leave their personal details and card details with online food ordering website. But even the largest companies for food delivery are now days facing security breaches.

The leading websites have declared that they have faced a huge loss in data containing the customer details and their passwords. These things protect a website. Even the high measures of security in these websites failed to prevent this huge stealth of data by the hackers.

food ordering site

The Dark Side of Online Food Ordering Website

Recently the dark side of the online food ordering website had been flashed across the world. By seeing these reports it has become evident that local server media of the websites have breached and this has led to auctioning of the customer data at a very low rate to the cyber hackers.

The hackers are using the aid of alias of these servers to break into the system and gather their information. There is a marketplace of Dar Web in the online area where from the hackers are getting their information about the customers of these sites.

In short, the leading brands of online food delivery have compromised on their security and have auctioned up against the customer details. The owners of these major online food service providers are launching all important bugs in the servers of their website in order to prevent more hacking of this manner.

Hacking A Website With The Code Cracks

One needs to understand that a hacker doesn’t get access to a website directly just with the server code. These online food ordering websites have set up security measures that only enable certain IP address to access their internal servers.

But a smart hacker can get access to the entire server by cracking the entire code of the site. What is a remote access code for? There remains a deprecated area in every system that is vulnerable. This only leads to the breaking of code by the hackers.

zomato food ordering website

Updating The Security Of The System

The cyber attackers who could hack through the system of food ordering sites also got the encrypted password details of all the customers. Code breaking algorithms can decrypt a website easily.

The companies are updating their system for security by arranging random characters together. Even as a user, it becomes your responsibility to update your password.

Recent Updates

The recent cyber-attacks on the online food ordering websites have seen the common trend of attack as below-

  • Ransomware activity demanding high payments from the website owners to release the data.
  • The virtual holding of the customer data
  • Force closure of the websites leading to loss of data

Is The E-Commerce Product Filtering Broken? Know How You Can Fix It!

People must understand that E-Commerce product filtering is one of the most necessary things to exist on the eCommerce website. It is one reason that lets the E-Commerce websites can boast about the flexibility they offer.

Of course, this is one another reason why a consumer can save a lot of time shopping online.

But what does E-Commerce product filtering actually mean? The E-Commerce product filtering is actually filtering of the products in accordance with the visitors on the basis of their demands and choices.

So, they can narrow down their sources to the perfect results instead of wasting time on the website at all.

E-Commerce Product Filtering

The Importance Of e-Commerce Product Filtering

The importance of this filtering process is to ensure that the customers are not getting bored of the website. Of course, another major advantage is that people can scroll your website due to a better UI/UX. At least, you can mark the major touch points of your website and notice the progress.

Important eCommerce Product Filtering Factors

Following are some of the most important factors of e-commerce product filtering. Check them out!

  • Hiding unavailable options

Certain products on your website may not be currently available or may not be available for one particular area or region. But in case there are no filtering options for the same and a consumer visits the link only to be disappointed by the fact that it is not available. That is a bad impression on your customers.

There are chances they may end up with two or three of the same kind of stuff. Ultimately they’ll be frustrated and leave the website for good.

  • The Filters

You have to absolutely make sure that you are making the filters easily available to the visitors. These filters must be easily visible to the visitor’s because they may, not invest any extra time looking for them.

filtering of e-commerce website

  • Multiple filters

Try to relate to the fact that what a customer may feel when they visit your website and select a product. This is exactly why you should design a multiple filter selection option for the consumers. They must be able to select a list of a particular style of T-shirts along with color option as well as size option with it.

  • Work on the mobile filters

While you are working on the websites this is definitely one of the most important steps to follow. Just ensure that the mobile filters are equally feasible by the consumers as well as efficient also. Make sure that the mobile filters also display an array of multiple filter options which will make the process easier for the consumers to shop as well.

  • Add quantities to the filters

Make sure that you make it easier for the consumers to know that what amount of a particular thing they are looking for. If that amount is absent from your website, you can guide him/her accordingly.

product filtering

Ensuring that you are working on all these factors can actually help you in repairing your broken filter option.

The Most Necessary Thing In e-Commerce In The Future- Fixing The Bugs!

Undoubtedly, the E-Commerce websites are practically a necessity in today’s world. One necessary thing that can cause a distraction to such perfection is the e-Commerce Website Bugs.

Of course, people must make sure that in order to get through with the best results, the sites must be absolutely perfect.

If the interactive features of the website absolutely fail to impress the customers then there are high chances that they will leave for the better and will never come again. Isn’t that the scenario?

