Scratch on a Flat TV Screen

A scratch on the flat TV screen can cause more damage if it’s not fixed on time. You might have to replace the existing screen with a new one for not taking proper action. Moreover, the scratches can cause hindrances while watching TV.

Most flat TV users take an expert’s help to remove the scratches. However, you can do that without external help using D-I-Y hacks. There are many scratch removal products available for the Smart TV. All you need to do is purchase those items to fix the deep scratches from the device.

Now, let’s learn about the causes of TV scratches and how you can prevent them:

Possible Reasons behind the Scratches on the Flat TV Screen

Scratches can result from most innocuous items like newspapers or magazines. Did you notice the scratch after cleaning the TV screen? Did you use paper towels or tissue paper for the screen cleaning? These products can leave scratches on display.

Moreover, the TV screen might get starches if you move it quite often. Thus, decide on a fixed location to keep the Smart TV. Place it where children can’t easily reach it to prevent unwanted scratches. 

The screen is the most fragile component of a Smart TV. You will get scratches on it from exerting excess pressure while cleaning it. Thus, try not to apply much pressure and use a screen protector to avoid further scratches. 

Precautions to Take while Removing the TV Scratches

There are many ways to fix the scratches from a flat TV screen. However, you must use the following safety measures to avoid further damage. 

Don’t use any chemical products

Avoid using harsh chemicals to remove the TV scratches. These products could cause screen damage which might be difficult to repair. For instance, the screen might have unpreventable damage if you use other alcohol instead of isopropyl alcohol.

Check whether the Scratch can be Fixed

It might often be difficult to understand whether you can repair the scratch. Are you wondering whether to fix the scratch all by yourself or call an expert? Before hiring a professional, check if the TV has clear picture quality. If yes, you can apply the D-I-Y hacks to clear the scratches.

Don’t fix the TV scratch if there is wetness around it. Besides, you should never repair it if pictures around the scratch area are unclear. Instead, contact an experienced TV repair expert for instant recovery.

4 Tips to Remove Scratches from the Flat TV Screen 

Well, it’s impossible to remove the scratch from the TV screen completely. You must replace the screen if you want no scratches or marks on the display. Flat TV owners can only reduce the scratch’s visibility using these tips:

Use Petroleum Jelly or Toothpaste

You can clear the scratch by using petroleum jelly or toothpaste. These products will fill the Smart TV screen’s scratch and make it less noticeable. However, before applying this solution, you must first turn off the flat TV. 

Disconnect the TV’s power cable from the wall outlet. Wait for at least 2-3 minutes until the TV screen goes black, then wipe the scratched area with a cloth. 

Apply a thick coat of petroleum jelly or toothpaste on the required screen part. Take a microfiber cloth and rub the petroleum jelly or toothpaste solution gently. Repeat this step until you can notice the scratch on the TV screen. 

Apply Isopropyl Alcohol on the Scratched Area

Isopropyl alcohol can reduce the TV screen scratch’s visibility. This product is easily available and won’t cause any damage to the flat TV display. However, you must power off the Smart TV before using the isopropyl alcohol.

Unplug the power cords and USB cables from the wall socket. Take a small cup to mix the isopropyl alcohol with water. The mixture must have an equal proportion of water and scratch removal product. 

Clean the scratch surface with this solution using a microfiber cloth. Wait until the area gets dry, and apply some petroleum jelly afterwards. Wipe the flat screen’s scratched area with a soft cloth with the water and isopropyl mixture. Turn on the TV and check if you can see the scratches.

Use Auto Rubbing Compound and Lacquer

Auto rubbing compound can remove scratches from the flat TV screen. Rub this product on the scratched area and get effective results. Turn off the Smart TV with the remote control and disconnect the power cables from the port.

Clean the scratched surface gently with a microfibre cloth. Apply the rubbing compound in this area and rub it with a soft cloth. Clean the flat TV screen’s surface with an isopropyl and water mixture. 

Wait for at least 10-15 minutes until this mixture becomes dry. Spray some lacquer in the scratches by covering the remaining screen part. Let the Smart TV screen dry for at least 15-20 minutes. Turn on the TV, and you won’t notice the deep scratches on the screen. 

Try to Remove the Scratch with Pencil Eraser

Turn off the Smart TV by disconnecting its cables from the power outlet. Clean the scratched area gently with the isopropyl alcohol and water mixture. Rub the pencil eraser gently over the TV screen scratches at least 6-7 times. 

Don’t apply much pressure while running the eraser, leading to screen damage. After that, wipe the scratched surface with a microfiber cloth. Turn on the TV, and you will see that the scratches have become almost unnoticeable. 

Other Ways to Fix Scratches from the Flat TV Screen

You can use a TV scratch repair kit to fix this issue. It contains a polishing paste and a microfibre cloth which can help remove scratches from the TV. However, hire an expert if you fail to fix the scratches from the flat TV display. The TV repair professional will check the scratch and provide an effective solution to fix it.

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