PC Turns On But No Display or Beeps

Technical glitches are kind of unavoidable for PCs. Whether you are using an old system or brand new, errors can appear at any time and out of nowhere. Recently, users have complained that they have been experiencing a weird issue with their PCs. The PC turns on, but no display or beeps are there to determine what’s wrong with the computer.

A blank display with beeps – makes sense. And, the number of beeps tells you what exactly has gone wrong with your PC. If you’re also facing that your PC turns on, but no display or beeps are there then, we have got your back. Try the following fixes to revive your PC with display instantly.

Initiate with Testing the Monitor

Be it your laptop or desktop, the issue can be associated with your system’s monitor. So, you should check the monitor first. There will be no use in deploying fixes when the monitor is faulty. Additionally, you need not waste your time on worthless fixes anymore.

Moreover, check the power supply as well. Observe if the power adapter is working fine if it’s a laptop. If there’s no problem with the power supply, you should proceed to the cable connecting to the desktop monitor.

A loose cable between the CPU and the monitor can cause the ‘PC turns on but no display or beeps’ issue. On the other hand, check the status of your monitor by connecting it to another PC.

Has your PC Restarted Normally?

If your monitor is fine, then the issue should be something else. Users had reported that they assumed that their monitors didn’t turn on when they actually did. Those PCs are in Sleep or Hibernate mode, most possibly. So, when you observe that your PC turns on but no display or beeps, you should ensure that your computer is not under the influence of Sleep, Standby, or Hibernate mode.

How can you wake your PC up from such a power-saving mode? Press and hold your PC’s Power button for a couple of seconds. If your PC is in Sleep or Hibernate mode, it might make your PC boot completely normal.

Check the VGA Cable

This applies to the desktop monitor. If your monitor turns out to be absolutely fine, then you can try this solution. Have a look at the VGA cable if you have been using it to connect your monitor to the power supply. If the VGA cable is defective, you need to replace it.

Try another compatible VGA cable for your monitor and check if that turns out well. If it has been for the erroneous VGA cable, the display should be working fine.

Determine Beep Codes

The issue here is that the PC turns on, but no display or beeps. However, if the connected speakers are not working, you might not understand the beep code. Try connecting another speaker and check if the PC is giving any hint through beep codes.

In addition to this, the computer might create a different pattern of beeps. Check your PC manual or the motherboard manual to decode the beep code. If you can decode it, then you can work on your PC to resolve the problem that makes your PC turn on without any display or beep.

Try a Hard Reset

If you still can’t hear any beep from your PC, then you should try this method. Try this rebooting procedure for your computer and check if this helps you from getting rid of the ‘PC turns on but no display or beeps’ issue.

  • If your laptop comes with a removable battery, then detach the battery from the laptop. Use the latch to detach the battery from the laptop.
  • If your laptop doesn’t come with a detachable battery, you have to open up the PC casing. Use a small and flat-head screwdriver to open the casing and remove the battery.
  • Hold the Power button for at least 15 to 20 seconds so that your laptop gives out the entire stored power.
  • Now, put the battery back on and give your computer a restart.

Check up the RAM

As reported by users, mostly the RAM is responsible for the ‘PC turns on but no display or beeps’ issue. If your PC contains two RAM sticks, then you can remove one of the RAM sticks and check if you can turn on your PC and get a working display.

In case it becomes successful, then it was the faulty RAM that led to the issue. Or, you can check if your PC display responds after replacing the RAM or RAM units. Additionally, make sure that you seat memory modules properly.

Detach External Hardware

Hopefully, you haven’t kept external hardware attached to your PC. If you do, then you have to remove them. Your PC requires CPU, RAM, fan, and SMPS to boot up. Other external devices such as external cards, SSD, HDD, scanners, printers should not be attached to the PC when it’s booting. Therefore, remove all the external hardware to discard the ‘PC turns on but no display or beeps’ issue.

Test Other Hardware

A damaged graphics card might invoke the possibility that the PC turns on, but no display or beeps are there. If your computer doesn’t come with a graphics card, then you can skip this fix. The corresponding motherboard handles all the graphics work for your PC.

Otherwise, accumulated dust on the graphics card or corroded unit might trigger the issue. If you are about to deal with the graphics card on your own, then make sure that you wear anti-static wrist bands. It’s for safety purposes.

If Nothing Works for Your PC….

It’s definitely related to CPU or motherboard components. If you’re still experiencing that your PC turns on, but no display or beeps, then you should contact a PC repair specialist. But, try all these fixes mentioned above and check if any of them works for you.

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