It is because the people will think that the website is hacked. You must ensure that the e-Commerce Website Bugs are not causing any difficulty to the features of your website. Even the major brands cannot be forgiven by the customers if they tend to think that their system is actually hacked.

e-Commerce Website Bugs

But then again, no matter how the technology has improved the bucking problem does not seem to come to an end. It is because these also astoundingly upgrade and progress themselves.

The main problem with the system is that if the server adds down, then they cause major haphazard situations in the organization. But they tend to ignore the bugs and their effect.

Most common errors are the server errors and the 404 pages. Also, there are various CSS layout bugs and definitely the JS enabled features that these website bugs tend to affect adversely.

Various Ways To Manage e-Commerce Website Bugs

Following are the most important ways in which you can actually manage these bugs:

  • Minimize the layout bugs

This is definitely one of the most important things that you must take care of no matter what. The layout blue bugs often lead to the flawed interactive features. Good web designing as well as taking care of the progressive enhancement can only help prevent these websites bugs.

website bugs

The best benefit that you can get out of the progressive enhancement is the native technologies. If the CSS and the JS have extremely complex procedures, then these native technologies come to use.

  • Site Maintenance Server Errors:

Absolutely make sure that the site maintenance and the server errors are taken care of and that too in the easiest possible ways. The first thing that you must do is ensure that the consumers can actually start from where they had left.

So, you can make the recovery process extremely easy for them.

Then you will have to definitely incentivize the users and this is really something that will keep them happy. Offering alternatives is really something that is a great way to ensure that the customers are not disappointed.

online security

Maintaining all of these can really be helpful for the people in one too many ways. Of course, fixing the e-Commerce Website Bugs is not a problem anymore.

How To Prevent An Online Shopping Website From Hacking?

Now a day’s people are fulfilling their need for online shopping accessing the sites through mobile or through their desktop systems. As soon as the season for holiday kickstarts, the hackers get the opportunity to access the crucial online data.

Why? It is because all the online customers start their shopping session. Keeping these in mind, people who indulge in online shopping should be cautious, especially when they bring in home a new internet connectivity device.

online website

3 Major Problems With Online Shopping Websites:

  1. If your website for online shopping lacks security against malware or is a fake one then they are susceptible to attacks by malware and viruses online.
  2. If you are accessing online shopping carts through your smartphones or similar devices, it is better to be aware that these devices are usually not protected in a proper way to defend your server from malware attacks.
  3. Ransomware is a new kind of malware system that is giving the hackers an opportunity to earn ransom as they get access to your system files as they enter an unprotected site. 

Protect Your System From Online Shopping Malware

If you access online shopping websites on daily basis, it is very important for you to have a properly secured system. This prevents the Malware issues from hampering your system. It is time that you become aware of the main threats behind the malware activities.

Once you are aware of the threat, you can face it easily and resolve the problem quickly.

online website secure

It is advisable that online shoppers use the credit card payment mode in the online gateway. The one-time code protects with one-time code raised against each transaction. This mode is always a secured one as each time a unique code is created for your account transaction, you access your account through new portals.

When you use this kind of unique code against credit card payment, you can actually secure your card details. Only a connection is created between your card account and the transaction, but the real details are never revealed.

Taking Responsibility For Own

Personally taking up the responsibility of the online transaction is a real way to prevent fraudulent transactions against your own account. Taking up a responsibility means regularly updating the security system in your system.

One needs to be also aware of the camera security error present on the websites. These e-cameras can connect to the attackers if not properly secured. The cameras pose threat to the users as the malware serves DDoS purposes.

This issue is a widely popular cybercrime as the user use unsecured portals for playing online games. 

website security

Fight With Ransomware

The present cyber threat that we are facing is the attack of Ransomware. Here, the server data becomes the victim or hostage of the malware. Virus and the attackers gain the access to claim ransom from the user using Bitcoin portals.

It becomes very important for everyone to keep a back-up of all the data in your system. You secure your system from Ransomware attack. You can format device without the fear of losing data.

7 Mistakes That We Commonly Make While Using Online Shopping Sites

Online Shopping Sites are very much prone to Bugs and Malware attacks. One step went wrong and the entire website can go down the drain. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Hence, if you have decided to host an e-commerce website on your own, you need to be very cautious about the online web security. Every step, development, technique and procedure must be at your fingertips.

online shopping sites

Let’s have a quick glance at the common mistakes people make while securing an e-commerce website.

