ESO Connection to Server Timed Out

Since its launch, Elder Scrolls Online has become very popular among RPG fans. It comes with many new contents which were not there in the offline version of the game. However, it also brings along certain problems you might often face while playing the game. As reported by a large number of players, you might frequently lose connection to the game server.

So, you are not alone if you get a “connection to connection timed out” message. You can try various methods to fix this issue effectively over the long term. Here, we have mentioned the best ones among them.

ESO Connection Timeout Error: What Causes it & How to Fix it?

As in the case of other errors, the timeout error can have various causes. It might usually occur when the game server takes too long to respond. In some cases, you might face the issue when there are too many players. Apart from that, this problem might also indicate an issue with your router network.

So, the cause might differ in each case, and you have to apply a solution accordingly. Here are some methods with which you can fix the error depending on its cause:

Check the Server Status

The server connection timeout does not always occur due to a problem. You might sometimes face this issue when the servers are under maintenance. So, you must make sure whether that is the case.

You can check the page that shows the server status in the game to know whether it is under maintenance. If it is, you must wait until the maintenance is over.

But, what if the server is online? In that case, you need to proceed with the next solution right away.

Relaunch the Game

Looking for an immediate solution to the ESO server convention timeout error? Then, you must try relaunching the game. This should fix any issues that were causing the error.

So, shut down the game for a few minutes and launch it again once you are ready. Then, try to connect to the server you were playing it on. If the problem persists, you must immediately fix any issues with the router network.

Restart Your Router and PC

You might repeatedly lose connection to the server due to an issue with the network. In that case, restarting your router might fix the issue effectively. So, disconnect it from your router and unplug it from power for a while. Turn it back on once ready and try connecting to the ESO server.

In some cases, the problem might lie within your computer. So, you must restart it to resolve any errors it is facing. However, this would not work if your router strength is weak.

Fix the Low Wi-Fi Strength

Check the Wi-Fi strength your device receives and make sure it is more than half. Do you find it to be too low? Then, you must bring your router closer to your computer to get a stronger signal connection.

Apart from that, you must also consider switching to an ethernet connection. After all, it can provide you with a more stable and secure connection. So, you might stop encountering the server timeout error while playing ESO.

Disable the Firewall or Allow ESO through it

The firewall can prevent suspicious networks from connecting to your device. In some cases, it might also lead to issues when you try to connect to your ESO server. But that usually does not indicate a threat to your device. So, you must try allowing ESO through the firewall or disabling the firewall.

Open the Windows Defender Firewall on your PC through the Control Panel. Then, opt for allowing an app through the firewall. Select the option to change the settings in the next window and check the list of allowed apps and features.

Do you find the ESO and Bethesda Launcher executable files listed there? If not, opt to add another app or feature to the list. You can also simply disable the firewall while playing ESO.

Try Another Launcher

You can use different launchers to start ESO on your computer. Have you been using Steam to launch the game? If yes, then you must try another launching method to fix the server connection timeout error.

Navigate to the ESO executable file on your File Manager and right-click it. Then, opt for running the game as an administrator. This often does the trick in fixing the “server to connection timed out” error on ESO. If it does not work, there are some more effective solutions worth trying.

Use the Network Troubleshooter

If you cannot find the root cause of the problem, you can simply use the Troubleshooter on Windows computers. This tool can help you find a wide range of issues with various components on your PC.

Go to the Troubleshoot section in your Update & Security settings. Then, opt for running the troubleshooter for the network adapter. Wait while it detects the network problems on your device and fixes them. If the Troubleshooter cannot fix the problem, it usually tells you how to get a solution manually.

Flush the DNS and Renew the IP

The error you are facing might also have to do with DNS and IP issues. In that case, you can fix them using the Command Prompt on your Windows device. Open the Command prompt as an administrator and enter “ipconfig /flushdns”. Then, enter “netsh int ip reset” to accomplish DNS flush.

You must enter “ipconfig /release” in the Command Prompt to renew the IP. Enter “ipconfig /renew” to assign a new IP. Close the program once you are done and check whether the error persists.

Reinstall ESO on Your Device….

One of the aforementioned solutions should fix your device’s ESO server timeout error. So, you must give all of them a try. But, what if that does not fix the problem? In that case, you have no other choice but to reinstall the game, and that should offer you a long-term solution.