Why is My NBA 2K17 Not Loading

NBA 2K17 is a multi-player basketball simulation video game that was released in 2016. After the immense success of NBA 2K16, Visual Concepts introduced this game series. This online game can be accessed from different platforms, including Windows. Even hundreds of Android and iOS users have installed NBA 2K17 on their devices. It’s been rated as the best basketball game owing to its incredible gameplay and presentation.

Though, the developers of this NBA 2K17 update the game daily to fix the bugs and patches. But, many players faced issues while loading this basketball game. Some claimed that this error occurred after installing the latest NBA 2K17. This loading issue is mostly faced by PS4 and Xbox One users.

Many Android users stated that the app took time to load, even with a high-speed Wi-Fi connection. Try restarting the game to eliminate this loading issue from NBA 2K17.

Potential Reasons Behind the NBA 2K17’s Loading Issue

There are several causes behind the loading error of NBA 2K17. You can not solve this issue without knowing the source of the problem. Many have experienced issues in loading the game after changing the device settings. Third-party antivirus programs can prevent NBA 2K17 from loading. Even a corrupted firewall application can cause this issue in NBA 2K17.

Did you change the graphics settings of the Windows device? Then, the chances of getting this error are relatively high. Moreover, gamers can face loading issues when the internet is slow. Further, due to server issues, you can face difficulty loading this basketball game.

This game also requires certain system requirements to run properly. If the gaming laptop doesn’t have those specifications, loading issues will occur.

2 Easy Solutions to Fix the Loading Error from NBA 2K17

An unwanted loading error can cause issues when you are in the middle of the game. Resolve this problem at the earliest possible to enjoy NBA 2K17 in different modes. Uninstall the unwanted applications from the Android, Windows or macOS device. It will prevent the loading issue from this intense basketball game. Close all the programs or apps that are running in the background.

Moreover, the NBA 2K17 players should check the device’s hard drive. A corrupted or damaged hard drive can increase the game loading time. Replace the hard drive with an expert’s help to fix this loading error from NBA 2K17. Enable the “Safe Mode” of the Windows device for a hassle-free gaming experience. But, if that didn’t solve this loading error, implement the following solutions:

1. Check the System Requirements

Every NBA 2K17 player should check the system requirements before installing the game. Or else, you might face compatibility issues in the device. If you want to install NBA 2K17 on an Android device, you need to have at least 2.5GB of space. And, this multiplayer game will only run on the Android 4.3 version. Currently, NBA 2K17 is only available on PS4, and you need 547.66 GB of storage to install it. Even Xbox 360 users can play this game online with their friends.

Do you want to play NBA 2K17 on the latest Windows device? Then, ensure the system has the latest Nvidia GeForce graphics card – NBA 2K17. Additionally, you can run this online video game on a device that has an AMD Phenom II X4 805 processor. It is important to have at least 4GB of RAM in the device to download this video game. And, NBA 2K17 also works on the Windows 7 64-bit and 64-bit devices.

Here are a few more specifications you need to check before playing this game:

  • A 5.0-pixel shader
  • DirectX 9.0x sound card
  • 70 GB free disk space
  • 512 GB video RAM
  • Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 processor
  • Windows 10 64-bit

2. Locate DirectX and Microsoft Visual C++

DirectX and Microsoft Visual C++ are required to run NBA 2K17 on a Windows PC. If you have installed a corrupted version of these files, loading errors occur. This game won’t start or load if the gamers have removed these programs from the device. Install the DirectX and Microsoft Visual C++ files to solve this loading error. But, before that, check whether these files are there in the Windows device.

Don’t know where to find the DirectX or Visual C++ program? First, go to the “Start” button and write “Control Panel” in the search box. Alternatively, you can hold the Windows and I key together to get the “Control Panel” option. When the Control Panel window opens, tap on “Programs” and wait until the next window appears. Now, choose “Programs and Features” and head to the search box.

What else needs to be Done?

Write “DirectX and Microsoft Visual C++” in the search box and press the Enter key. Can you see these files in that list of the programs? No! Then, you might have to install the NBA 2K17 game again to get the DirectX and Microsoft Visual C++ files. Go to the Microsoft Store and get the latest version of NBA 2K17.

Open the game and check if the loading issue is still there. If the game is taking time to load, restart the router. Connect the Windows PC to the wireless network and access the game again. You won’t further get the loading error in the NBA 2K17 game.

Is there any other Way to Solve the Loading Issue from NBA 2K17?

The browser cache and cookies can cause issues while loading NBA 2K17. Removing these from Android, Windows or macOS devices will fix this error. If you use an Android device, go to the Settings menu and tap on “Apps & Notifications” or “Apps”.

Go to the search box and write o “Google Play Store”, and click on it from the searched results. Move to the “Storage”option and tap on “Cache “ and choose “Clear cache”.  Now, open NBA 2K17 and play without any loading issues.

If you use Chrome, go to the Settings and tap on “More tools”. Search for the “browsing data” option, and then head to “Choose a Time Range”. Navigate to the “All Time” tab and choose the “Cookies and other site data” option . Select the ‘Clear data” option, go to the NBA 2K17 website and check whether you can play the game.

And, the macOS users need to go to the “Advanced’ tab of Safari. Click on “Empty Cache” to run NBA 2K17 without any further interruption. And, for more troubleshooting tips, contact an IT expert immediately.

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