7 Common Mistakes We Make While Securing Online Shopping Sites

  1. Manipulation of price

When you add some product to your cart for shopping in websites, your server sends 2 requests to the server –

i) the price of the item and ii) the ID.

This request is prone to attacks wherein, the price can be changed by simple interception of the attacker on the server. This can happen due to change in currency or while you apply some discount coupon.

  1. Fund Transfer Of Gift Vouchers

While you do a fund transfer amongst two gift vouchers, you open a chance of Race Conditions. We don’t realize that these conditions are highly prone to exploitation by attackers. The latter tends to hack such offers and manipulate the end product price. 

  1. Gift Vouchers That Come With Numbers That Increment

Have you ever received a gift voucher with incrementing numbers sequentially? This is quite an easy opportunity for an attacker to manipulate the number. How? Well, they might manipulate the incrementing sequence thereby making unethical use of it.

Web developers tend to overlook this matter. My suggestion: Do not overlook any aspect of online security when it comes to online business. Hackers are smart. You have to be smarter. That’s the whole point!

protect e-commerce site

  1. Codes in Coupons

Coupon codes are subject to hacking due to their numbers and fund transfers. It is even possible for the expert attackers to take a ‘wild’ guess on your coupon code.

This generally happens when the online shopping sites generate two or more variations of codes for coupons with different offers.

  1. Competitors DDoSing

DDoSing a competitor used to be very common few days back. This happens as customers look out for alternative seller option in online shopping sites of the server user and this effect remains for long period. 

  1. Stock Figuring

Attackers can create a big deal out of the availability of stock.  They would add some item to the attacker’s cart, making it evident for you to visit some other option as your preferred one is unavailable. This helps the competitor e-commerce websites to make the profit.

Internet security

 7. Credit Card stealing

Retailers are still looking forward to preventing this issue in various ways, but stealing used use of those stolen credit cards is a common problem faced because of the attackers.

As this stealth of credit card is reported by the card owner, the charge imposed upon for products bought by an attacker is charged back creating trouble for the website owner.

How Bugs Disrupt The Layouts Of E-Commerce Websites?

Website Bugs are pure poison to e-commerce sites. Apart from preventing users from proceeding, it disrupts the normal layout of the site causing abrupt site error.

What Exactly Are Website Bugs?

A website is an object or file that is set in the web page or email to monitor user behavior.  Many people confuse bugs with cookies. Both of them are entirely different. Users have the right to accept or decline cookies. On the contrary, the website bugs are embedded in the source code of a website from a different web server.

website bugs

So, being in the source code of a webpage makes it difficult for users to locate it. If you have a site that is broken, the user is likely to experience problems in reading the web pages, due to the Bug effect.

How To Detect A Bugged Website?

Well, it is pretty tough to detect bugs in an e-commerce website. Even it’s a high-end brand, detecting website bugs in the source code is never prioritized first. So, how to know if your e-commerce website is hacked?  Check out the following website behavior that arises due to web bugs:

  • Trouble in locating products in the website
  • Unprofessional behaviour of the website
  • An apparent effect like a hacked website
  • Defected User-interface on the website

website bugs detection

Which Sites Are Highly Prone To Bug Attacks?

Website bugs have seemed to put a lot of impact on the e-commerce websites.  If your website has anything to do with online shopping, it is very much likely to be susceptible to bug attacks.

e-commerce website

Are There All Bad Web Bugs?

I don’t agree with this point. There are web bugs that bear the potential of positive use. For instance,

You can gather the following information from Website Bugs:

  • URL of the bug
  • URL of the web page (where the bug is located)
  • The browser that collected the bug
  • Cookie Value (Previously set)
  • You can also view the time when the bug was viewed

See? Website bugs aren’t completely bad. but, mostly, yes they can distract your users from trusting your brand. How? They’ll just make them believe that the website isn’t yours. it’s hacked.

How To Prevent Website Bugs From Ripping Online Business Apart?

The fact about website bugs is that these are not really visible thereby letting people ignore them. The awareness is triggered when buyers abandon your site and the website crashes. Isn’t it too late to notice the annoying yet innocent bugs?

So, what should you do to prevent the occurrence of these bugs?

Two Major Principles To Keep In Mind:

  • Web Development Principles
  • Content Production

The team of engineers and web developers must take care of both technical and organizational challenges at the same time. After all, the technical errors are caused by us, humans, intentionally or unintentionally. So, utmost attention and focus are what is needed while developing a website.