Users are anxious for iOS 12.3.1 with their big release recently. So it seems, the iPhone makers are not done with iOS 12 yet. iOS 12.3.1 comes with exquisite features and holds good for almost all iOS 12 devices. You can get the updates automatically. However, you can trigger them easily using the manual steps. 

Therefore, iOS 12.3.1 for iPhone and iPad is Out, with the release of this brand new update, the folks at Apple.Inc aims to fix some bugs that were troubling the users. You can download and install iOS 12.3.1 if you hover on to the Settings option in your iPhone. Therefore, this informative content will give you a vivid picture of the latest features of the iOS 12.3.1 for iPhone.

Features and Updates of iOS 12.3.1 for iPhone and iPad is Out

This latest release of iOS 12.3.1 comes with certain bug-fixing workarounds. Therefore, you will get the updates that contain the bug fixes mentioned below.

  • With the latest update, you can prevent dialing or receiving VoLTE calls.
  • Also, using the latest feature you can fix certain issues in Messages which generally confuses you as you get messages from unwanted sources. Those messages appear in the conversation window even if you use the Filters Unknown Senders option.
  • Moreover, with the latest add-ons, you can refrain the Report Junk link from entering in the Message threads. 

As per the latest notification from Apple, this release doesn’t come up with certain security fixes. If there is any bug that hampers your device, you can download and install the update easily to prevent that. Otherwise, you can wait for the next release.

How to Download Using Wireless Connection?

You can easily download this update of iOS 12.3.1 if you move to the Settings option. After that, press the General tab. Now click the Software Update option. We advise you to use it if the update is below 100MB. 

If the system has the automatic update feature, then move to the Settings option. After that, press the General tab and then click on Software Update. Finally, press Automatic Update in order to enable it. 

However, you have to wait for some time till the installation gets over.

Apple iOS 12.3.1 Verdict

Apple comes with the third solid iOS upgrade in a series. There are very few complaints among the users after the release of this update. Just the isolated cellular data updates can confuse you a bit. It comes with a chequered history with cellular data and therefore, you need to be cautious. 

iOS 12.3.1 seems to be the last update just ahead of iOS 13. There are certain new features which are incorporated which include Dark Mode, UI tweaks, new animations, and swipe typing support on the official keyboard. 

Things To Know About iOS 12.3.1

Apple comes with an awestruck version of iOS 12.3.1 update for iPhone, iPad Touch as well as the other versions of iOS 12. Also, it comes with certain bug fixes for a plethora of issues. Since the release comes without a previous warning, iOS updates require a beta testing period. 

iOS 12.3.1 is basically a maintenance release with a major focus on fixing several issues associated with the operating system. It doesn’t come with any new feature for iPad or iPhone touch models.

If you use the previous versions of iOS 12.3, you can get your job done with the iOS 12.3.1 update. This is much more substantial since will you encounter all the features and fixes coming from the iOS updates skipped earlier.

Keeping these ideas in mind, you need to know certain things before you move ahead.

iOS 12.3.1 Reviews

The iOS 12.3.1 update comes with a small download. If you wish to upgrade from iOS 12.3, the downloaded file will be around 80MB. The update obtained from iOS 12.3.1 is generally a 77.9 MB file and this is the same for all the other models.

In addition, if you are using iOS 12.3, the installation of the iOS 12.3.1 update takes very little time. It takes just five minutes in order to install the same on iPhone X.

Speed and Fixing the Bug

If you encounter any sort of bugs or performance issues on iOS 12.3, iOS 12.3.1 is the obvious choice for you. The speed of iOS 12.3.1 is similar to iOS 12.3.  

However, if you have an awesome experience while using iOS 12.3 or an older version of iOS 12, then look for these feedbacks before you go ahead.

Additional Features That You Can Get

Apart from the above-mentioned features, iOS 12.3.1 comes with certain security features as well as the data you store in the device. 

  • Increased Intelligent Tracking Prevention in Safari refrains embedded content.
  • Squashing the ads with the reduction in the ability of the advertisers in order to detect the iOS devices.
  • Use of strong and unique passwords while creating an account or modifying the password in almost all the apps.
  • Sharing passwords integrated with contacts makes it more convenient than using AirDrop.

Use iOS 12.3.1: Wrapping it Up

Hopefully, this informative guide will give you a comprehensive know-how about the use of iOS 12.3.1. If you follow this user guide, you will get to know the salient features of this iOS 12.3.1. Moreover, you will understand the use of it in different circumstances.

Apart from this, you can refer to the user manual to have a quick glance. Also, you have any new information you can share that in the comment section.

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