However, if you ask project managers the tools they use, you will find a seemingly infinite list. Unsurprisingly, acquiring a bloated toolkit is enormously wasteful.

It takes you to switch between programs and skills, learn many different traditions and conventions, and undergo complete onboarding programs. The solution? Pick only a couple of powerful job management tools that will do everything your service requirements. To assist you in locating the silver bullet.

We have piled up the ten finest choices.



Nifty is a task management software that’s very popular with project managers.  That means Nifty supplies visuality and transparency, and its easy interface does not demand clarification even for customers who don’t have any history of working together with project management applications. Nifty is among those customizable tools for job management.

You may select the areas you need to be displayed in the section describing the job and handle your priorities. You do not need to leave a significant task since it is, with subtasks, which suggest smaller missions rather.

This gives quicker work completion and much more clarity and eases for employees. If you’d like a particular employee to be accountable for some job with each of the subtasks, you can assign them to an entire task list.

Rather, if you believe spreading the jobs among co-workers will probably be more appropriate in this specific circumstance, you can spend some time picking an assignee for every undertaking. In any event, workers will get telling that tell them they have another job to finish. Based on what you want from a job summary, you may use unique tools to form tasks.

They may be streamlined based on deadlines; however, you may also set filters to reveal to one of the delegated jobs to specific programmers. This way, you may program and re-schedule your job. Also, to check the workload and fix it’s crucial.

Nifty additionally allows us to monitor time spent on particular tasks. You may learn that some employees do particular things longer than others, which may indicate strategy task distribution and disperse them more economically. Three perspectives can be selected in Nifty:  With it, you may have a general summary of the present project situation with job cards rather than sticky notes. But if you would like to define task priority or status, you can utilize notions of unique colors too; Detail view.

This is the way you find out more about particular jobs and their landmarks. This sort of opinion is generally more comprehensive than Kanban; List perspective. The information here will be the same as in Kanban’s perspective, but the demonstration suggests checklists and more of a one-by-one construction.



Mavenlink uses visual aids such as Gantt graphs and bar graphs, making it among the perfect service management systems for groups of visual thinkers.

These graphs are representations of your group’s advancement, dependencies, and priorities. Mavenlink has just two unique features worth mentioning. First, you can create job templates, which break down jobs by heart jobs and time expectations.

If your agency often takes on similar forms, using templates can save you a lot of time. Secondly, because projects frequently have unexpected flaws, Mavenlink enables you to create cascading adjustments to your deadlines. Should you move back one job’s deadline, then each related deadline will proceed back so.

The drawback to Mavenlink is its pricing: it begins at $15/month for each user to get only the simplest capabilities. If your organization is on the bigger side, you may have the ability to discover different tools with attributes that you want more at less costly rates.



AgencyHub is a fantastic alternative if you’re searching for an agency management instrument for small-sized teams.

Reason 1: It is free.

Hint 2: It is a low-risk approach to experiment with job management applications before your agency gets larger, and you have to put money into something stronger.

AgencyHub provides you the capacity to observe a more single-page visual overview of each undertaking.

You could even save, distribute, and collaborate on files, media, and other documents. Automated notifications will keep everybody up-to-date, and project lists monitoring who is assigned to which articles will keep responsibility.

It’s quite visual and includes a simplistic layout that doesn’t divert employees from the chief delivers various templates that may be employed to start the job with.

Those are proposed for various sorts of tasks and projects, and you’ll be able to utilize as many templates as you want. If you aren’t fully happy with the template, it is simple to change settings and accommodate your needs.

This means that you can add or delete columns, and imagine how you want it and monitor several data important for job optimization. It’s also feasible to utilize to check and assess the work advancement and farther on correct it based on what you find out.

Numerous scales and images are indicated, which signify timelines and efficacy. The platform may become your staff communication distance if you require something that you mentioned in your text before you can just return to the dialogue and also get the attached document.



It’s founded on an easy drag-and-drop platform that’s user friendly even for job management novices and employees who have never used such applications before.

It may be utilized for overall project management, but the job management department is perfectly organized and created within this program. For project managers, it’s particularly convenient because ClickUp allows different features for job development and business.

To start with, it’s possible to make templates to your jobs and projects you understand are likely to replicate. You won’t need to devote additional time filling the very same fields whenever a job happens. In the event you’re a multitasking individual and frequently neglect to finish things, you will find drafts too.

Do not be concerned about beginning to write a job and then becoming distracted with other chores – a draft is going to be saved, and you’ll be able to return to it and finish your ideas anytime. Recurring tasks are easily handled as well, with just setting time for them to be replicated. Task construction can be permitted to be diverse. You may begin with a fundamental checklist and only enumerate each of the missions that will need to be completed.

Then your staff members will have the ability to check on them once they are finished. It’s also possible to make subtasks and leave job comments if you would like to establish something.



SpiraPlan is a service management tool that’s geared toward agile development teams. Each continuing project receives its comprehensive dash, which lets you quickly view its wellbeing.

Together with helpful charts, you are going to see summaries of the best open problems, the absolute number of open events, and much more.

SpiraPlan includes a source allocation quality that provides you the capacity to balance your group’s workload. By way of instance, if you notice that John Doe has 20 hours this week, then it is possible to give him 10 hours to perform on a particular job and 10 hours to operate on events.

SpiraPlan also supplies a time-card entrance system so programmers can input the time that they spent daily on jobs and events.



Planscope intends to simplify project management in the service and consequently has many identifying features.

By way of instance, rather than sending your customer a synopsis of the job scope and cost tag, you may use the Collaborative Quotes attribute to agree to a range. Prioritization is suitable for their budget and integrates your rates.

As soon as you’ve procured a customer, Planscope will help you charge by the hour or the entire month, the job or attribute, or the whole project.

You may opt to talk as much (or as small ) of the information you need with your customers, staff members, and builders. Additionally, Planscope provides one-click time monitoring, email integration, automatic daily recaps to your customer, and thorough analytics. Do note that since Planscope was initially created for freelancers, it lacks many liability features that other job management tools include.



Brightpod intends to make job management for promotion agencies and innovative teams simpler.

You may tag each of them with color tags and visual improvement bars, so it is possible to find a fast summary of how things are moving. Brightpod includes a kanban board system that will feel comfortable when you’ve used Trello before.

The platform also lets you place”workflows” or templates to your regular social media and advertising activities. Ultimately, Brightpod delivers limited time monitoring performance.

It’s possible to earn time budgets for jobs, track time or put in custom time entrances, and export the information into a spreadsheet.



RoboHead is an on-line job management tool for electronic marketing and advertising services, freelancers, and massive businesses alike.

Like many job management programs, RoboHead includes a fundamental dash where you can view ongoing jobs, recent action, and real-time accounts.

Each job has its outline, special tabs for jobs, expenditures, documents, notes, etc..RoboHead also includes some specific services.

With the Complimentary Job Request type, you may even produce creative briefs for prospective customers.

RoboHead is a fantastic selection for larger groups, but its wide variety of attributes may make it unwieldy for smaller agencies.



The interface is minimal and clean so that you can concentrate more on the job.

On the other hand, the attributes it includes are rather simple also. It is possible to align your team schedules and jobs, handle expenses and billing, monitor late customer payments, and much more.

Scoro also acts just like a CRM, providing you with a 360 view of your account, linking events and tasks to certain contacts, monitoring opportunities and bargains, and handling orders and quotes.

You can incorporate Scoro with several tools you might already use, such as MailChimp, Dropbox, and QuickBooks.