If you are asking the question, “Why is my internet so slow?”, then definitely something is indeed wrong with your internet service or with the service you are getting from your internet service provider. Another reason why your internet might be slow, can be due to some breakage in the type of connection that you have at your household or business outlet.

If for some reason there is indeed a breakage in your type of internet connection then you would most probably be wondering one thing in particular, do I call the customer service center or do I visit the customer service center. Since we are constantly engulfed in a state of nationwide panic due to the corona virus pandemic, it would be wise to have this lengthy talk over the phone or in fact, if you just read on below to see all the possible reasons why your internet might be working slow, you might just not need to contact your internet service provider’s customer service support. Moreover, if you are a Spectrum internet customer, then we are pleased to announce that the spectrum customer service has greatly improved its service and the customer representative’s performance has greatly improved as well.

11 Reasons Why Your Internet Speed Might Be Slow Today

Simply put, the discussion that we are having here today has one specific focus in mind and that is, if your videos are taking forever to load or buffer, your data files are taking much longer than usual to download or your work related files are taking forever to upload to the company portal, you do not need to go ringing the customer service representative for the answers, just give the following few points a go through and you might just find the answer that you were looking for.

  1. The wireless connection that you are using might be a bit iffy

In the chance that you are using a wireless internet connection or a Wi-Fi type of internet connection as link between your computer or device and the internet, then perhaps you should consider moving from a completely wireless connection to a solid cable based connection by using an Ethernet cable.

  1. The router that you are using is relatively cheap and of low quality

There is little that you could complain about if you yourself choose to buy a router that is of low quality just to save some extra money. To be honest, your internet equipment is one place where you should not cheap out and if you can, then invest big as the route that you buy will be responsible for the internet service that you receive and will be with you as a solid investment even after you decide to change or shift your internet service provider.

  1. You might not know the Mbps of your own package or plan

One of the most common issues is that a consumer or customer do not know exactly what the plan or package that they are using or have subscribed to have on offer. This incomplete knowledge may cause the customer or consumer to believe that they have paid for a package or plan that has a lot more speed than what they are currently receiving.

  1. You lack some very significant horse power

If you do already know the correct package details that you are using, then you should try your best to figure out what exactly is the right internet speed that suits you and fulfills your requirement. If you figure out that the speed that you need is way more than the one that you have subscribed to right now, then perfect, go ahead and subscribe the package that fulfills your needs.

  1. You desperately need to upgrade your internet plan

If you see that the internet service provider is fulfilling its end of the deal by providing your household or business the exact speed or Mbps promised, then maybe it is the right time to discuss an upgrade of the internet package or plan with your internet service provider.

  1. It might be time to reset your modem

The most common answer to having a slow internet speed problem is that it’s just way past the time that you have not reset your router. Once you rest the router and you see that your device is still experiencing a slow internet speed then you might have to go through all the devices that are connected to that single source of Wi-Fi internet and see if the lack of speed exists in all of them. If it is just the one device, then you might have to get the device in question fixed or repaired. This basically means that the device that you were initially facing the issues with, might just have a hardware problem.

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