Fix Discord Error Failed to Extract Installer

Discord allows the users to extract the installer on the latest Windows devices. But, sometimes, it might cause issues while installing this setup file. And, there are several reasons behind that, and it could be because of the corrupted Discord installation files.

The “Discord error failed to extract installer” occurs for an unstable Wi-Fi connection. Besides, you can get this error message if malware is on the device. Identify and remove the problematic files for a hassle-free installation.

Don’t install Discord from an illegitimate website. Always download the app from Discord’s official website. Otherwise, you might get the “failed to extract installer” error.

Did the Windows 10/11 device turn off when you were installing Discord? This might generate problems when removing the installer from the computer. Sometimes, missing Discord setup files can prevent you from extracting the installer. Uninstall and reinstall the Discord app in such circumstances to fix the issue.

What Causes Discord Error Failed to Extract Installer?

There are many ways to resolve this Discord installer issue. But, you should first know the reasons behind it. Discord users can’t extract the installer if too many apps are running in the background.

A virus-infected discord EXE file could encounter this error on Windows 10 devices. Moreover, the Windows Defender Firewall could block you from extracting this file.

Do you use an antivirus program on the Windows 10//11 PC? It might conflict with Discord’s installer. Disable the app when extracting the Discord installation files on the device.

4 Easy Solutions to Troubleshoot Discord Error Failed to Extract Installer

Restart the Windows 10/11 device and try to extract the Discord installer. Remove the temporary files if the error persists. Close the app, and open it after a few minutes to continue the file extraction. Check the system configuration and disable the security features immediately. And, follow these below-mentioned solutions if that doesn’t work:

Close all the Discord Processes

Users should close all the Discord processes when extracting the installer on the PC. And, you can do that using the Windows built-in Task Manager tool. Hold the Windows and X keys together to open the Task Manager window.

You can also press the Windows and R keys together, and write “taskmgr” when the Run box appears. Hit the Enter Key, move towards “Background Process” and find the Discord processes. Right-click on them, select “End Task”, and close the Task Manager window. Restart the Windows computer, open the Discord app, and easily remove the installer.

Delete the Discord Folders

Remove the missing or corrupted Discord files from AppData and Local AppData folder. It will help you to eliminate this installer error from the app. Hold the Windows and R keys together, and write “%appdata%” when the Run box appears.

Hit the Enter button to open the Roaming window. Go to the search box, and write “Discord” to get the app-related files. Right-click on them, and select “Delete” to remove the problematic files. Now, it’s time to access the Local AppData folder.

Hold the Windows and R keys simultaneously, and write “%localappdata%”, when the Run box pops up. Hit the Enter key to open the Local window and locate the search box. Write “Discord” to get the pre-installed Discord installation files. Right-click on then, choose “Delete” when the pop-up menu appears. Reboot the computer, open Discord and extract the installer without issues.

Clean Install the Discord app

This solution is applicable to those who have previously installed and uninstalled Discord. Because, sometimes, the residual files and folders remain after the uninstallation. And, these files or folders cause problems when extracting the Discord installer. Clean install Discord to resolve this complicated error.

Ensure the app isn’t running in the system tray. Click the “X” icon of the Discord window to close the app. Open Task Manager if you fail to do that. Access the Windows taskbar, opt for “Task Manager” and navigate to “Discord”. Tap on “End Task”, close the Task Manager window and open File Explorer.

Head towards the location bar and write “%appdata%”. A new window will open with the folder list which is on the device. Search for “Discord”, right-click on it and go with the Delete option. Additionally, you need to write “C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local” in the search box.

Here, “XXXX” denotes the Windows username. Press “Enter” to get the discord-related files and folders. Right-click on them, choose “Delete”, wait for a few minutes and restart the PC. Open the Discord installer, and check if you can extract that on the device. Try out the next solution if “Discord error failed to extract installer” persists.

Extract the Discord EXE folder

Move the Discord installation folder to another location to fix this error. And, you need to install an archive extraction app to implement this solution. Open the Discord EXE file from File Explorer, and right-click on it to move it. The extracted Discord folder might have a file named Discord-0.0.309-full.nupkg.

Open File Explorer and go to the location bar and write “%LocalAppData%\SquirrelTemp”. Move the “Discord-0.0.309-full.nupkg” file here and right-click on it. Choose “Move” when the pop-up menu appears and head towards the search bar.

Locate the “\Discord-0.0.309-full\lib\net45” file from the extracted folder section. And, run the Discord.exe file afterwards to install the Discord app. It might take at least 2-3 minutes to complete the installation. Wait until then, and extract the Discord installer file without hurdles.

Alternative Fixes for Discord Error Failed to Extract Installer

Use the SFC tool to replace the corrupted system files with their cached copies. Additionally, you can use the DISM tool to repair the Discord setup files. Run a reliable antivirus program to scan and remove potential threats from the PC.

Furthermore, you can use a tool to extract the Discord installer from a file. It is one of the easiest and safest ways to move the files on a Windows 10 device. Uninstall the app from the Control Panel, if these solutions don’t fix the error. Reinstall the latest Discord app version and extract the files without inconvenience.