Cracked Chromebook Screen

Screens are considered to be the most fragile component of a Chromebook. It can break after an accidental drop or stop working due to overuse. Most users tend to buy a new Chromebook when the existing one generates screen glitches.

However, you should never do that in the first place because Chromebook’s screen can be replaced easily without spending much money.

Chromebooks are backed by Google’s OS and designed for multitasking. However, an unwanted screen issue can prevent you from using the device.

Thus, you must first determine the cause of the Chromebook screen error. After that, opt to replace the faulty Chrome OS laptop display immediately.

Now, let’s get to know what will be the cost of replacing the Chromebook screen:

When Should You Replace the Chromebook Screen?

Certain signs indicate the Chromebook needs immediate screen replacement. You must install a new screen if the existing one has physical damage or cracks. Vertical or horizontal lines are also signs of screen damage.

When using the laptop, do you get horizontal or vertical lines on the display? Then, consider replacing the Chromebook screen immediately.

Besides, users must repair this laptop’s screen if they experience these issues:

  • A dim Chromebook screen
  • Random screen flickering issue
  • Dead pixels on the laptop display
  • White blotches on the LCD
  • Colour distortion

What will be the Cost of Replacing a Damaged Chromebook Screen?

The cost of screen replacement might vary from one Chromebook model to another. It might take more to install a new screen if you take an expert’s help.

However, Chromebook users can replace the screen with D-I-Y hacks by spending a few bucks. All you need is the tools required to reinstall the compatible screen.

Did you accidentally spill liquid over the laptop screen? Is the Chromebook showing a black screen? Then, there is a high chance that the device has a damaged screen.

Check the Chromebook’s model number and get the right screen. After that, remove the cracked or damaged laptop display with a new one. Save the costly repair expenses by fixing the screen on your own.

Factors that Determine the Chromebook Screen Replacement Cost

Screens are the most expensive unit to replace, especially if the device is from a high-end manufacturer. However, Chromebook screens are available at an affordable price.

Users may need to spend $23 to $300 (AED 260-AED 600) to replace the faulty screen. This screen replacement might increase if you fix it with a professional.

Different factors influence the Chromebook screen replacement cost. Thus, you must be aware of them before making the ultimate decision. Now, let’s find out which factors affect the Chromebook’s screen replacement price:

Display Size

Not all Chromebooks have the same screen size. Some Chromebooks have 10-1-inch screens, and some have 15-inch displays. The larger the screen, the more the replacement cost will be.

You might need to spend $26 to $80 (AED 95-AED 293) to replace a 10-inch Chromebook screen. However, it takes $100 to $150 (AED 367-AED 550) to install a new 15-inch Chromebook screen.


Apart from Google, many renowned manufacturers produce Chromebooks. Each of these companies has different prices for their Chrome screen replacements.

For instance, it may take $99-$120 (AED 363-AED 440) to replace an HP Chromebook screen. However, Lenovo’s Chromebook screen replacement cost will be $129-$150 (AED 473-AED 550). Thus, check the Chromebook’s manufacturer to estimate the average cost.

How much does it take to Replace the Faulty Chromebook Screen with a Professional’s Help?

Different Chromebook repair companies charge different prices to replace the screen. Leading service providers charge $50 to $150 (AED 183-AED 550) per hour for screen repair.

Some repair centres take $150 to $200 (AED 550-AED 734) for the labour cost. This doesn’t include the cost of materials to replace the Chromebook screen. Thus, if you want to repair the screen with an expert’s help, it can take $250 to $300 (AED 918-AED 1000).

Replacing a screen from a professional can be expensive. However, you can prevent further damage if a technician installs the screen. Besides, these experts have extensive knowledge in replacing different Chromebook screens. They can help you to complete the screen replacement job within minutes.

How much does it take to Replace a Cracked Chromebook Screen with D-I-Y Approach?

Replace the screen with the D-I-Y approach if you are running on a tight budget. Besides, Chromebook users can fix the screen without any technical knowledge.

The original screen for the Chromebook is pretty affordable. You must spend only $23 to $80 (AED 84-AED 293) to buy the new screen.

Additionally, you must assemble tools like screwdrivers and spudgers to repair the screen. Ensure to get premium quality and effective adhesive to attach the Chromebook screen. Otherwise, you might experience technical glitches for a misaligned screen.

A lot can go wrong while installing the new Chromebook screen. You may damage the laptop’s internal units by using incorrect tools or equipment. Thus, if you’re not confident in handling the repair work, contact an expert right away.

Is it Worth Replacing a Chromebook Screen?

You are probably wondering whether to replace the broken screen or buy a new device. If you have been using the Chromebook for years, don’t reinstall the screen.

Instead, consider replacing the existing laptop with a new one. However, if you broke the new Chromebook’s screen, replace it immediately.

It may take $569 to $649 (AED 2089-AED 2383) to buy a new Chromebook. However, the screen replacement cost will be $23 (AED 84) for this high-end laptop.

Thus, installing a new screen is more cost-effective than buying a new machine. So, save the costly expenses by replacing the cracked LCD.

How to Protect the Chromebook Screen from Damage?

Chromebooks can’t withstand accidental screen damage. The screen might stop functioning if the laptop falls from a high distance. Thus, you must acknowledge how to protect the screen from unwanted damage. Chromebook users can use screen protectors to avoid further scratches or cracks.

Certain factors need to be considered before buying a screen protector. You must check the screen protector’s size and price. Ensure the screen protector is compatible with the Chromebook. Get a durable screen protector that is best for the Chrome OS laptop.

Moreover, you should never keep any heavy objects near the laptop. If these objects fall over the Chromebook screen, they can break into pieces. Thus, it’s important to check the surroundings before placing the laptop. Avoid keeping the Chromebook on the bed or ground to prevent further screen damage.

Chromebook Repair Shop vs D-I-Y Approach — Which One Should You Choose?

Repairing a Chromebook screen might be daunting and time-consuming. Thus, hiring an expert to fix the cracked screen will be better. You might find many laptop repair shops near your location. Choose the one that replaces the Chromebook Screen at a reasonable price.

You must check the company’s reviews and ratings before booking their services. Besides, you must check whether their experts can repair a Chromebook. If yes, hire their professionals and repair the faulty laptop screen without downtime.

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