People must understand that E-Commerce product filtering is one of the most necessary things to exist on the eCommerce website. It is one reason that lets the E-Commerce websites can boast about the flexibility they offer.

Of course, this is one another reason why a consumer can save a lot of time shopping online.

But what does E-Commerce product filtering actually mean? The E-Commerce product filtering is actually filtering of the products in accordance with the visitors on the basis of their demands and choices.

So, they can narrow down their sources to the perfect results instead of wasting time on the website at all.

E-Commerce Product Filtering

The Importance Of e-Commerce Product Filtering

The importance of this filtering process is to ensure that the customers are not getting bored of the website. Of course, another major advantage is that people can scroll your website due to a better UI/UX. At least, you can mark the major touch points of your website and notice the progress.

Important eCommerce Product Filtering Factors

Following are some of the most important factors of e-commerce product filtering. Check them out!

  • Hiding unavailable options

Certain products on your website may not be currently available or may not be available for one particular area or region. But in case there are no filtering options for the same and a consumer visits the link only to be disappointed by the fact that it is not available. That is a bad impression on your customers.

There are chances they may end up with two or three of the same kind of stuff. Ultimately they’ll be frustrated and leave the website for good.

  • The Filters

You have to absolutely make sure that you are making the filters easily available to the visitors. These filters must be easily visible to the visitor’s because they may, not invest any extra time looking for them.

filtering of e-commerce website

  • Multiple filters

Try to relate to the fact that what a customer may feel when they visit your website and select a product. This is exactly why you should design a multiple filter selection option for the consumers. They must be able to select a list of a particular style of T-shirts along with color option as well as size option with it.

  • Work on the mobile filters

While you are working on the websites this is definitely one of the most important steps to follow. Just ensure that the mobile filters are equally feasible by the consumers as well as efficient also. Make sure that the mobile filters also display an array of multiple filter options which will make the process easier for the consumers to shop as well.

  • Add quantities to the filters

Make sure that you make it easier for the consumers to know that what amount of a particular thing they are looking for. If that amount is absent from your website, you can guide him/her accordingly.

product filtering

Ensuring that you are working on all these factors can actually help you in repairing your broken filter option.

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